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Sissy Stories: Sissy Chastity 02

Sissy Chastity Discovery Tour 02

In the gripping second chapter of “Sissy Caption Story” Unveiled,” join Bambi as he embarks on a mesmerizing journey of self-discovery. A chance encounter with a mysterious stranger at a Halloween bar sets off a dangerous game filled with secrets and seduction. As Bambi’s true identity as a sissy begins to surface, he is torn between shame and exhilaration.

Intrigued by the intoxicating allure of his deepest desires, Bambi must decide whether to surrender or resist the temptation that threatens to engulf him. Dive deeper into a world of submission, hypnosis, and thrilling self-acceptance as Bambi delves further into the unknown. Brace yourself for the twists and turns in this captivating tale of self-exploration and surrender.


The beginning of a sissy story

The cab ride was like nothing Bambi had ever experienced. After leaving the Halloween bar with his mysterious date, they exchanged hushed conversations with the driver, casting occasional glances back at Bambi. The night air was chilly, and Bambi felt the weight of onlookers’ eyes on his sheathed legs and bare arms. The mixture of admiration and judgment from strangers fueled a sense of both excitement and shame.

As the cab journeyed on, Bambi’s clitty stirred in its cage, reminding him of his hidden desires. Despite trying to maintain composure, the gust of wind threatened to expose his secret, prompting nervous tugging of his dress. The onlookers’ whistles and cat-calls only intensified his inner turmoil.

Finally inside the cab, the door closed, shielding them from the outside world. Bambi’s date looked at him, and the night seemed ripe with secrets waiting to be unraveled.

The Cab Encounter

As the cab ride continued, Bambi’s mysterious date surprised him with an unexpected gift. Ignoring the cab driver, he leaned in for a soft kiss on Bambi’s lips, sending shivers down his spine. In a daring move, his hand ventured up the inside of Bambi’s thigh, and suddenly, an electrifying sensation enveloped him.

Bambi’s little clitty, locked away for days, now pulsated with pleasure inside its cage. The exquisite throbbing of light-like pulses left him squirming in delight, unable to resist the overwhelming sensation. Lost in the moment, he moaned with pleasure, his eyes closed, completely entranced by his date’s actions.

Whispering into Bambi’s ear, his date revealed the secret behind the incredible sensation – a sissy toy brought along for the ride. The denial and teasing combination sent Bambi’s fantasies into overdrive, connecting to his deepest desires.

In the backseat of the cab, Bambi experienced a thrilling mix of pleasure and submission, embarking on a journey where pleasure and denial merged into a captivating adventure.

The Sensual Awakening of Bambi

In the backseat of the cab, Bambi found himself overwhelmed by the pleasure and submission his mysterious date offered. As his date praised his efforts in locking up his clitty, Bambi felt an intoxicating mix of femininity and desire coursing through him. The vibrator, now tightly secured in place, heightened his arousal, and he couldn’t help but leak into his panties.

His date’s whispers were like a seductive spell, drawing out Bambi’s deepest desires. The realization of his submissive nature stirred something within him, pushing aside any doubts about his true self. He surrendered to the pleasure, letting his girl-loving, straight identity retreat.

Embracing his newfound identity, Bambi acknowledged the allure of being a slutty sissy, yearning to explore his desires with men. His date’s provocative words only fueled his passions, making him feel like a sexy sissy slut eager to please. With his virginity preserved, Bambi was now open to a world of sensual encounters and self-acceptance.

As their journey continued, Bambi experienced a transformative awakening, embracing his desires and giving in to the captivating allure of his secret fantasies. “


Bambi's sissy submission

In the grip of overwhelming arousal, Bambi’s inner conflict between his straight self and newfound sissy alter ego intensified. Despite the desperate cries for conventional desires, the triggers unleashed by his mysterious date had handed control to his sissy persona, leaving him entranced and powerless.

