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Chastity Stories:Cage and Chastity Keyholder

The following article revolves around “chastity tease” and “keyholders” and documents a true story of a chastity slave who goes to great lengths to satisfy his dominant owner’s sexual climax.

Chastity cage first experience

a chastity cage

Background: I (22 years old) have been interested in chastity for some time now, and recently I bought myself two chastity cages. I’ve always hoped that someone would be able to control the keys to these cages, but so far I haven’t had the opportunity. Now I’m excited because I finally have a story to share here!

After just graduating from college, I moved to a new city where I didn’t know anyone. A few days after settling into my new apartment, I decided to create a profile on Tinder to meet some new people. I wasn’t looking for anything crazy, mainly just to make some new friends.

While browsing, I came across a girl (22 years old) who was in the same major as me and had just graduated as well. Although I didn’t know her very well, we had taken a few classes together, so we had at least some familiarity with each other. I decided to send her a message, telling her a bit about myself moving here, and suggested that we hang out. She responded, and we found out that we lived only two blocks away from each other. So we decided to go for a walk on a nearby trail.

After the walk, we stopped outside my apartment and chatted for a while. She asked me about my plans for the evening, and without saying much, I hinted that she could come over and hang out. And she did. We started watching Netflix together and had a few drinks. Eventually, watching the movie turned into discussing the movie, and then it transitioned into making out on the couch. Finally, we ended up in my bedroom, continuing our intimacy on the bed. Initially, I took the dominant role, but later she flipped us over, climbing on top of me. As things heated up, she asked if I had condoms. I pointed to the drawer in the nightstand and told her they were there. As she reached to open the drawer, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t remember if I had only placed the condoms there or if I had also left all the adult toys in there.

The moment of doubt quickly vanished when I heard the jingle of keys. I turned to look at her, and she held the key to my chastity cage in her hand, wearing a fake smile on her face. My stomach sank, and my heart immediately started pounding. She said, “Are these what I think they are?” I was taken aback, unable to find an appropriate response. “Do you want me to see what these are for?” she continued. I felt my face flush red and still couldn’t speak. I was both excited and nervous, and at the same time, I felt incredibly turned on. I gestured toward a bag behind the drawer, and she opened it, taking out the cage. Seeing her holding my cage only made me more excited. She examined the cage for a while, then turned to look at me, saying something along the lines of, “Oh, we’re going to have a lot of fun with these!”

We resumed our intimacy. She reached to remove my pants, and I tried to take off her shirt, but she looked at me and said, “Not yet, you’ll become too uncomfortable to wear the cage.” I had reached that point already. She fully removed my pants and attempted to put on the cage. I felt incredibly excited. We struggled for a while, but she eventually told me to go to the bathroom and put it on myself without locking it.

After giving myself some time to calm down, I walked back to the bedroom from the bathroom. She was sitting on my bed, wearing only a t-shirt and no pants. She instructed me to remove the rest of my clothes and lie on the bed. At this point, I was only wearing my cage. Then she reached out her hand, asking for the lock. I handed her the lock, and she had a bright smile on her face. As an exchange, she handed me a blindfold (which she took from my drawer). I put on the blindfold, and she locked the cage with the lock. In that moment, she straddled my face like a cowgirl and began grinding. At some point, she took off her shirt and guided my hands to touch her breasts. Occasionally, she would tease my cage and testicles with her hand.

As my heart raced, I struggled as much as I could within the cage. Trapped in the cage, I could feel her breath, feel her presence, but I couldn’t see her, which was teasing me. I was striving for more satisfaction, and yet, at the same time, the fantasy I had gone the longest without fulfilling was becoming a reality.

After she experienced 3 or 4 orgasms, she moved away from my face and went under the sheets. She gently took off my blindfold and invited me to join her on the bed. She held onto me with the cage hidden in the sheets and taunted, “Did you have fun? Did you find it interesting?” I told her I was extremely happy but wouldn’t complain about wanting more. She gazed at me, smiled, and said, “Well, that’s part of the fun too! See you tomorrow.” She lightly tapped my testicles a few times and quickly fell asleep. I had a difficult time, as the tension and excessive excitement in the cage made it hard for me to calm down and sleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, I found her still lying naked in the bed. We talked about everything that happened last night, from how we met in class to the crazy experiences we’ve had so far. I also asked her if she had used a chastity cage before, and she told me that her ex-boyfriend really enjoyed it, and she gradually started to like it too (which was important to me). Finally, I got up to prepare breakfast for us. I started to get dressed, but she interrupted me, saying, “Who said we need to wear clothes?” I definitely didn’t want to argue with her, so I walked to the kitchen completely naked.

