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Chastity Stories: Chastity Slave

The Chastity Slave Test

In this journey of  chastity slave examinations, submissives are subjected to pain, Humiliation and selflessness before they can have an orgasm from their dominant partner, the mistress.

chastity slave examinations

Chastity Slave Exam Journey

In this scene, the submissive protagonist is on his knees, wearing a chastity device and a collar, while his dominant partner, the Mistress, is dressed in seductive attire. The Mistress informs him that he might get a chance to cum if he passes her three tests: pain, humiliation, and selfless service. The first test involves enduring pain through flogging. The next day, the Humiliation test takes place when the Mistress has him buy intimate items at a sex shop in public. The final test on Sunday is about pleasing the Mistress selflessly, and he successfully fulfills her desires throughout the day. As a reward, the Mistress finally allows him to cum after an intense session of oral stimulation.

Weekend Trials: Pleasure & Pain

I’m on my knees, naked accept for my chastity device and a collar around my neck. You’re wearing knee high boots, black panties, and a corset. It’s Friday night and you told me that if I was good this weekend I’d get a chance to cum.

“So slave, how bad do you want to cum for me?”

“So badly Mistress. My balls ache constantly. My cock tries to get hard at every sexual thought I have. I can barely focus on anything during the day, and I barely sleep at night. I need to cum Mistress. Please.”

“Like I said if you’re very, very good this weekend you just might.”

You’re circling me, looking me over like a piece of meat. Your hand gently brushes over my shoulders. You grab my collar and lean in close to my face.

“I have three tests for you slave. If you pass them all, then I’ll let you cum. Sound fair?”

“Yes Mistress. I want to earn my orgasm. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

“Good boy. Well tonight’s test is all about pain. Tomorrow is humiliation. Sunday is about how selflessly you can please me.”

I remain on my knees, eyes to the ground, as I hear you rummaging through the sex toy chest. I want to look and see what all you’re getting out, but I figure I’ll find out soon enough. You place everything you need neatly on the bed and suddenly I feel the flogger gently against my back.

“Ready to start slave?”

I take a deep breath. “Yes Mistress.”

“Good boy. Try not to scream too much, I’ll gag you if I have to but I’ll be more impressed if you can take it like a man. Screaming doesn’t mean you fail the test though, it just means I’m going to hurt you even more for being a little bitch.”

The tamed slave

Intense BDSM Trial: Pleading Pain

My cock is straining against the cage, trying to get hard. Trying to break free. But it can’t.

“What do I have to do to pass this test Mistress?”

“Oh this one is easy. All you have to do to pass is not fight back. Don’t resist, at all. No matter how bad it hurts. No matter what I do to you. Just take it slave.”

“Yes Mistress…please hurt me Mistress.”

“Very good slave.”

You bring the flogger down across my back hard. I gasp, more surprised than anything. You whip me across the back again, and again. Each time harder than the last, until there are red marks covering me.

“Good boy. Hardly a sound so far. Stand up.”

You move me to the bathroom door and secure my wrists to the door frame. You use a spreader bar to keep my legs apart.

“Look I made it even easier for you. Now you really can’t resist me.”

You continue your assault with the flogger. Now across my ass, making me grunt and moan. Then you turn your attention to my balls… I let out small screams with every hit.

“Finally. You know how much I like to hear you slave. You are doing very well though.”

You beat me with the flogger until my knees begin to shake and my ass and balls are bright red. You walk into the closet and put the flogger away. I relax a little, until I feel the sting of a riding crop against my ass.

You repeat the torture with the crop. By the end I’m sweating, my body is shaking, every time I hear the crop move I brace myself for the pain. You laugh at my reactions.

“Does it hurts slave?”

“Yes Mistress. Very much.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“…No. No Mistress. If you’re enjoying yourself, please continue…”

“Good boy. I want to hear you beg for it to end though. Beg me to be all done with you for tonight.”

“Please Mistress. Please stop hurting me. Please stop torturing me. It hurts so fucking bad. I can’t take anymore, please.”