Lost in the intoxicating sensations emanating from his vibrating cage, Bambi succumbed to the allure of sissy chastity, which had sculpted a dominant alter ego within him. Embracing the role of a beautiful submissive sissy, he found ecstasy in the thought of serving and submitting.

As his date questioned Bambi’s longing for release, the sissy alter ego took charge, prompting an eager nod from Bambi in anticipation of pleasure. He was no longer in control of his desires, his mind consumed by the deep yearnings of his sissy alter ego.

Unquenched desire for chastity

As the cab came to a stop, so did the vibrator, leaving Bambi trembling with unfulfilled desire. His attempt to reach for the cage was thwarted by his date’s firm grasp, keeping him under control. With pink panties soaked and his mind a whirlwind of conflicting emotions, he longed for release, but his date’s question hung heavy in the air.

Struggling to find his voice, Bambi finally whispered, “Yes…” His date acknowledged the answer with a nod and stepped out of the cab, holding the door open for Bambi. Caught in a haze of arousal and anticipation, he made eye contact with the knowing cab driver through the rear-view mirror, a wink hinting at the night’s potential turn.

Heading towards an uncertain destination, Bambi’s desire remained unquenched, leaving him on the precipice of submission and surrender, unsure of the path ahead.

Intense Encounter

As we entered my apartment, uncertainty and desire filled the air. My date took control, commanding me to kneel before the mirror. I obeyed without hesitation, captivated by the reflection of my transformed self – a sexy, submissive girl adorned in a provocative red dress and slutty makeup.

He looked around my flat, demanding the keys to my cock cage, and I surrendered them willingly. Months of sissy hypnosis, combined with the arousal from my attire and the vibrating tease, had left my mind in a state of blissful surrender.

With the keys in his possession, he stood before me, his commanding presence sending shivers down my spine. I was completely at his mercy, a blonde sissy girl on her knees, ready to embrace whatever he had in store next.

Encounter with Master

Under Master’s commanding gaze, I embraced my new identity as Bambi, the sissy girl, while feeling a mixture of vulnerability and excitement. My real name felt like a distant memory as I repeated, “My real name is sissy Bambi,” succumbing to his dominance.

As Master took my phone, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of apprehension. However, his reassuring touch and comforting words eased my nerves. He promised not to harm me but rather help me, and my trust in him grew.

Little did I know that this encounter would lead me on a journey of self-discovery and submission, where the boundaries between pleasure and surrender blurred, and I would find a newfound acceptance of my desires as Bambi, the submissive sissy.

Cute sissy girl

Sissy's obedience performance

Under Master’s gentle guidance, Bambi found herself willingly embracing her sissy identity. With her heart pounding, she held the phone’s camera and looked into Master’s reassuring eyes. A mix of nervousness and arousal surged through her as she affirmed, “My name is sissy Bambi.”

Encouraged by Master’s words, Bambi felt a wave of submission wash over her. Her body responded to the implanted triggers, reinforcing her desires to be a good girl, locked up and eager to please. The girl in the mirror next to her looked enticing, and she couldn’t help but feel excited by the tight sensation of her caged clitty.

As Master playfully inquired about what made her a sissy and a good girl, Bambi’s seductive side emerged. She longed to please him, to prove herself worthy of his dominance. With a coy grin, she responded, “I’m all locked up, Master, and I just want to please.”

His amused smile spurred her on, and she dared to show him her caged desire. In that intimate moment, Bambi fully embraced her sissy identity, ready to surrender to the pleasure and control Master had to offer.

Sissy Seduction

With her inhibitions cast aside, Bambi eagerly obeyed Master’s commands. Her heart raced as she raised the hem of her dress, revealing her wet panties and stained hosiery. Her caged clitty strained, desperate for release yet trapped in its prison, amplifying her need to please and be controlled.

Master praised her, reinforcing her role as a good girl who could never penetrate or experience sexual pleasure. Bambi admitted her virginity and her lack of experience with giving or receiving oral pleasure. In this haze of arousal and submission, she felt an overwhelming desire to please Master in any way he desired.