After a while, she appeared in my sight dressed (whispering). We enjoyed breakfast together, but she told me she had to leave first. I asked her about her plans for the cage. She mentioned that if I was satisfied with it, she was willing to keep the key. Without hesitation, I agreed. She walked up to me, gave me a passionate kiss, and gently shook the key in her hand. As she walked out, she said, “Have fun!”

Slave Chastity

So far, I have been confined for a day, but I have been contemplating what will happen when I see her again. I don’t know how long she plans to keep me imprisoned or what her overall plan is. All I know is that I can’t focus on anything else. She has been sending me Snapchats with my key hanging around her neck, but it hasn’t brought about any substantial change. Every time I see the key, it reminds me of how much I long for her to unlock my cage.

Later that day, she came to my apartment again. When I went to let her in, I didn’t see the key around her neck. At the time, I didn’t think much of it.

We returned to my apartment and decided to hang out in the living room for a while. She sat on the couch, and I wrapped my arm around her, her head resting on my shoulder. I tried to focus on the TV show we were watching, but I couldn’t help but be consumed by thoughts of the cage and what was happening inside it. My hand started to wander around her, then slowly moved down to her pants. She smiled and told me it wasn’t allowed yet.

After finishing the episode we were watching, we went back to my bedroom. She sat at the foot of the bed, asking me how it feels to be restricted by the chastity cage. I poured out my feelings to her, how wonderful it is but how much I long to do so many things with her. We moved around, but she told me to strip naked so she could see me. So now I was left with just the chastity cage, and she had me kneel at the foot of the bed. At the same time, she opened a drawer and took out a blindfold, handing it to me to put on. With the blindfold on, I could hear her pulling down her pants, but once again, I couldn’t see her naked body. Although I didn’t mind at that moment, I just wanted to taste her.

She lay back on the bed, placing her legs on my shoulders. I started caressing her legs, my hands gliding along the sides of her body. She pulled me closer with her legs, and just as I was about to make contact with my mouth, she clamped her thighs around my head. “Not yet! You can get close, but it’s not time for pleasure yet,” she said. I sat there, feeling just inches away from her, holding onto her thighs as they wrapped around me. Her scent drove me crazy, and I was in agony inside the cage.

After some teasing, she asked me what I would be willing to do to enjoy her. I told her I would do anything she wanted if she allowed me, even if it meant staying in the cage for today or tomorrow. “Good, because I don’t have any plans tonight,” she said with a smile. I realized why I hadn’t noticed the key around her neck before. She allowed me to continue, and in less than a second, I was in action.

After she climaxed twice, she let me get on the bed. She pressed down on my stomach as I lay on my back. “I’m going to take off the blindfold now,” she said, “but you can only look into my eyes.” I was so excited about what might happen next that I couldn’t say a word. Instead, I just nodded in agreement.

She sat up, but I made sure to only look into her eyes. It was at that moment that she slowly lifted her shirt. I couldn’t resist instinctively glancing down for a moment. However, before I could see anything, she immediately pulled the shirt back down. She smiled and said, “I knew that would catch your attention!” Then she chuckled and handed me the blindfold.

After getting dressed, she asked me to spread my legs. We adjusted our positions and got into a 69 position. She hovered over my face and told me sternly, “Don’t touch, don’t use your hands, mouth, or anything.” So there I was, between her legs, just inches away from her, unable to see or touch, only able to smell her scent. Her head lowered, approaching my “cage.” I could feel her breathing on it, which excited me. She began gently rubbing my “cage,” then she used her tongue instead of her fingers. But then, I felt her pull back and lightly tap my testicles. She said, “This is what happens when you don’t follow instructions. Do you think you can endure ten more?” I told her I could handle it.

