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Chastity Stories: One Wife’s Pov

“I want to secure my manhood in a chastity cage. And I desire for you to safeguard the key.”

Like… Seriously?




OK, OK… It didn’t happen QUITE like that… But, you know, when the words are one thing and the meaning in your head is another….

So THAT’S how I interpreted it. My husband wanted me to lock his cock away.

But WHY FFS?!!!!!

chastity cage key

A Journey into Chastity

After the initial shock—Was I not attractive to him anymore? Had he lost interest in sex? Was he involved with someone else?—I calmed down. My husband patiently explained what he truly meant, emphasizing the love and trust he had for me. Far from losing attraction, he was deeply in love with me, and he trusted me enough to reveal his inner desires.

My husband desired orgasm control.

He wanted me to dictate when he could climax, surrendering control of his pleasure to me. His choice was a chastity cage, symbolizing his willingness to let me take the reins. It was a more discreet alternative to a badge proclaiming, “My Wife Owns My Cock!”

Because I loved him, I agreed to explore this journey with him. That was years ago, and our happiness has only grown since!

Intimate Chastity Review

Looking back, it all clicked into place. Pre-chastity, he prioritized my satisfaction in every sexual encounter. While occasionally annoying with his post-coital performance evaluations, I realized he was conducting research. He genuinely wanted to understand my desires, what pleased me, and how many orgasms I could experience.

I considered myself fortunate! My husband approached sex with a curiosity that defied assumptions, acknowledging that being a man didn’t guarantee satisfaction for both.

He always said, “Ladies cum first… And often!!” Spending hours exploring my body, teasing without touching, indulging in my pleasure, and plunging into various positions, he often delayed his own climax. Initially, I felt guilty, questioning my ability to satisfy him. But now I understand he was merely exercising restraint.

When he proposed chastity, my initial thoughts circled back to that guilt. Yet, he reassured me of his unwavering love. Trusting him, after all, I did marry him!

chastity couples

Metal Chastity cage Art

In his commitment to our lifestyle, my husband now embraces a custom-made steel chastity device. Crafted by icock, the A1 model features an open design, resembling a beautifully handcrafted piece of jewelry. This steel structure, secured with four screws, is practically inescapable, further intensifying the feeling of submission. A pin, fastened through his chastity piercing, adds an extra layer of security. While technically escapable with power tools, his unwavering commitment reflects his desire for this level of submission.

Our brand of chastity is unique to us, far from the stereotypical Domme/sub dynamic. It’s a lifestyle we both cherish.

Chastity Balance and Liberation

As a woman, the concept of chastity brought an unexpected sense of liberation. While men might perceive it differently, the balance achieved through this lifestyle is unparalleled. Let’s be frank—men often approach sex with a straightforward mindset: in, thrash around, and BOOM! Predictable and achievable, every time.

For me, the frequency of wanting sex didn’t always align with my partner’s desires. Whether due to a bad day, my period, or simply not feeling up to it, I felt an obligation to fulfill his needs. Reflecting on it, he aimed to make me feel good, while I felt compelled to reciprocate. This dynamic often led to dissatisfaction.

From the beginning, I insisted on a crucial condition: if I were to control his orgasms, he would relinquish the right to ask for sex. If I desired intimacy, I would initiate it. If not, no resentment. This approach aimed to establish a chastity-infused balance, recognizing the Mars/Venus differences. To his credit, he embraced this understanding.

sexy girl

Balanced Intimacy

Maintaining balance in our lifestyle is crucial to avoiding resentment and ensuring a healthy connection. Our expectations are straightforward: I control our orgasms, and he willingly embraces it. This isn’t about power play or humiliation—no leather corsets or French maid’s outfits in our daily routine.

We’ve consciously chosen not to venture into cuckolding; our love for each other prevails, and exploring others is not on our agenda. Our shared lifestyle is founded on mutual respect and balance.

There are times when I might not crave intimacy for weeks due to life’s challenges. When I do, I take charge. Whether it’s pleasuring myself or engaging in strap-on play, it’s about mutual satisfaction. I find immense pleasure in controlling his release, knowing the impact of his pent-up desire. If he’s earned the privilege of being unlocked, I decide how and when he experiences release—adding an extra layer of playfulness to our shared intimacy.

