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How To Put On a Chastity Cage

If you are trying to wear a male chastity cage for the first time, this article will be of great help to you. We will provide detailed descriptions of two different ways to wear the cage, as well as some tips and considerations regarding wearing it and the overall experience.

Preparation Before Wearing The Chastity Cage

Are you feeling an indescribable excitement and anticipation when you first receive the chastity cage, ready to enter the world of chastity? Let’s go back to the bedroom together and open it up.

Chastity Cage Structure And Assembly

Let’s first understand the structure of the chastity cage. The typical product consists of a cage, a fixing ring, and a lock, which are the three main components.

Now, let’s assemble the chastity cage without wearing it, to ensure that it functions properly and that the lock can be locked and unlocked smoothly. This will help us become familiar with the assembly process.

Cleaning And Auxiliary Tools Before Wearing

Here, we need to start by cleaning the chastity cage and your penis as a whole. Ensuring our health and safety is crucial.

Next, we need to prepare some auxiliary tools: lubricant (water-soluble lubricant is recommended) or skin cream, or if not available, some edible oil. We also need some ice cubes or a wet towel soaked in cold water.

The purpose of preparing lubricant is to make the penis slide smoothly over the top of the cage when wearing it, making it easier to align with the urination hole of the cage.

When we are preparing to wear the chastity cage, it is easy to become excited or stimulated, causing the penis to become uncontrollable and erect. This is where the ice cubes or wet towel can come in handy, soothing the penis and making it soft again.

So, the above is a summary of my own experience of wearing a chastity cage. Now, let’s get to the main topic and lock you up. It’s really exciting!

how tu put on a chastity cage

How To Put On a Chastity Cage

Preparing and wearing it is a straightforward process. Here are two methods for your reference:

Method For Wearing The Chastity Cage With Lubricant:

Use a wet towel or ice cubes to cool your penis to make it flaccid. Then, apply lubricant to your penis and scrotum. Find the correct direction of the ring (this step is important to avoid repeated operations). Thread the penis through the ring, then thread each testicle through the ring one by one, and let the ring fit snugly against the body behind the penis and scrotum. After the ring is secured, slowly slip the cage over the penis and align it with the locking groove of the ring (be careful not to pinch the skin and comb the pubic hair properly to avoid pinching). Use the lock to secure it, and you’re done.

Put on the chastity cage step 1
Put on the chastity cage step 2
Put on the chastity cage step 3

Method For Wearing The Chastity Cage With Stockings Or Plastic Bags:

If there is a lot of pubic hair around your penis, and the locking mechanism is prone to catching hair, you can use the second method. Prepare a partner’s pantyhose or a plastic bag. After cooling the penis with a wet towel or ice cubes, slip the pantyhose over the penis and scrotum to isolate the hair from the skin and prevent unnecessary pain during wear. Then, find the direction of the ring, thread the penis and scrotum through the ring one by one, and let the ring fit snugly against the body. Finally, slowly slip the cage over the penis and align it with the locking groove of the ring, use the lock to secure it, and pull the pantyhose out of the gap at the top of the cage. Note that if the ring rotates out of position during wear, it needs to be slid to the appropriate position for easy cage wearing.

Put on the chastity cage step 4
Put on the chastity cage step 5
Wearing chastity cage steps

We made a video about how to wear a cage with ease

Post-wear Inspection

The above are two ways to wear a chastity cage. Once we have completed the above steps, we basically have succeeded. The next step is to check whether the penis is fully stretched inside the cage, whether there is any compression, and adjust the position of the penis so that the tip of the penis aligns with the urination hole of the cage.

Check whether the testicles are in the correct position. Sometimes, the testicles can easily slide and hide inside the body instead of being in the correct position between the ring and the cage.

Do Some Light Activity With a Cage

If the above checks are all correct, you can walk around the room a few times to see if there is any friction on the skin or if the position of the penis and testicles obstructs blood circulation and causes discoloration. If any of these occur, please open the cage and check where the problem lies. If you have purchased the corresponding fixed ring according to your size, generally there should be no problems such as skin friction or tightness.

Gradually Adapt/Adjust

We recommend that you do not wear the cage for too long the first time, even if it is very comfortable. We suggest that you take it off within one hour, and after taking it off, check whether there is any discomfort, pain, or impact on blood circulation, as well as any allergy or swelling on the penis and testicles. Currently, most chastity cages on the market are made of silicone, stainless steel, or resin materials, and few people are allergic to them. However, for your safety, we still recommend that you check more to avoid unnecessary trouble. Don’t be impatient, we need time to slowly adapt to it, and the door to chastity is slowly opening for you!

how to put on chastity cage

What it's Like to Wear a Chastity Cage

As you gradually adapt to the chastity cage, it’s important to appreciate the stimulation it can provide. Here, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to wear a cage.

