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Silicone Chastity Cage

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Silicone chastity cage Related Introduction
This article briefly gives you an overview of the features and advantages and disadvantages of silicone chastity cages
Features of the Silicone Chastity Cage:

Our silicone products are made using liquid silicone injection molding technology, which has higher purity and precision, and will not have harmful effects on the human body. It is also a commonly used silicone material in the medical field.
It is easy and convenient to wear, and due to the softness of the silicone, even if the size you purchase is too small, it will not feel overly uncomfortable when worn.
The injection molding process provides higher precision, ensuring a proper fit that effectively restrains the male genitalia.

Advantages of the Silicone Chastity Device:

 Compared to metal, it is more suitable for long-term wear and its softness and comfort are its biggest advantages. If you plan to wear it for an extended period of time, then you should have a silicone cage in your drawer.
The gameplay is different from metal and plastic. For example, during BDSM play, the owner can squeeze the silicone chastity cage to stimulate your penis, creating a sense of pressure and helplessness.

Disadvantages of the Silicone Cock Cage:

Its durability is inferior to metal.
If you choose a size that is too big, the silicone chastity cage is easily escapable due to its elasticity.


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