“Yes, I am Master,” Bambi confessed, her voice trembling with anticipation.

In the heat of the moment, Bambi surrendered further, feeling the weight of her sissy identity grow stronger. As her forbidden desires unfolded, she embraced her role as an obedient submissive, ready to drop to her knees to serve Master’s desires and fulfill her destiny as his devoted sissy.

The Charm of Desire and Obedience

My mouth fell open, as if automatically. I looked back up at him, and he was grinning broadly. He brought one hand down and in one motion unzipped his fly. He reached his hand inside, and brought out his semi-erect cock. I stared at it, the first time I had ever seen another cock in person, other than occasional accidental glimpses.

Even semi-erect, it was bigger than mine, which was all I could focus on for a moment. It was also inches away from my lips. It was hairless, with a tiny drop of precum resting on the end. My mind reeled, and I froze, as my locked away straight side and dominant sissy side fought in my head. I was torn between revulsion and consuming desire. My cage twitched tantalizingly and I wiggle my hips, trying to get into a more comfortable position.

“Don’t look at it,” Master said softly, “look in the mirror instead, Bambi.”

I did, and if I wasn’t locked up, I would have been instantly hard. It was like a porno taking place in my flat. A beautiful, small-breasted blonde slut was kneeling submissively in front of a cock, ready to take it in her throat. She was wearing a beautiful dress, and her matching red lips looked ripe and ready for sucking cock. I saw her in the mirror, a performative little slut, tossing her hair for the camera. Between her legs, a tiny cage was visible, symbolizing that she was not meant to have blowjobs but to give them. Not meant to fuck, but be fucked. I felt so sexy, so girly, and so horny. I tore my gaze away from the beauty in the mirror, and in my head, the sissy side triumphed.

Try a new chastity maneuver

I looked at Master, right in the eyes, and slowly lowered myself down onto his cock. My lips touched the end, and I used my tongue to take it in my mouth. He closed his eyes with pleasure, and I felt a mix of pride and satisfaction. The taste of his precum was sweet, but his cock itself tasted like skin. I moved forward a little more, taking more of him into my mouth. He filled me, and I tried to remember all the sissy hypno I had seen over the last few months. I moved back, then forward again, following my instincts and trying to pleasure him like a good girl.

I had practiced on a dildo before, but nothing could compare to the feeling of him in my mouth. Feeling him stiffen, tasting his sweat, and hearing his moans aroused me further. I knew I was doing a good job, and it made me feel even more submissive and eager to please.

“Oh, good girl, sweet sissy,” he praised me, “you have no idea how good this feels. You will never know how good this feels. Keep sucking, good girl…”

I continued, lost in the moment, my mind fogged by pleasure and submission. The sissy alter ego within me had taken complete control, and I surrendered myself fully to the intimate journey of embracing my deepest desires and fulfilling my role as a submissive sissy.

Soon to be kissed by a sissy

Sissy Plaything Cravings

In a bold move, I reached up and gently cupped him with one hand, feeling his shaved balls. My mind was in a hazy state, influenced by alcohol and consumed by lust. The pressure of my cage against me was a constant reminder of my submissive desires, even though my attempts to get hard were futile. I was still incredibly horny, eager for release, and my hips involuntarily wiggled in desperation, craving any sensation.

“Oh, look at you wiggle, Bambi,” he chuckled, calling me out on my desperate display. “You’re such a little slut, so eager. But don’t worry, your time will come…unlike you.”

His playful remark brought a mix of excitement and apprehension. I was at his mercy, lost in the throes of my sissy desires, yearning for more while he held the key to my pleasure and release. The hypnotic pull of submission, arousal, and vulnerability enveloped me, as I surrendered completely to the captivating allure of being his sissy plaything.

