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Chastity Stories: Chastity Teaser Guide

Many couples find pleasure in engaging in playful teasing activities to infuse some additional excitement into their intimate lives. Teasing games serve as an excellent means to inject variety into the usual routine, concurrently building up the sexual tension between partners. Each couple’s approach to incorporating ‘teasing games’ into their relationship may vary, but for many, it constitutes a delightful supplementary facet of their sexual experiences, ideally indulged in when both are in the mood. When my spouse and I decided to compose this guide, our intention was to share our accumulated insights, aspiring to acquaint new couples with the fundamental concepts of erotic teasing. We trust that you derive as much satisfaction from it as we have, viewing it as a shared erotic escapade.

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Creating The Chastity Tease

To grasp the fundamentals of erotic teasing, it’s helpful to initially comprehend the definition of a tease. According to Webster’s Dictionary, a tease is described as:

“To stimulate hope, desire, or curiosity in someone without providing satisfaction.”

In simpler terms, to tease your partner, you must incite a sense of uncertain anticipation in them regarding the prospect of engaging in sexual activity and achieving orgasm. It’s essential to note that teasing isn’t merely about delaying sex for extended periods, as that constitutes detachment—a negative scenario and not the objective of teasing. The essence of teasing lies in creating a situation where the occurrence of his orgasm becomes unpredictable. It’s this unpredictability that fosters an erotic tension between lovers. Thus, regular and brief teasing episodes, even if just for a minute or two, or enough to elicit arousal before stepping away, contribute to maintaining uncertainty about when the ultimate satisfaction will occur.

While one direct approach to teasing involves bringing him close to the brink of orgasm frequently—a tantalizing experience for both partners—it amplifies his hope that this time might be the one where he reaches climax. The unpredictable nature of the orgasm heightens his desires and aspirations. Consequently, as his desire intensifies, so does his motivation to please you, driven by the hope that your satisfaction might lead to granting him the satisfaction he seeks.

Engaging in teasing consistently will likely result in him dedicating more effort to please you in return. This is where the element of fun and play comes into the teasing games shared between lovers.

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The Science Of Why It Works

So, why not grant him satisfaction every time? Wouldn’t that lead to increased happiness and foster a closer connection between the couple? To truly comprehend the answer, it’s beneficial to recall Pavlov’s dogs, a renowned experiment in behavioral conditioning.

Pavlov demonstrated that consistently meeting basic needs at predictable intervals diminishes the dog’s drive to pursue that need. The dog, aware that its needs will be consistently fulfilled, expends less energy seeking fulfillment, and the desire for that need diminishes. We tend not to value what we take for granted. Conversely, consistently withholding a need results in the abandonment of all hope of satisfying that need, leading to apathetic hopelessness if left unsatisfied for too long.

Pavlov’s findings highlighted that a creature’s desire for a need is at its peak, and the energy expended in seeking that need is greatest when the satisfaction of that need is uncertain. Even after having the need met, the creature is inclined to resume seeking, uncertain of when the need will be fulfilled again.

This brings us back to the original question and the essence of erotic teasing. The excitement of teasing games stems from the unpredictability of the orgasm, magnifying the desire and efforts invested by the ‘teased person’ to attain the unpredictable climax from their partner.

In the end, the teased man devotes more time and attention to his partner because his partner invests more time and attention in teasing him. Both partners, as evident, allocate increased time and attention to each other, fostering a closer, more robust relationship. This underscores the ultimate benefit of engaging in erotic teasing games with your partner.

But Does He Really Want Me To Say No?

To put it simply, if he has expressed a desire for teasing, then yes, he also wants you to incorporate denial.

It’s crucial to reiterate this point, especially for couples new to erotic teasing. If he has consented to teasing and denial, he desires both the teasing and denial aspects. They are interdependent, and one without the other is ineffective. During your intimate moments, it’s counterproductive to inquire if he wants to climax because doing so relinquishes control back to him. Granting gratification whenever he wishes contradicts the essence of teasing and goes against what he sought when proposing to engage in teasing games.

Understanding this concept might be challenging for those new to teasing, as the inclination is to prioritize the partner’s happiness. There might be apprehension that denying him climax won’t bring joy. However, yielding to his request to climax when he asks eliminates any teasing element. It’s essential to remember this, especially when he attempts to persuade you in ‘that moment’ when he is on the brink of orgasm.

Some argue that the pivotal moment when you seize control of his climax is the moment he has been anticipating. It’s when you override his immediate desires and introduce unpredictability. After doing this a few times, you’ll observe how it heightens the sexual tension between both of you, leading to enjoyable moments. Most men who enjoy teasing games fundamentally want you to dominate their orgasms. The key to achieving this is to exercise your authority over his climax by occasionally and unpredictably saying “no.”

Lastly, while it might feel challenging, don’t harbor guilt about saying “no.” If he didn’t genuinely desire teasing, he wouldn’t have requested it in the first place. So, regardless of what he expresses when aroused, firmly say “No” and embrace the power dynamics. By fulfilling his desires, he will appreciate you for it, and both of you will derive immense enjoyment.

