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Male Chastity Contract

Male chastity is not a complex issue. You can lock his genitalia with a key and tell him that if he wants to gain access, he needs to please you. However, sometimes it can be useful for him to clearly express his commitment, so your chastity slave can assure you that he will fulfill his obligations. Signing a chastity contract is a good way for him to show that he takes this issue seriously. Putting his commitment in writing can make him feel less uncertain or rejected.

What is a Chastity Contract?

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A chastity contract is an agreement reached by both parties in an emotional relationship that specifies requirements and limitations in terms of sexual behavior, aimed at maintaining the loyalty of both parties. This contract usually requires both parties to agree and sign, including various rules such as no infidelity, avoiding sexual activity until the wedding, and so on. A chastity contract is a private agreement, and its terms and contents are determined according to the needs and preferences of both parties, so each chastity contract is unique. Chastity contracts often involve sensitive topics, so before signing, both parties need to communicate and understand each other’s wishes and requirements to ensure the legality and effectiveness of the contract.

Signing a chastity contract is an important step in establishing a chastity relationship. It is not only a commitment to each other, but also an agreement on rules and expectations. By signing the contract, both parties can jointly plan the details of the chastity relationship, including relinquishing control of the genitalia, specifying the rules and expectations to be followed, and the punishments for violating them. Signing a written contract is not only a symbol of both parties’ commitment to chastity, but also an important way to remind both parties to abide by the rules and expectations. Although a chastity contract is not a legally binding document, it plays a very important role in a chastity relationship, effectively maintaining the stability and loyalty of the relationship.

Contract Overview

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Our male chastity contract provides ready-made text that can be customized to your specific needs, focusing on practical considerations rather than catering to fantasies. However, it can add a lot of excitement to female-led or Gay relationships. By selecting realistic and serious options, you can quickly create a contract that suits your situation, whether you just want your chastity slave to stop masturbating and pay more attention, or you want him to wear underwear to show he knows who’s in charge!

Target Audience

Male chastity is the act of relinquishing control of one’s penis to another person. This person can be your keyholder, boyfriend, or even a stranger you met online. For some men, male chastity is a way to relax. They can fully submit and let their partner take control of everything, allowing them to focus solely on the physical pleasure. Whether through wearing a chastity device, signing a contract, or other means, male chastity can bring a new and exciting sexual experience to those who are willing to try it.

Meaning of Chastity Cage in the Contract

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At times, most people look for ways to make their sex life more exciting. Although there are many different options, some men may turn to male chastity. Chastity devices can help men control their sexual desires while increasing their interaction and exploration with their partners. This choice requires a full understanding and agreement from both parties, and the appropriate chastity device should be chosen based on each other’s needs and preferences. For those who choose male chastity, they often find that the feeling of control and being controlled can enhance the excitement and pleasure of the sexual experience. However, this choice should be carefully considered and respect each other’s wishes and boundaries. Male chastity is an increasingly popular sexual game that involves men relinquishing control of their genitals to another person. Although male chastity has many different forms and uses, for most men, it begins with a device called a “cock cage,” which is usually made of metal, plastic, or silicone and is used to restrict contact with the wearer’s genitals to prevent sexual arousal, satisfaction, or release. Most chastity devices (also known as straps or cages) are devices worn around the testicles and penis.


Chastity Device: A cage, typically made of metal, plastic, or silicone, used to restrict access to and prevent arousal, gratification, or release of the wearer’s genitals. Most chastity devices, also known as belts or cages, are a form of secure harness worn around the testicles and penis, although they are also applicable to female genitalia owners.

Keyholder: is a term in BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) culture that refers to the person responsible for controlling and managing the locked key in a relationship.

User: The person who wears the chastity device, typically a synonym for a slave or submissive depending on the specific D/s dynamic.

BDSM: An acronym used to refer to a variety of overlapping behaviors and roles, including bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism.

D/s: An acronym for “dominance and submission,” referring to a power dynamic relationship that favors the dominant party.

Hard Limits: Personal boundaries set by individuals regarding types of play/interaction they do not consent to. Hard limits are non-negotiable and should be respected by all parties involved.

Chastity Slave: Some individuals adopt devices such as chastity belts in sexual activity to restrict their own sexual desires, keeping themselves in a state of sexual denial to provide more pleasure and satisfaction for their master.

Gay: A person who is emotionally and/or sexually attracted to the same gender. This is a normal human experience unrelated to gender, race, religion, culture, age, etc. LGBTQ+ individuals should be treated equally and have the same rights and respect as everyone else.

