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In order to control desires and seek the ultimate thrill of chastity, the flat chastity cage has become a popular male chastity cage product. It features a sleek and minimalist design that can be worn for long periods of time with comfort. It is highly suitable for men seeking high-quality, safe, and comfortable chastity cages.
The flat chastity cage differs from traditional chastity cages, which are often larger and more noticeable when worn under clothing. The design of the flat chastity cage is intended to remain discreet and provide a comfortable, lightweight experience for the wearer.


Due to the flat nature of the chastity cage, wearing it can be relatively troublesome. We have summarized an effective method to reduce unnecessary hassle and make the process very quick. Please read our wearing steps carefully, as we believe they will be helpful to you.

how to put on a flat chastity cage
  • As shown in the picture, first, put on the ring and prepare a plastic film or plastic bag. Also, have some lubricant ready; this can be cooking oil or water-based lubricant.
how to put on a flat chastity cage
  • Use a piece of plastic wrap to cover the penis and pull the sides tight, causing the penis to retract partially into the body. This reduces the distance between the ring and the penis.
  • Finally, install the cage in place and pull the plastic wrap out from one side. Note that it is essential to use some lubricant in the first step; otherwise, the plastic wrap will be difficult to remove.


Our flat chastity cages are made of the highest quality materials, including 304 stainless steel and safe fiber resin materials, providing you with excellent comfort and safety. These feat chastity device are also equipped with hidden locks or combination locks, making them more invisible and lightweight when worn, without any visible bulges.

Our products are designed to meet your needs and preferences to the fullest extent possible. Some products also have the function of retracting the penis into the body, which belongs to inverted chastity cages,providing you with a more extreme chastity experience.

Metal and resin materials each have their own characteristics. Metal is durable and not easily damaged, and stainless steel of grade 304 is not easy to rust, stable and safe without causing allergies to the skin. The shiny metallic texture also gives people the desire to be locked up and permanently controlled.

Resin chastity cages are lighter and equally suitable for long-term wear. They are not as durable as metal but are superior in terms of lightness. The resin material is also safe, stable and does not easily cause allergic reactions to the skin. Moreover, the resin cage is not easily detected by metal detectors, avoiding embarrassing situations during security checks such as when boarding a plane.

When you put on this flat cock cage, you will feel like a weak woman with no lower body, and only your pitiful testicles can be seen. If you enjoy this feeling, you will love this flat chastity device. Each flat chastity cage provides breathable and urination holes, so you have no reason to unlock it privately. Sitting on the toilet like a woman or standing to urinate can become your habit. Of course, if you choose the style with a catheter, it will make your urination smoother and allow you to stand and urinate. 


This type of cage is the best choice for male chastity in a discreet manner. With its understated and cautious design, this cage is much more stylish compared to other chastity products, and can be easily worn under clothing without drawing attention. Therefore, this chastity device can be worn in public without worrying about unnecessary notice, whether at work, in the gym, at parties, or even on a date.

Our flat chastity cage not only provides excellent comfort in daily life, but also offers better comfort for long-term wear, even during sports activities. Unlike other types of chastity devices, the flat design of our chastity cage is less likely to cause abrasion or compression, making it a good choice for those who want to wear it for several days or even weeks at a time. However, regular cleaning is recommended, with at least once a week cleaning.

In addition, the ventilation holes in our flat chastity cage design help prevent the growth of sweat and bacteria. This means that even when worn for long periods in hot and humid environments, it can remain fresh and comfortable.

Advantages of a flat chastity cage:

  • Small and exquisite design
  • Low-key and discreet design style that can be worn in any occasion without drawing attention in public or during physical activities.
  • Compared to other types of chastity cages, it is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The flat design keeps your penis under control and prevents it from getting an erection.
  • It wraps around and restricts your penis, making it more secure and less likely to escape.

Disadvantages of a flat chastity cage:

  • Not suitable for people who want to show off.
  • These products usually have a minimalist design and may not have more fancy designs.
  • Not suitable for people with larger or overly sensitive penises.
  • It may require a longer product adaptation period than conventional cages. So it is crucial to choose the right size. You can refer to this article on how to measure to help you choose the right size

In summary, for those who desire self-discipline, personal growth, and increased sexual satisfaction, a flat chastity cage is an ideal choice. These cages are known for their discreet design, inner security, and become a perfect companion for those who wish to embark on a permanent chastity journey.

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