She paused, creating a tense and anticipatory atmosphere. I was extremely nervous, with my heart pounding, saliva dripping, as I was so close but unable to taste. After completing all ten actions, she got on the bed, and I followed. We began discussing how much fun we had and how we enjoyed this way of intimacy. As we lay there talking, she grabbed my testicles, gently massaging and teasing my “cage.” Previously, I had been anxious about everything, but this experience kept pushing me forward.

I asked her when she would let me out, but she only replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll discuss it when you get home from work on Monday.” I had some interesting thoughts about the two of us! It excited and made me nervous, and eventually, I fell asleep.

The next morning, not much happened. After we woke up, I made breakfast for us while still in the “cage.” Later, we took a short walk together along a nearby path and then returned to our respective apartments. I received the first Snapchat from her, with my key dangling from it, and it said, “Have fun not having fun… I know I will ;)”

Throughout the day, I kept thinking about those “interesting” ideas she mentioned. I’m happy now.

Crazily Serving My Mistress

A man and mistress in a chastity cage

After work, we met on the sidewalk near my apartment. We walked at a normal pace, discussing ordinary things, but my mind was filled with the recent events. We returned to her apartment, and she suggested we go inside.

Once inside her apartment, she immediately instructed me to undress completely. I followed her guidance, and soon I was left with only my cage. She was dressed impeccably as always. After I removed all my clothes, we started passionately kissing. We stumbled into her bedroom and continued our intimate encounter on the bed.

Eventually, we took a break and lay together on the bed. I felt utterly captivated. It was as if I had been trapped in a cage all along, even though it had only been four days. Now was the time to inquire about her intentions towards me.

I asked her when I would be released. She responded with a series of teasing remarks, like, “Oh, so you want to be released? I thought you enjoyed being trapped there,” and “Don’t you find the cage more comfortable?” and “But you showed concern for me when you were in the cage, so I don’t want to let you out!” While I did enjoy being in my own cage, the sexual tension continued to accumulate, making me feel helpless.

She asked me when I could be released. I replied that now would be a good time. As I anticipated, it wasn’t a satisfactory answer for her. She suggested that we base it on the number of orgasms I give her. She asked me how many times I thought would be appropriate. I told her fifteen. She smiled insincerely and said, “Oh, that’s too few. You surely don’t want to be too eager for liberation, considering it’s everything you’re willing to do for me.” I asked for her thoughts. She replied with forty times.

I pondered for a moment. Forty times didn’t seem too terrible, but it also seemed somewhat excessive. I asked if we could lower it to twenty-five times. She didn’t seem impressed by that. Then she said, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you agree to at least forty times.” My heart sank.

We began discussing what else she wanted to do with me. Ever since her ex-boyfriend introduced her to BDSM ideas, she has been very interested in them, but they had never acted on them before. “I think it would be fun to give it a try sometime,” she said softly but teasingly. Immediately, I started feeling nervous, and she must have sensed it because she said, “Now I know you’re interested too. Why don’t we conduct an experiment?” I was definitely interested.

She took off my chastity device and led me to her bathroom. I thought we were going to take a shower together, and I was genuinely excited. She asked me to go in first, so I did. The water was cold, but she told me to stay inside for 30 seconds. I got out, and she was waiting for me with my cage. There was no way she was going to put it back on.

Afterward, we returned to her bedroom, and she instructed me to go back to my original position with my hands bound above my head. Once again, she sat between my legs, this time holding her phone. She opened Tinder on her phone and started browsing. I understood her intentions, and I immediately became even more nervous inside the cage.

She matched with someone, and they began chatting back and forth. It quickly became very intense. I was now even more anxious inside the cage, and my heart was racing madly. She turned to look at me and said, “Wow, someone’s jealous!” with a laugh. “But I don’t think you should see the next part,” she continued. She reached into the bedside table and took out her strap-on and a blindfold. She blindfolded me, releasing one of my hands. She handed me the strap-on and instructed me to help her. Meanwhile, she used a vibrator on herself.

I wasn’t sure what she was watching, but all I knew was that while I couldn’t see anything inside the cage, I was assisting her in pleasuring herself. She kept teasing me, saying, “This is what I do when I come home, and you can’t even touch yourself unless I allow it,” driving me crazy. She continued until she finally reached orgasm. Afterward, we went to sleep.

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