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If you need to customize your belt size, please select the customize option and specify the belt size in the order notes or contact us via email. Introducing our Lightweight Male Chastity Pants with a defecation hole, providing a comfortable, practical, and affordable solution for your chastity journey. These chastity pants are designed for those who seek a lighter and more cost-effective option while still enjoying premium features. The front panel boasts a captivating stainless steel design with intricate cutout metal lines, offering a captivating appearance that also serves as a secure chastity cage. The remaining structure features comfortable silicone straps, and metal connectors create a strong yet lightweight link between them. The T-shaped waist design is meticulously crafted for a snug and comfortable fit. Whether you’re new to chastity or an experienced user, you’ll appreciate the ease of wearing these pants during your journey. A sturdy chain link elegantly connects the front panel to the rear, adding a touch of sophistication to the design while ensuring security and adjustability. Customization is a key feature with these chastity pants, as they come with three different anal plugs: A, B, and C. Choose the one that complements your desires, ensuring a unique and personalized experience. The thoughtful defecation hole makes these pants practical for extended wear, providing convenience without compromising your chastity experience. Our Lightweight Male Chastity Pants with a defecation hole blend functionality, affordability, and comfort, giving you the freedom to embrace chastity on your terms. Explore the world of chastity with a sense of ease, knowing you have chosen a product designed with your comfort in mind.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: Cage inner diameter 36mm, length about 9CM;waist circumference optional 60-90CM and 90-110CM adjustment range
  • Weight: net weight of about 0.3KG
  • Product list: chastity belt * 1 lock * 1 key * 2

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  1. ManchesterMad

    The belt is adjustable and it is not difficult to adjust. Simply loosen the locking screw and push the wire further in to tighten or pull it out to loosen. Push down on the locking screw and retighten. Very all-weather binding with no feel, feels comfortable and can be worn all the time.

  2. Shakespeare

    It was my first set of chastity panties. A superb combination and I would use the dildo over the anal prehensile opening to give me the double pleasure I was experiencing.

  3. PubC

    A super player’s choice for advancement, this is not at all on the same level as a regular chastity cage, it’s totally usable all day long, and it’s also a toy to add to the eroticism when having sex with my lover, I’m always begging for forgiveness needing to have my master help me release it!

  4. 伊森

    Perfect choice, I’m used to wearing them inside my suit trousers, the edges are handled so well they don’t hurt me, I don’t feel a foreign body sensation when I use them for long periods of time in the office, and I’ll be adding an extra anal plug to my anus.

  5. Nordstrom221

    Safety first! At one time Amazon bought a cheap plastic cage that caused a blood vessel in the head of the penis to rupture and the penis to bleed, luckily I took it off and it was very painful and could have ended up in the ER. This one, with non-sharp edges and smooth metal is much safer. Wears its own adjustable belt, completely different from traditional stand alone cages. Exceeded expectations perfectly!

  6. Lars lee

    Easy and comfortable to wear. I can go through my daily routine without noticing I’m wearing it unless I think about it. My wife loves the kinky feeling under my trousers when we are out in public and when we get home she decides whether or not to allow me to get out of my bondage. Highly recommended for BDSM lovers.

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