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Introducing the ultimate Silicone Chastity Cage, made entirely of soft and flexible silicone material. If you find steel or resin locking rings uncomfortable, this silicone cage is the perfect alternative for long-term wear. The silicone material provides a soft and elastic fit, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods. Plus, the silicone material won’t create awkward sounds when the lock hits against it, providing a more discreet and quiet experience. Experience the ultimate in comfort and discretion with the Silicone Chastity Cage.
  • Material: Silicone
  • Cage dimensions: 100mm (3.94 inches) in length and 35mm (1.38 inches) in internal diameter.
  • Ring sizes: 50mm (1.97 inches), 45mm (1.77 inches), 42mm (1.65 inches), 36mm (1.42 inches), 35mm (1.38 inches).
  • Product list: One cage, a set of adjustable rings (5 sizes), a set of length adjusters, a padlock set, and 5 combination locks.

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  1. cici

    Pink is really suitable for me. I really like this color, and my lover loves me even more. I can’t help but secretly appreciate the actual products I use. The material is good and there is no sense of cheapness

  2. AceMaverick

    I found it a bit difficult to start, but once it started, it started. I mailed the key to myself two days ago. Now wait for the email to arrive so that I can take it down。I found it a bit difficult to start, but once it started, it started. I mailed the key to myself two days ago. Now wait for the email to arrive so that I can take it down

  3. BlazePhoenix

    I have now purchased three different cheap cages all made about the same way and this is the best of the lot. Things to know: Mostly smooth with few if any sharp edges or corners. Could still use a little steel wool or similar just to get the last of the ridges down but it is WAY better than anything else I have seen in this price range. It has four different sized rings that should fit most people. If you are REALLY girthy or have exceptionally large testicles you might have a problem, but otherwise one of the rings should fit. The biggest problem is the cage itself is kinda narrow and if you girthy you will have a problem with this. For anyone that is a grower (not a show-er) this shouldn’t really be a problem. You will have to use lube to get it on comfortably though, but this is normal. It is long enough so flacid you should end up with a bit of a gap, but once you start to grow at all you will hit that end… enough said.

  4. Jinef Q

    hubby usually wears a happygo super small stainless steel cage – this one will be for “days off” and traveling by airplane. the cage itself, for hubby, could be a little smaller, but we won’t use the spacers so it’s not an issue. the color is lovely – the pink is not garish or cheap, or washed out either.
    5 stars for sure!!!

  5. Yasuos

    I was not sure initially if I wanted to progress further with this kind of device so thought going with something softer and less constraining would be a good way to dip my toe in the pool so to speak. My concerns were that it would be too stiff and would place undue pressure on the other 2 attachments which neither were the case.

    -Personally I enjoyed the pink as it showed where I was on the food chain.
    -For a starter being soft and flexible allowed me to learn my limits
    -The texture was soft and enjoyable to the touch of the fingers
    -It was nice to experiment with the different size rings and find the size that would allow enough constraint without cutting off circulation

  6. Joseph

    It is easy to wear and the material is also very lightweight. I will wear the chastity device on the subway, which always gives me a greater sense of excitement.

  7. polxc

    I don’t mind dressing up like a maid, a waitress, or a slut. This whole idea of becoming feminine gives new meaning to our partnership. This sissification is never complete without this silicone cage. It may not be as heavy or as solid as stainless steel, but damn, it’s ruthless! There’s no way I can please my cock unless my keyholder sets me free.

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