Types of chastity relationships

Chastity can be divided into three main forms: self-locking, chastity with romantic/sexual partners, or chastity with professional keyholders. These forms involve controlling and restraining sexual desires, and different methods are used to achieve this goal.


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For those interested in exploring male chastity, signing a written contract is a common practice. However, if you are the only participant, you may not need to do so. Self-imposed chastity can be part of solo or erotic play, which can enhance sexual stimulation and excitement. In addition, for those who restrict their sexual desire by wearing chastity devices such as chastity belts during sexual activity, this can provide more pleasure and satisfaction for their master or   Gay partner, and chastity can be a useful method of self-control for those trying to overcome sex addiction. Therefore, chastity can not only enhance the pleasure of sexual life but also provide help for those trying to overcome sex addiction.

Partnered chastity

In a chastity-controlled relationship with a partner, the agreement should be equal and mutually beneficial, but the specific agreement will vary depending on the relationship, sexual preferences, and lifestyle of both parties. These agreements may include a range of tasks, such as household chores, gifts, remote task slaves, such as phone sex, remote control toys, or sending nude photos before release. To maintain the dominant position of the keyholder, the agreement may also include provisions that restrict the user’s masturbation or pornography habits.

Professional keyholder

Those who do not have a partner but prefer to give their chastity key to others may seek a professional in the field. In this case, the purpose of the chastity arrangement may include the user’s requirement for self-improvement, such as health, motivation, or overcoming porn addiction or fulfilling the user’s fetish desires. Contracts are usually based on financial agreements, and most professionals do not participate without compensation.

Risk and Concerns

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Regardless of whether you practice chastity alone, with a partner, or with a professional, your health and safety should not be taken lightly. Some health hazards associated with chastity arrangements include:

The possibility of losing the key to the chastity device if it is not regularly cleaned (at least once a week or as determined by the device).

In this arrangement, users cannot access their keys at will as they and the key holder need to retain spare keys. To ensure that users do not use the key without permission, various methods can be employed, such as a timed safe, password-locked box, disposable digital locks, or sealing the keybox with tape and signature/pattern selection by the key holder. These measures help ensure that users comply with the agreement and prevent unauthorized access.

Forced wear of a chastity cage that is too small or of an incorrect shape.

Any interference with work or domestic responsibilities or anything that may be detrimental to professional or public image.

Unclear contract dates or conditions.

Unclear communication methods between the user and the key holder, especially in emergency situations.

Before you sign a contract or install a device, it is recommended that you have a detailed discussion with your key holder to address any concerns or worries. If you are not cohabitating with your key holder, face-to-face communication may be limited, so you will need to discuss expected communication methods and frequency. It is also important to know how to properly clean the device in case you are unable to do it with your key holder. The key holder may wish to supervise you by establishing bathing/showering protocols, such as using video calls or live streaming services. All of these should be clearly specified in the discussion to ensure that you and your key holder can comply with the agreement and maintain a good relationship.

Sample Contract

chasttiy sleva

We recommend that you copy, paste, and print the following chastity contract for you and your keyholder to sign and keep a copy.

Signed on ____________________ day

This chastity contract is a strict agreement between ________________________ (keyholder) and ________________________________ (user). This arrangement shall take effect immediately upon the signature of both parties and shall last for ______________ days. The contract shall be in effect from __________________ (date) to __________________ (date). Failure to comply with these rules will result in punishment or termination of the contract as determined by the keyholder.


Keyholder refers to the person who holds the key to the user’s chastity device and has control over the user’s sexual function and release.The keyholder may also control the user in other ways as agreed upon in this contract during the term of its validity.

User: The person who wears the chastity device and surrenders control of their genitals to the keyholder. The user will also perform other acts of submission and/or servitude during the term of the contract.

A chastity device is a device, usually made of metal, plastic, or silicone, that limits physical contact with the wearer’s genitals, with the aim of preventing sexual arousal, gratification, or release.

Hard limits: The limits of activities or interactions that each person is not willing to participate in. Hard limits are non-negotiable and will be respected by all parties involved.

User Agreement

The user commits to wearing the chastity device for the duration of the contract, unless authorized by the keyholder to remove it (refer to maintenance instructions below).

The user acknowledges that they will be allowed to ejaculate/orgasm no more than ________ times every ________ days.