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Chastity Jet Moment

Effective communication is crucial for couples engaging in teasing games. He should learn to signal when he’s nearing the point of climax, giving you the moment to decide between “Not yet” or “Cum for me.” Delaying your decision until the very last moment enhances his hope and creates an atmosphere of uncertain yearning.

As for establishing a schedule for his orgasms, the key is to maintain unpredictability and avoid a fixed routine. While the tease revolves around the element of unpredictability in denial length, it’s essential to leverage the enjoyment people derive from orgasms.

Vary the frequency of his orgasms, ranging from multiple times a day—occasionally prompting him to climax even when he’s not initially inclined—all the way to making him wait for a few weeks or more, and everything in between. Introducing occasional orgasms at the start of the day without prior teasing can also add to the overall unpredictability. The crucial aspect is to avoid falling into a predictable schedule or routine. Keeping him guessing ensures a mutual enjoyment of the teasing game.

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Limiting His Masturbation

Once you and your partner have the fundamentals of a teasing game in place, you’ll realize its efficacy hinges on having complete control over when he can orgasm. Consequently, a teasing game loses its impact if he can masturbate whenever and wherever he pleases. To elevate erotic teasing to a new level, you and your partner should openly discuss his masturbation habits during the game.

For most couples, there are two methods of curbing his masturbation during teasing periods. The first is the “honor system,” where both agree that he won’t masturbate on his own. The second option involves a more tangible commitment, having him wear a temporary anti-masturbation device known as a chastity cage.

Both approaches entail the teased man surrendering control, unable to climax independently, making him entirely reliant on you to grant permission. This dynamic creates intense erotic tension and a more potent tease for him.

In employing the honor system, where he promises not to climax without your consent, it’s beneficial to have a specific reminder of that commitment, such as a ring, bracelet, or necklace that you wear. This becomes especially crucial if teasing and denial games are sporadic. The presence of the symbol indicates that he can’t engage in self-stimulation without your approval, and its absence signals a return to a “normal” relationship mode.

For some couples, the ‘promise’ method may not suffice or be very effective. Many men struggle with self-control, particularly in moments where the sole focus is on climaxing. The promise is shattered, and the game is spoiled if he clandestinely masturbates to fulfill his desires. Recognizing the difficulty in breaking the habit of regular masturbation, some couples bypass the “pledge method” and resort to a more physical approach using a male chastity cage.

While not necessarily practical for extended wear, these devices add a playful element to teasing. Various options are available, from comfortable silicon models like the ‘Holy Trainer’ to more secure steel options like the ‘Jail Bird’ from Mature Metal. Some feature a belt-like design, such as the ‘Love Jail,’ preventing withdrawal from the back of the chastity cage when he is soft.

Beyond their practical use, chastity cage carry symbolic significance, serving as a constant reminder of your control over his pleasure and genitals. The audible “click” of the lock adds to the enjoyment of the game for both the teaser and the teased. Wearing the key on a necklace or bracelet further reinforces your partner’s awareness of your control whenever he sees it.

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How long is permanent chastity?

When it comes to prolonged denial, extending beyond a month should be an exception for several reasons. Typically, a man might resort to masturbation to meet his biological needs if a relationship isn’t fulfilling those needs. However, in a teasing game, this is not allowed. In this context, his orgasms become not only her privilege but, to some extent, her responsibility as well.

Conversely, assuring him that she would not subject him to an extended period without release eliminates some of the uncertainty, making his orgasm schedule more predictable. Therefore, she might find it necessary to intentionally delay him for an extended period, such as a few weeks or a month, to establish that she has the ability to do so. Having done this a few times serves as a reminder that she has made him wait a long time before, contributing to maintaining his desperation and intense arousal.

To determine his limits, a conversation about how long he believes he could go between orgasms can be enlightening. Once a time frame is established, she can express her respect for it while indicating that she may triple this time at her discretion. This often exceeds a man’s expectations and keeps him in a state of uncertainty.

It’s crucial to remember that hope is the cornerstone of the erotic tease. For added intrigue, if she’s feeling particularly daring, she could subject him to a prolonged period with ample teasing, only to conclude that frustrating stretch with a brief, super-quick orgasm. Now, wouldn’t that be quite scandalous?

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So What's a Girl To Do?

So she’s decided to postpone his climax for a while, and engaging in intercourse becomes more challenging as he may ejaculate within minutes, if not seconds. So, what’s a woman to do sexually in the meantime?

The answer is simple: let him worship you, exploring every inch of your body, especially the intimate areas. During a teasing game, he’ll be eager to do almost anything to please you. Remind him that his focus should be entirely on satisfying your pleasure. Take advantage of this opportunity and indulge in activities that bring you joy both emotionally and sexually.