I scream as I feel a pain far worse than the others across my ass. You’re using a cane now. I can feel the line it left on my ass, it burns.

“Please! Please stop Mistress!”

SMACK! Again, and again. I’m struggling against my bonds. Tears are streaming down my face.

“Please stop! Please stop Mistress! I’m begging you! Please!”

Mouthful of flowers

The First Slave Trial

You walk up behind me and put the ball gag in my mouth. Tightening it as much as you can. Then you move in front of me and look in my eyes.

“That look, right there. That desperation. That fear…”

You move a finger to your pussy, and then lift it to your mouth. You suck your finger clean right in front of me.

“That’s what has me so fucking wet right now.”

You pick the cane back up and continue giving me pain. I scream into the gag, I try to beg more. It’s no use. All I can do is cry and drool and shake. When you’ve had enough you untie me and I drop to my knees. I’m exhausted, my body is covered in welts. My ass, my back, my thighs. Thankfully you left my balls alone with the cane.

You’re standing above me. You lift my chin with a finger and smile at me.

“We’re not done yet slave.”

My face expresses my concern. My eyes beg you for mercy.

“Spread your legs. Now.”

I obey you, and my obedience is rewarded with a light kick from your boots. I wince in pain, but try not to show too much weakness. I have to get through this. I need to cum this weekend.

You kick again, harder this time. I bend over in pain, holding onto my balls.

“Sit up slave. Don’t resist me, wouldn’t want all this pain to have been for nothing.”

I sit up, my hands gripping my knees. I close my eyes and wait for it. You kick me again, hard this time. I fall over on my side and moan into the gag. As I lay there you crawl onto the bed and take off your panties.

“Come here slave.”

I slowly get up and kneel in front of you on the bed. You lean forward and undo the gag.

“Lay down.”

You sit on my face and let me lick you to orgasm after orgasm. You’re so wet, and it doesn’t take much to get you there. Over and over. All the while your busy squeezing and smacking my balls. Biting them. Slapping my thighs. After you’ve had your fill of cumming you lay next to me. I’m out of breath, in more pain than I’ve ever been in. You pull me in for a kiss and I relax. We keep kissing, as your hands gently explore the marks you left on me.

“Good boy. One test down.”

I laugh a little and kiss you again.

“Thank God.”

chastity slave-1

Public Humiliation Challenge: Sex Shop Shopping

Saturday morning.

“Get ready slave. I want to go out shopping today.”

We get ready like normal. I’m thinking your Humiliation test will be later tonight. You’re wearing jeans and a noticeably low cut shirt. As we walk to the front door you stop and turn around. You’re carrying a large purse, and from it you pull out a slave collar.

“Put it on.”

I hesitate. “But…people will see.”

“That’s the point. Humiliation, remember?”

You give me an evil grin as I put on the collar. I quickly get in our mini van and we head off to the store. Our first stop is a sex shop. It’s huge and has every sex toy you could imagine. As we walk in you point out that the employee happens to be female.

“Ok slave. First part of your test. I have a list of things you need to buy. You’re going to walk up to the employee and ask her to help you find them.”

I’m visibly nervous. I look over the list and swallow hard. Lube, a 10 inch dildo, a spiked chastity device, a vibrating butt plug.

“A 10 inch dildo?!”

“Just go ask for help! I’ll be watching.”

You smack my ass and walk away to look at something.

Exposed and Controlled

I take a moment to calm myself. Trying to ignore the fact that I’m standing in a sex shop wearing a collar. I’m actually thankful I’m locked in chastity, an obvious erection would only make this situation worse. I slowly walk over to the employee, her name tag says “Tiffany”. She’s blonde, mid twenties, not nearly as hot as you are, but not ugly.

“Excuse me. I uh…I just need some help finding a few things.”

“Sure thing. What are you looking for? We’ve got dvds over here, there’s some magazines on that wall, blow up dolls are in the other room if that’s your thing.” She laughs.