Empowered Chastity Play

In the realm of chastity, once the chastity cage is unlocked, a world of possibilities unfolds. From guiding his self-pleasure to indulging in mutual masturbation, or controlling every stroke and thrust, the choices are boundless. My dominion extends to determining when, where, and how he experiences release.

Whether I opt for oral pleasure, passionate intercourse with strategic interruptions, or incorporating stimulating devices like a stroker, the play is as diverse as my mood. The beauty lies in the control—the knowledge that he cannot climax without my explicit consent. Ruined orgasms become a playful ally in this intricate dance.

After prolonged chastity, the release is swift, especially during intimate moments. It’s a welcomed sensation, fulfilling my desire to feel intimately connected and bathed in the aftermath of his climax. For me, having my desires met, witnessing his vulnerability, and reveling in the power dynamics amplify the experience.

As the devilish temptress within me takes charge, I’ve relished moments where I’ve positioned my cum-filled self over his awaiting mouth, savoring the post-orgasmic climax. It’s a powerful assertion of control and a testament to the unique dynamics we’ve cultivated in our chastity-infused intimacy.

chastity training

Savoring Teasing Torture

In the intricate dance of control, there are moments when I desire a prolonged experience. To achieve this, I often indulge in the art of ruining his climax, setting the stage for endurance. The first climax may be sacrificed, and the second, well, it’s a privilege he has to earn through satisfying my desires.

My preferred method of ruining him involves edging, a tantalizing dance of control and restraint. A few strokes, a squirt of lube, and I watch as he pleasures himself under my watchful gaze. He diligently informs me when he’s on the brink, and that’s when I halt the proceedings. Perhaps a diversion into oral delights or a private show of self-stimulation is in order before he resumes after calming down.

After three edges, his sensitivity peaks, and he hovers close to the edge of release. This is the opportune moment. Crawling towards him, I envelop his cock with my mouth, maintaining eye contact. Though not a master of deep-throating, the mere warmth of my breath and the touch of my tongue can tip him over the edge. It’s a swift yet intense experience, a testament to the delicate balance of pleasure and control.

Let me be clear; I relish having his member in my mouth when I desire it. However, I’ve never subscribed to the notion that I should perform oral favors solely for the sake of it. My approach is rooted in mutual satisfaction and a shared exploration of desire.

Chastity Dilemma - Liberation Arts

In the realm of control and desire, mastering the art of ruined climaxes is both a tantalizing tease and a testament to the delicate dance of pleasure and restraint. As he approaches the brink, a swift withdrawal of sensation leaves him in the throes of an incomplete release. His desperate writhing and futile attempts to savor the moment mirror the power dynamics at play.

The aftermath is telling – his cock, now mine for the taking, rarely yields to a second climax in quick succession. It’s a privilege he should count himself lucky to experience, a controlled surrender to the ebb and flow of satisfaction.

Yet, despite the pleasure derived from wielding such control, there are times when the burden becomes palpable. The pressure to dominate his orgasms, while exhilarating, can accumulate. During these moments, the cage takes a backseat in what we’ve termed “chastity holidays.” The device disappears into obscurity, and we revel in the freedom of unrestrained passion. It’s a chance to relinquish control and embrace the liberation of spontaneous, unbridled encounters.

I relish the power of being on my hands and knees, succumbing to the rhythm of a cock thrusting into me without a say in the matter. While I wouldn’t want to live exclusively in such a dynamic, the occasional indulgence in being thoroughly ravished adds a thrilling dimension to our intimate escapades.

sex couples

Finding in Chastity Abstinence

Our journey into chastity wasn’t without its trials. Early on, there were struggles as he proposed various ideas, and I grappled with the guilt associated with them. It became apparent that I might be inadvertently letting him “top from the bottom.” While he desired submission, his suggestions put him in control. Arguments ensued, leading me to contemplate returning his key and stepping away. Surprisingly, that ultimatum sparked a turning point.

Our compatibility stems from my natural inclination to take charge and his innate submissiveness. However, it’s crucial to remember the adage: “Assumption is the mother of ALL fuck-ups!” Communication and trust are indispensable in ANY relationship.

I’m not proclaiming our model as the definitive way to embrace a chastity lifestyle. We still have our share of disagreements, and life throws its challenges. Yet, we’ve discovered what works for US.

As I conclude, a potent reminder surfaces – my arousal is evident, and I’m fortunate to have a loving partner nearby. However, the cage remains firmly in place tonight…

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