Without the permission or instruction of the keyholder, the user shall not touch or stroke their genitals, which is entirely at the discretion of the keyholder. Any such requests made by the user shall be denied.

The user acknowledges that the keyholder will assign rewards, including but not limited to sexual release, for good behavior, such as: _________________________ (activities that the keyholder enjoys, such as gifts, pampering, dinner dates).

The user consents to maintain a written chastity journal throughout the contract term, documenting levels of arousal and frustration, granted and denied orgasms, cleaning schedule, and any activities during release periods.

The user acknowledges that release may come with restrictions determined by the keyholder.

The user will perform tasks assigned by the keyholder that are intended to develop the user, including but not limited to: running errands, cleaning and serving the keyholder, exposure to arousing material or acts without relief, worshiping the keyholder’s image and/or clothing, exercising or other weight loss methods, learning new languages, instruments or skills.

The user will avoid watching pornography or erotic media unless accompanied by and directed by the keyholder.

The user consents to providing sexual services to the keyholder in any manner they wish, using straps, vibrators, dildos, and the user’s genitals or other body parts (without orgasm).

The user agrees not to question the contract period (once signed) or request early termination/satisfaction. The user will not anger the keyholder by complaining or otherwise questioning the terms of the agreement.

Terms and Conditions


The Keyholder and the user agree that any violation of the contract will result in punishment determined and managed by the Keyholder. The Keyholder has the right to terminate the contract due to the user’s serious infringement. The Keyholder’s breach of the contract will constitute cancellation of the contract. Termination of the contract by either party will immediately release the user from their device.

Each improper behavior by the user will be punished. The Keyholder will decide on the appropriate mode/method of punishment to address the misconduct. Possible punishments may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Corporal punishment:




Mouth Punishment:


Private humiliation and/or degradation

Chastity extension:

As the user, the duration of the chastity period (in hours/days/weeks) will be solely decided by the Keyholder, but it may be influenced by the following guidelines:Watching porn/stimulating material: an additional _____ hours/days in chastity.

Unauthorized device removal: an additional _____ days in chastity.

Unauthorized masturbation: an additional _______ days in chastity.

The Keyholder has the right to enforce privilege suppression while carrying out the above punishment, such as denying access to the Keyholder’s body/attention, prohibiting entertainment (TV, game consoles, etc.), or enforcing additional chores and tasks on the user.

Privacy and Safety

The user is responsible for purchasing the correct size chastity device according to the Keyholder’s requirements and the user’s lifestyle needs. The device must be approved by the Keyholder prior to its purchase.


The Keyholder and the user will each be responsible for a spare key in case of emergency, but agree not to touch, use, or tamper with this key except in an emergency. The Keyholder may enforce their own rules around the storage of the user’s spare key (such as an alarm lockbox or “break glass” key container).


The user is responsible for maintaining the device, cleaning it regularly, and immediately informing the Keyholder of any issues related to functionality or hygiene.


The user is allowed to request the removal of the device at any time for health and hygiene reasons (including medical issues or extreme discomfort), but agrees not to use this clause to obtain sexual satisfaction.


The user is allowed to remove the device (using their own key if necessary) for medical appointments/checkups, medical emergencies, and any situation where the user needs to prevent harm to their body. In these cases, the Keyholder may require proof after the activity has ended.


The user agrees to re-secure the device immediately after any medical issue is resolved and will promptly notify the Keyholder of any changes to their chastity status.


A weekly naked inspection is mandatory, during which the user will show themselves to the Keyholder:

The Keyholder or the user (under supervision) will thoroughly inspect the device’s functionality and cleanliness (including during wear and removal).

After removing the device and showering, the user will also be checked for stimulation, squeezing, bruising, or other health issues.

The user agrees to thoroughly clean the device upon unlocking and to avoid touching their genitals during this process.


The user agrees to re-secure the device immediately after each cleaning/inspection.


The user agrees to maintain good personal hygiene and trim their pubic hair during the duration of the chastity agreement.

Economic Compensation

The user acknowledges that they will financially compensate the Keyholder for the time, energy, and devotion spent on training/behavior modification.


______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (Date_ _ _ _)


Keyholder Agreement

The Keyholder agrees to respect the User throughout the chastity agreement and prioritize their health and safety.

During the arrangement, the Keyholder accepts ownership of the User’s genitals.

The Keyholder agrees to keep the User’s key on their person or within arm’s reach at all times, _____________________________________________________________.

The Keyholder agrees to securely store a spare key at: _______________ (location) for emergencies.