Every Morning When Your Penis Is Locked In The Cage

The most difficult part of wearing the cage all day is waking up in the morning with your cock locked inside it. It takes a few seconds to remember why there’s a crazy device squeezing out from your crotch. Your morning wood fills it up, and your penis looks like a child pressed against a fence. It tries to break free, to get through the cage and gain its freedom. But it can’t. It’s trapped.

Wearing The Cage For 5-10 Days

If you release on average every 3-5 days when not wearing the cage, and you wear it for more than 5 days, you may accumulate a lot of testosterone in your testicles and have the desire to release, but that desire is firmly controlled. At night, the real show begins when you have wet dreams. As everyone’s dreams are different, you may feel like someone is tightly holding your penis or controlling you so you can’t escape, and so on. Some people enjoy these fantasies, which are part of chastity sex.

Urinating While Wearing The Cage

The inconvenient feeling of wearing the chastity cage is when you need to pee. You may find that peeing with the cage on is messy, and it may not come out in the expected direction, or it may splash onto other places or even your clothes. At this point, you may need to sit on the toilet like a woman to pee. However, cage products are constantly being updated and upgraded, and there are some styles that make peeing more convenient or even come with a catheter to make urination smoother.

Over time, you will experience many other chastity pleasures, the submission and frustration that cannot be achieved with your penis, even humiliation or feminization! Gradually, you will find that a locked penis will make other areas of your body more sensitive, such as your anus.

Why Would Someone Wear a Chastity Cage?

how to put on chastity cage-4

BDSM Games

A chastity cage in BDSM is typically a device or form used by a dominant to control the submissive’s erection, masturbation, and sexual ability. Both parties enjoy the pleasures of domination and submission, with the dominant usually holding the key to the device. The submissive will surrender to the dominant.

As Vice writers Zak Krevitt and Thomas McCarty put it best: “While the thought of it may make most men cringe, it can also make others whimper with excitement. Being locked up can be incredibly thrilling and fulfilling. Some people say that denying yourself orgasms can increase your libido and improve your focus.”

Control Of Excessive Masturbation

Some people use a chastity cage to control their habit of excessive masturbation, which can lead to certain physiological and psychological issues. For example, frequent and intense masturbation can cause inflammation, redness, and soreness in the penis. In extreme cases, it can even result in injuries such as penile fracture or nerve damage. A chastity cage can limit the urge to masturbate and improve the quality of one’s sex life.

Dedication And Commitment

Using a chastity cage in a couple’s relationship can also be a faithful commitment, especially during long-distance relationships, which can make the relationship more intimate and completely devoted to each other. It can even contribute significantly to saving a couple’s relationship.

Can You Wear a Chastity Cage in Public?

how to put on chastity cage

After your first use, you may find yourself wanting to wear the chastity cage for longer periods of time. Naturally, this eventually means that you’ll need to bravely wear it outside, whether it be to the park, the mall, on a date, or even on the subway. Isn’t that exciting to think about?

Is this allowed? Will people know?

For men who are wearing a chastity device in a public place for the first time, there may be many worries, but in most cases, this is completely unnecessary. As long as you carefully consider what you’re doing and where you’re going, you can easily take the chastity device out of the house. For situations that require more caution, you need to choose a lightweight cage. For example, one made of silicone or plastic with a hidden lock is usually better. Such materials are softer, more comfortable, and lightweight, which can avoid any metallic sounds or strange protrusions.

Some people like to wear more exotic or heavy cages outside, as it is a kind of stimulation for them to feel everyone’s fantasies and desires for what is inside.

Long-Term And Permanent Chastity

Over time, most men find that chastity cages have become a part of their lives and they enjoy wearing them to the point where they begin wearing them for longer periods of time. Eventually, he may want to maintain this state permanently and try long-term or permanent chastity.

If you are interested, this can be a great experience. There are many benefits to wearing a chastity cage that can be integrated into your daily life. However, you should ensure that you do it in a male-safe way and with his consent.

If you experience any problems while wearing a chastity cage for a long time, you should immediately remove it.

Should you shave before wearing a cage?

how to put on chastity cage

If your hair is thick, you can do some trimming to prevent it from getting caught in the slots or locks. But don’t shave it off completely, as these hairs also act as a buffer between your skin and the ring, reducing the risk of skin friction.

Will a Chastity Cage Make My Penis Smaller?