Mesmerizing Descent into Sissy Domination

Controlled by his hand on the back of my head, I obediently took him deeper and deeper into my throat. The hours of practicing with a dildo paid off as I managed to suppress my gag reflex, feeling an overwhelming sense of submission and arousal. Every image of beautiful girls servicing cocks flooded my mind, heightening my pleasure and desire. Surrendered to his dominance, I was in ecstasy.

“I’m close now,” he moaned, his grip on my head tightening. “You’re such a good slut, Bambi. You’ve been practicing, haven’t you? Once I cum, your fate as a sissy will be sealed forever… you can stop now if you want, but I know you won’t. Now, SWALLOW!”

His command pushed me over the edge, and as he released his load, I eagerly swallowed, desperately trying to take in all his cum, hoping it would bring me closer to my own release. His pleasure washed over me in waves, and I was content with the knowledge that I had pleased him. As his panting subsided, he slowly pulled himself out of my mouth, and I was left feeling deeply satisfied, lost in my newfound identity as Bambi, a submissive sissy eager to serve.


The feeling of euphoria after a victory

I had done my best, and I swallowed most of it. I could still feel the warm goo sliding down my throat. When he pulled out, a fair amount got onto my glossy lips, adorning my mouth. Still feeling insanely horny and very girly, I tried to imitate every girl in porn I’d ever seen – I gave the camera a huge smile before opening my mouth to show it was all gone. I left the cum on my lips and looked back into Master’s face, smiling. My clitty was straining and struggling in its cage again. I felt so horny, and watching someone cum and release had doubled my lust.

He opened his eyes, and looked down at me. I could only imagine what he saw. A horny sexy slut, her lips coated in cum, in a slutty red dress with “come-fuck-me” heels and bedroom eyes. A cock cage gleaming with precum. A sissy girl shivering with pent-up lust and frustration.

He smiled, fiddled with my phone for a few moments, and then set it down again on the counter. He began to clean himself up, tucked himself back into his trousers, and re-zipped himself.

“Well then Bambi, stay kneeling – before I say anything else, know that was a superb blowjob, you are sexy as fuck, and you’re a very good girl.”

I felt myself beaming and glowing with pride. In that moment, I had no shame.

Bound by Desire

“I have your keys, and I own you now. I sent myself the video of you being the good little slut that you are, and you can bet that I can only keep something this good under wraps for a while. And before you object: I gave you every opportunity to walk away, and I got your consent publicly and on video several times. I own you now.”

I felt a slight hint of concern tug at my stomach. It should say a lot for how horny I was that this was only a slight hint, and I kept smiling, his jizz still flecked on my lips.

“Look at you – you were born for this, Bambi. Don’t change a thing. I have some rules, and you will obey them. I would threaten you, but in this state I think the carrot…will work better than the stick. If you want to pleasure me again…and if you want to keep all this between us…here’s what you will do.

“You will keep yourself shaved – you may keep your landing strip, if you wish. You will make no attempt to remove the cage – and if you do, I will take precautions to ensure the next one cannot be removed.” His eyes glowed.

sissy sluts

The Sissy's Obedience

“If you masturbate – and I know a sissy of your caliber must have tried vibing the cage or fucking yourself senseless to sissygasm – from now on, you may only use censored images of the female form, erotic literature, or sissy hypnosis themed videos. The chastity will ensure you are limp when you cum; images will remind you of your place, and of what you can never have. And keep listening to Bambi sleep…it’s for your own good.

“Finally, I’ve left my number in your phone. I want you to text me, everyday, with dirty things. Things you want me to do to you. Pictures of yourself. Beg me to fuck you, to let you suck me. Beg me to let you out of chastity so you can have an erection again. Ask me for slutty clothes, for pictures of my dick. And if you do all these things then maybe, just maybe…I’ll unlock you.”

Master smiled evilly, turned on his heel and left me.

I looked at myself in the mirror. An obedient, kneeling sissy slut, drizzled in cum and dreaming of release, bound in my bra and panties and my tight dress. Owned.

Bambi is a good girl.

Sissy in the mirror

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