This could involve various intimate acts, such as him giving you a sensuous bath, painting your toenails, kissing you from head to toe, or providing a lengthy massage. Allow him to lavish attention on your breasts, bringing you to multiple orgasms using his tongue and hands. You can also pleasure yourself while making him watch, intensifying his arousal. Appreciate the fact that his persistent erection reflects his happiness in satisfying your desires. If the mood strikes, feel free to indulge in spontaneous pleasures like pussy licking, breast suckling, or his hands exploring your body, even if it doesn’t progress much further, simply because you enjoy his attentiveness.

While some women may miss the sensation of him being inside her, with a bit of creativity, this can still be part of the game. Utilize a desensitizing lubricant and a condom to reduce sensitivity for him, or have him use a dildo on you until you reach the desired climax.

As he focuses on giving you pleasure, he’ll find joy in touching your body and providing as many orgasms as you desire. This intimate experience is liberating for both partners, allowing her to communicate her desires openly, while he can concentrate solely on her pleasure without distractions. Remember, “tease times” are ‘her’ times, so savor them to the fullest because it’s all about you!

Other Chastity Benefits

Even when activities aren’t explicitly sexual, she’ll notice his eagerness for her, and his interest in her will be significantly heightened. He hopes she acknowledges his efforts and expresses her appreciation by eventually allowing him to climax with her—a dynamic reminiscent of the early stages of dating.

It’s crucial to recognize that engaging in a teasing game isn’t a way to avoid sexual interaction; that wouldn’t be enjoyable and goes against the essence of teasing. A tease doesn’t necessarily have to involve explicit sexual acts; it can encompass various ways to arouse him, from saying something provocative in his ear to playful flirting in everyday settings.

Nevertheless, it’s still enjoyable to directly tease and arouse him regularly to intensify sexual tension. Perhaps she finds amusement in stimulating him, even multiple times a day, right up to the edge of orgasm, creating the hope that this time he might be granted release. Occasionally, she might fondle his arousal until it’s firm and then leave it at that for a while. She could even allow him inside her for just a few seconds in a spontaneous setting or moment, reminding him of the exquisite sensation of her body and what he’s temporarily missing. The more spontaneous and unpredictable the tease, the greater the sexual tension builds.

Regardless of how he is teased, his yearning fuels the desire to please her and make her happy. During these times, she should take advantage of this desire and relish in the attention he showers upon her.

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Head Games Can Be Fun

Because she dictates the unpredictability of his climax, when it comes to deciding if he gets to orgasm on a given day, she can simply determine for herself if “today is the day or not.” This empowerment is motivating for her and places his pleasure at her mercy, serving as motivation for him to ensure she is pleased that day.

However, she might not want to bear the responsibility for his potential disappointment when she says “no.” Or perhaps she still feels guilty despite knowing this is “what he wanted.” A straightforward solution to these feelings is to employ an alternative method for deciding when he orgasms, aside from just her choice.

For instance, she could use anything from a coin flip, providing the unpredictability needed, to a dice throw or a card draw to determine if today is the day. Regardless of the method, taking the decision out of her hands and leaving it up to chance can add an intriguing element.

The more creative she is in determining his fate, the more unpredictable the situation becomes for him. Changing the rules periodically adds to the excitement. For example, she might say, “I know today was your day, but I’ve decided to make it tomorrow… maybe.”

But, as with all things, moderation is key. The couple can also decide to temporarily halt the teasing game, reverting to “normal” mode for a while. She can reintroduce a tease game at any time by introducing a new set of rules as he approaches what he thought would be a regular orgasm.

Remember, unpredictability is the essence of teasing and denial, and soon both partners will experience the same giddy and infatuated feelings they had when they first started dating.

chastity game

A chastity game that you will enjoy!

One popular teasing game involves colored beads drawn from a pouch. A white bead signifies he can climax, while a blue bead means he must wait. Each night, the woman draws a bead (without showing him) and communicates how she would like to be pleasured. When she decides it’s enough, she brings him to the edge of orgasm and reveals the color of the drawn bead. If it’s white, he can climax; if it’s blue, he must wait until the next day for another chance. The frequency of his orgasms depends on the ratio of white to blue beads in the pouch. After a bead is drawn, it is removed, improving his odds over time. There are various entertaining variations of this game, allowing her to add or remove beads based on his behavior, her orgasms, or just for the thrill of changing the odds.

Another game involves playing the 6 Senses Game (Touch, Taste, Sight, Speak, Smell, and Hear). On the first day, focus on arousing him through touch. Allow him to massage you and explore your body, emphasizing the sense of touch. On the second day, let him taste and kiss you all over. On the third day, restrict his sight or prevent him from seeing your body at all. On the fourth day, engage in dirty talk and read erotic stories. On day five, wear your most seductive perfume, letting him smell you everywhere but refraining from physical contact. On day 6, let him hear you pleasure yourself while blindfolded. By day 7, he should be highly aroused, and you can decide what comes next or leave it to chance.

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