“I um, I just need…”

I’m nervously looking at the list you gave me. Tiffany is looking at me confused.

“Go on…”

I’m blushing already and I know it. Fuck it.

“I need some lube, a dildo, a chastity device, and a butt plug.”

I hear you try to hide a laugh from the aisle behind me. Tiffany smiles and does the same.

“Ok then… Um, ok. Well the dildos are right over here.”

We walk over to a table with all shapes and sizes of toys.

“What size did you need?”

“…10 inches?”

She looks surprised by my answer.

“Wow. Ok, those are over here. 10 inches huh, you must be a pro.”

I’m so embarrassed. I think about making a run for the door. But then I hear your voice.

“Not yet. But he will be.”

You walk up beside me and kiss me on the cheek.

“I won’t make you suffer without me anymore slave. Let’s get our shopping done together.”

I’m relieved to at least have you with me, but it quickly turns out to be even more humiliating.

“Get on your knees now slave.”

I obey, and I hear Tiffany laugh as I do.

“Wow. Never seen a sex slave in here before. At least not one in the open like this.”

You smile and introduce yourself. You explain that you’re my Mistress and that you’re testing my submission to you with Humiliation today. As you talk I notice that other customers are looking at me on my knees as they walk by. As humiliated as I am, my cock is throbbing.

“Ok, well let’s get this shopping done. We have other places to go today still. Follow me slave, and stay on your knees.”

After you’ve picked out a dildo, we follow Tiffany to the other items. You get a large bottle of lube, a medium sized vibrating plug with a wireless remote, and a metal chastity cage with short spikes inside.

As we look at the chastity devices Tiffany asks if I already have one.

Slave. Stand up and drop your pants.”

I hesitate. “Mistress…”

“Are you disobeying me slave?”

“No Mistress…”

I stand up and drop my pants and underwear to my ankles.

“He’s been wearing the CB6000S for a few months. But I want to have a more painful option for when he misbehaves.”

Tiffany stares at my locked cock, as do the customers walking by.

“I’ve never actually seen one on someone. Wow, that can’t be comfortable.”

“It’s not.” I say.

My cock is bulging out of the vents, my balls are swollen. With my pants down everyone can see the marks you left the night before on my ass and thighs.

“Ok slave. Put your pants on. Time to go.”

Panties, Butt Plugs, and Daring Displays

We pay for the items and leave. I’m happy to be back in the van. As you drive to our next stop you talk about how humiliating that must have been for me.

“Anything to please you Mistress.” I wink at you.

“Well, better put that butt plug in before we get to the mall then. Or I won’t be very pleased.”

“The mall?”

“Don’t worry about where we’re going. Just do what I say.”

I manage to get the plug in subtly enough, not helped by how you slowed down whenever we passed another vehicle. You play around with the controls, making me squirm in my seat and moan when you turn it on high.

We get to the mall and you immediately lead me into Victoria’s Secret. You pull me through the store by the hand, and walk us up to a brunette salesgirl with tits almost as big as yours. I’m relieved you didn’t have me asking humiliating questions again, but that relief fades fast.

“Hi. My husband likes to wear my panties and I think he needs some of his own.”

Oh god, I better get to cum after all this…

The sales girl blushes and looks at me.

“Umm. Do you know what size you need, sir? Or what kind?”

“Uh, no not really.”

You handle the details and she helps us pick out a few pairs of panties. I’m completely humiliated, and honestly have no desire to wear them.

“I don’t know if these will fit over your chastity cage though…hmm.”

You don’t hesitate to think out loud in the middle of the store. The sales girl offers to let us use a changing room.

Once we’re inside the room you make me undress and try on the panties. They’re all silky, and either black or pink. You tease me about being a pathetic slave, and how I’ll do literally anything you tell me to.

“Do you feel like a sexy girl in those panties?”

“…I’m not a girl. C’mon, you’re taking this kinda far aren’t you?”

“Are you humiliated?”

“Yes. Very.”