This is a question we have encountered in our research on many customer concerns. Although it has not been studied, through our conversations with wearers of chastity cages, most long-term wearers believe that their hardness has decreased due to prolonged lack of release, but they have not felt a significant decrease in length.

They have reported an increase in sensitivity of the glans and finer, more delicate skin. The issue of hardness is similar to other muscles losing tension when not exercised regularly. However, once the penis is released and allowed to regularly erect, it will restore to its original size, shape, and function.

Can You Have Sex While Wearing a Chastity Cage?

Sex in a chastity cage

As the size and shape of chastity cages vary, it cannot be generalized that all cages are suitable for sexual activity. Some cages may be too small or designed as flat, permanent, or inverted cages that do not allow for erection, thus making them unsuitable for sexual use. Additionally, cages with spikes or a urine tube are not suitable for sexual activity as they may cause damage to the penis. Cages with sharp edges may also affect your partner’s experience.

Make Love With a Chastity Cage On

If you want to experience sexual stimulation with a chastity cage, it is recommended to choose a larger cage with a length of at least 120mm and a smooth surface without spikes or a urine tube. The cage should have plenty of perforated areas to stimulate the penis. You can also use a penis sleeve for added stimulation. This can be a new and exciting experience: the release of a jailbreak!

When Can You Take Off Your Chastity Cage?

Some people may sign a chastity agreement with their partner, establish certain lifestyle rules, and specify the frequency and purpose of their release. They believe that doing so can enhance their orgasmic experience.

Don’t worry about the cage not being able to open. The lock usually comes with two keys, one of which can be hidden in a safe or frozen in ice, while the other can be given to the keyholder. If you feel uncomfortable or feel that it is harmful to your body, you can open it at any time.

When you are about to board a plane or need to pass a security check, it is recommended that you remove the cage, otherwise the security equipment is likely to trigger an alarm, unless you are wearing a chastity device without metal.

Cleaning and Inspecting a Chastity Cage

If you only wear your chastity device for a few hours at a time or during games and parties, we recommend cleaning it every time you take it off. If you wear it for longer periods, we recommend taking it off and cleaning it during every shower or at least once a week. Cleaning should include the device itself as well as your penis, glans, and scrotum.

Most devices can be cleaned with alkaline soap and water or disinfected with alcohol or other solutions. Metal devices can be sterilized by high temperature. Avoid any substances that could irritate your skin, especially since the penis is more sensitive than most other parts of the body.

Make sure to clean every corner and crevice of the device, including hard-to-reach areas. After cleaning, let the device air-dry in the sun or dry it by hand before storing it. This will prevent the buildup of mold and ensure that the device stays clean and hygienic during long-term use.

After cleaning, always reassemble the device and store it properly. This will ensure that it remains secure and functional and allow you to check for any signs of damage or malfunction. This is a good habit to develop, especially if you plan on using a device for an extended period.

Proper storage

Like other sex toy products, keep your chastity cage in a dry and ventilated place. If you store it in a damp place, such as a bathroom or kitchen, it may be affected by moisture, leading to rust or mold on the device.

Do not expose it to the sun for a long time as sunlight can make plastic brittle and may affect the material’s softness, reducing its lifespan.

Keep the original box if possible and store it in there. If not, you can use any dry, ventilated, and transparent container, such as a plastic box or a sealed bag.

Before storage, clean the chastity cage and thoroughly dry it, ensuring that it has no moisture or residue. Then, you can put it back into the box or container to keep it dry.

chasttiy cage box

Agreement and Safety

The primary concern during the process of wearing a chastity cage is safety. Like with most unconventional sexual activities, you need to have detailed discussions and obtain mutual agreement with your partner or owner. For all activities, ensure that appropriate safety measures are taken in case of an emergency to ensure the safety and health of all participants.

Signing a chastity agreement can help ensure the responsibilities and rules to be followed during the chastity period. Additionally, the chastity agreement should include an appropriate escape plan.

Choosing a safe word can ensure that activities can be stopped quickly in case of any issues. The safe word should be a word not used during regular sexual activity, and all participants should know the meaning of the word.

Before wearing a chastity cage, ensure that you do not have any health issues. If you have any diseases or ailments, consult a doctor before using a chastity cage.

Furthermore, if you experience any discomfort during the use of a chastity cage, stop immediately and consult a doctor.

During the wearing period, ensure that you have a reliable escape plan to be able to quickly escape from any emergency situations. Additionally, all participants should be aware of the escape plan and able to act quickly when necessary.

Closing Remarks

This article provides a comprehensive summary. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email, including any inquiries about product selection or usage. We hope to be of assistance to you!

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