The Keyholder agrees that if/when permission is granted for the User to masturbate/orgasm/ejaculate, they will be fully responsible.

The Keyholder agrees to conduct routine checks on the User and may request that the User undress for examination (out of private/public view).

The Keyholder will personally or virtually oversee all cleaning procedures using ____________________ (insert communication method, such as video call, streaming platform, etc.).

Dispute Resolution

Both parties agree that modifications to this agreement may be necessary and if agreed upon before signing, such modifications will be added as an attachment to this contract.

Any disputes regarding the User’s chastity will ultimately be resolved by the Keyholder, but the User may terminate the contract at any time if they feel unsafe. This is not a legally binding document but rather a mutual agreement between the Keyholder and the User.

If the Keyholder wishes to terminate the contract at any time, they agree to provide the User with ____________ (number of days) notice in oral and/or written form.

The User has the right to request early termination of this contract in the following cases:

The Keyholder or User has a serious or long-term illness and is unable to fulfill their obligations during this time.

The termination of the relationship between the Keyholder and User.

Chastity is causing serious health problems for the User.

If the contract is terminated, neither the User nor the Keyholder will sign the original contract again. A new contract may be drafted once any issues have been resolved and/or modifications have been made.


The User and Keyholder agree that all games and punishments will be conducted at their own risk and with mutual consent. The limitations are outlined below, but the safety word: __________________ [insert safety word] can be used by either party at any time, which will immediately terminate the current activity.

The games/interactions conducted under the terms of this contract do not include:

[Insert hard limits for each person]

Keyholder: _____________________________________________________________






Appendix This section may not be modified without mutual agreement after the contract is signed:







Both the Keyholder and the User voluntarily agree to sign this contract to confirm their agreement with the above terms and conditions. Upon signing, the User is required to immediately secure the chastity cage and transfer the keys to the Keyholder, at which point the contract will commence.

I, [User’s Name], hereby agree to these terms.

Signature: _________________ Date: _______________

I, [Keyholder’s Name], hereby agree to these terms.

Signature: _________________ Date: _______________


Please note that no personal opinions or advice of any lawyers or other individuals have been involved in the drafting of this contract. Any content contained in this contract cannot be construed as legal advice or legal services. We are not responsible for any actions or choices made by anyone based on this contract, as well as any consequences arising from it. We strongly recommend that you consult appropriate legal counsel before signing this contract to ensure that your legal rights are fully protected.


If you want to enhance your sex life by creating a chastity contract, you can easily do so now. Creating a contract is not difficult, just reach an agreement with your partner, spend 10 minutes signing and start implementing it. I believe my template will help you, you can edit it to fit your needs and preferences. Print it out at any time to formalize it! It’s time to start looking for the best keyholder and start enjoying this new experience. Please note that this contract is for reference only and you must ensure compliance with all local laws and regulations, and ensure that you and your partner fully agree and understand the terms and conditions of this contract.


What are the rules of chastity?

The rules of chastity vary depending on cultural and religious differences. However, chastity generally refers to the practice of abstaining from extramarital sexual activity. Here are some common chastity guidelines:

Pre-marital chastity: usually involves abstaining from sexual activity before marriage. This is often seen as a way to maintain personal sexual purity and avoid the emotional and physical consequences that sex outside of a committed relationship may bring.

Marital fidelity: if you are married, chastity may include remaining faithful to your spouse and avoiding sexual activity with anyone else.

Self-control: avoiding what may be considered inappropriate or sinful sexual thoughts and behaviors.

What are the two types of chastity?

Physical chastity: The practice of abstaining from sexual activity, including sexual intercourse and other sexual acts.

Mental or emotional chastity: This type of chastity involves abstaining from sexual thoughts, desires, and fantasies. It requires self-control and discipline to avoid sexual stimulation and arousal. Mental or emotional chastity is often associated with religious or spiritual beliefs, and it is believed to help maintain purity of mind and spirit.

What is an example of chastity?

The practice of pre-marital chastity is often seen as a way to maintain personal sexual purity and avoid the emotional and physical consequences that sex outside of a committed relationship may bring. Meanwhile, post-marital chastity involves being faithful and loyal to one’s spouse and avoiding sexual activity with anyone else. These aspects of chastity are often associated with religious or cultural values, but they can also be a personal choice based on ethical, moral, or health reasons. Practicing chastity can require self-control, discipline, and a strong commitment to one’s beliefs and values.

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