“Good. Then shut up and deal with it. Unless you don’t want to cum.”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you for humiliating me.”

“That’s much better. Now bend over, let me see your ass in those panties.”

You smack my ass and tell me how I look like a slut. You turn the plug on high and watch while I squirm and moan from the stimulation.

“Aww, what a naughty girl. Playing with yourself in public like this. Get on your knees slut.”

You make me lick your pussy until you cum, all while the plug is vibrating in my ass.

“Oh no slave. You made a mess in your new panties.”

You make me lick my precum off the panties I was wearing. Then you tell me to take the plug out, as you pull out the 10 inch dildo from your purse.

“On your knees again slave.”

“Mistress. Please. That’s not going…there’s no way.”

“On your knees slut!” People can clearly hear you outside the dressing room.

I obey and you make me suck on the toy cock. You make me try and deepthroat it, but I can’t. I’m sure people hear me choking through the door. You bend me over and slowly start fucking me with it. I can’t help but scream, its way too big. You don’t care, you keep going until every inch is in.

You slowly fuck my ass, I’m in tears and trying not to moan too loud. After you’ve had your fun, we leave the dressing room. Everyone in the store is staring at us, you’re smiling and I’m walking funny and trying to hide my face. After we pay for the panties, we head home.

“Good job today slave. You’ve passed two tests now.”

“These tests are way more difficult than I could have imagined…”

You laugh.

“Oh just wait until tomorrow slave. Just wait until tomorrow.”

chastity cage-3

Serving, Teasing, and the Ultimate Sacrifice

Sunday morning.

Today’s test is all about how selflessly I can please you. So I wake up early and make you breakfast. I quietly bring it upstairs and set it on the nightstand next to the bed. You’ve been sleeping naked since you locked up my cock, so I crawl between your legs and start kissing your thighs. You start to wake up, smiling as you put your hand on the back of my head.

“May I lick your pussy Mistress?”

You yawn, “Yes you may slave.”

I start gently teasing you with my mouth. You enjoy your breakfast, and my tongue. Then we both get in the shower. I wash your body, and you have me lick you to another orgasm.

I spend the day doing everything I can to please you. In sweet ways, as well as sexy ones. You use me to get yourself off at least once every hour. By the time the sun goes down my jaw is sore. I’ve been good all day though, I haven’t asked once about when I’ll be allowed to cum. Today has been about you.

We’re laying in bed now, both naked except for my chastity cage. You’re tracing your hand across my body. My cock is steadily throbbing and pulsing.

“Have you had a good day Mistress?”

“Mmm. Very good slave. I’m very proud of you. You haven’t even mentioned your own pleasure once today. Have you finally learned that my pleasure is all that matters?”

“Yes Mistress. Thank you for letting me please you. Thank you for letting me be your slave.”

“You’re very welcome.”

You smile as you start kissing your way down my neck. Down my chest, my stomach, to my thighs. You take my caged cock in your mouth. I moan as you give me a “blowjob.”

“Your poor balls look so full slave. And your cock, it’s trying so hard to get free.”

You gently kiss the cage.

“You’ve been so good all weekend. You’ve done everything I asked, suffered everything I put you through.”

“Yes Mistress. You’re worth it.”

“I think you deserve a reward. What do you think?”

“Yes Mistress! If you think I’ve earned it.”

You take the key and place it in the lock. You smile at me as you turn it, finally freeing my cock. You manage to get the chastity device completely off, and you start stroking my cock.

“Oh god that feels good. Thank you Mistress. Thank you.”

“Mmm, good boys get rewards. Plus if today is all about pleasing me, you know how much it pleases me to suck your cock.”

You take every inch of my cock deep in your throat in one motion. I sit up on the bed and gasp.

“Holy fuck!”

You laugh and keep sucking my cock. You alternate between deep throating me, swirling your tongue around the tip, and lightly stroking the shaft. Never letting me get too close to the edge.

“Does that feel good slave?”

“Oh my god yes. Yes. Thank you.”

“Are you ready to cum for me slave?”

“Fuck yes. Yes. Please Mistress. Please let me cum for you.”

You stroke my cock faster, bringing me to the edge. Then you stop and take your hand away. My cock twitches and throbs in the air.

“You know what would make me really happy?”

I feel like I can barely breathe. You start slowly stroking my cock again.

“What’s that Mistress?”

“It would make me so happy if you would beg me not to let you cum. If you would give up that orgasm I promised you, just because I ask you to.”

Chastity Slave's Selfless Pleasure

I groan loudly, burying my face into a pillow.

“I’m not saying you have to. It’s entirely up to you. You’ve earned an orgasm. If you want I’ll keep stroking your cock, I’ll keep going until you cum all over my tits. Of course I’ll make you lick it all up, but you can cum. You have my permission. But if you want to make me really happy, you’ll ask me to lock you back up instead. Beg me to lock you back up, in the spiked cage…”

“Oh my god I want to cum so fucking bad… I need to. Fuck!…”

“Ok slave. If that’s your choice.”

You start stroking me faster, deepthroating me and making my cock slick and wet. Oh my god it feels so good.


“Please let you cum?”

“Please…Fuck. Please lock me up Mistress. Please deny me.”

Your hand lets go immediately.

“Oh God!”

My hips lift off the bed trying to find your hand.

“Keep begging slave.”

You start playing with your pussy as you listen to me.

“My pleasure doesn’t matter Mistress. Please lock my cock up. Please lock me in the spiked cage. I don’t need to cum, I just need to please you.”

“Good boy. Very good boy. You passed the third test.”

You smile at me as you keep playing with yourself.

“Now come here and fuck me.”

I’m surprised. But I don’t hesitate.

“Thank you Mistress!”

I slide into your wet pussy, we both moan. We kiss. I start pumping in and out of you slowly. Our arms tighten around each other.

“You’re amazing.” I say.

“So are you.”

We spend hours fucking, both of us edging over and over again. In the end we cum together and collapse in each other’s arms. Exhausted. We kiss some more and run our hands along each other’s sensitive spots.

“Ok slave. Go get that spiked cage…”


In this story, the voluntarily chosen submissive character, who becomes a chastity slave, demonstrates absolute obedience and selfless devotion to their dominant partner through a series of tests. They show strong willpower and dedication in enduring pain, facing humiliation, and selflessly serving their Mistress. Despite facing challenges and torment throughout their journey, they ultimately achieve the desired reward by enduring pain, accepting humiliation, and satisfying their Mistress’s desires. This ending showcases the power exchange and interaction within a dominant-submissive relationship, where the submissive fulfills the desires of the dominant to fulfill their own. Whether in an SM relationship or any other context, this conclusion emphasizes the importance of consent and mutual respect as the foundation of the relationship.

When it comes to SM or BDSM relationships, it is crucial to ensure clear communication and consensus among all participants. Here are some suggestions:

Communication and consensus:

Before engaging in any SM or BDSM relationship, ensure that all participants clearly express their desires, boundaries, and limitations and reach a consensus. This ensures that both parties are satisfied in the relationship and helps avoid any potential harm or misunderstandings.


Safety is paramount in SM or BDSM activities. Make sure that all participants understand the proper use of safety equipment and take appropriate precautions, such as using safe words or gestures to communicate pain or discomfort limits

Mutual respect:

Whether in the dominant or submissive role, mutual respect should be maintained between all parties. The dominant should understand the submissive’s boundaries and limitations and respect their decisions. The submissive should engage in activities within the premises of safety and consent, ensuring that their own desires are respected.


SM or BDSM activities can have physical or emotional effects. Ensure that participants receive adequate support and care after the activities, including physical care, emotional reassurance, and psychological support.

Experience and training:

If you are interested in SM or BDSM but lack experience, it is advisable to seek relevant training or guidance. Attending professional training courses or joining communities can help you gain more knowledge and skills to ensure the safety and pleasure of the activities.

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