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This stainless steel chastity cage allows you to experience a new level of restrained excitement. When you wear it, your penis will be compressed to a minimum, while your glans will fill the cage. However, the gap at the top is enough for your partner to tease you with a vibrating wand or other stimulant, allowing you to experience even more intense pleasure. Additionally, the cage’s material is stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting use and easy cleaning and maintenance. Overall, this cage will provide you with the ultimate experience of restraint, allowing you and your partner to explore new sexual frontiers together.  
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Dimensions: Cage length 28mm (1.1 inches), diameter 35mm (1.4 inches), snap ring size 40mm (1.6 inches), 45mm (1.8 inches), 50mm (2.0 inches).
  • Packing list: One cage, one snap ring, one hidden lock, and two keys.

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  1. Dive

    Purchased the small size with 2cm cage which my small cock fits into perfectly! Had to order a larger 50mm ring as the 40mm ring was too small even for my little cock and balls! The replacement ring was delivered in two days and the device is an excellent fit, however we have had problems with the lock fitting properly, but have now overcome this. All in all a really good chastity device if you have a small cock. Would certainly recommend it. Well made, comfortable to wear, and looks good.

  2. Tong

    All right, this is the most amazing cage. I have several different very expensive plastic ones that are uncomfortable in less than a day. My wife and I had pretty much given up on chastity until we decided to try a metal cage. We were tired though of spending all that money on a new cage and then it not working out. We decided that this one by Ternence had decent reviews and was really reasonably priced. 1/10th the price of the custom ones on line. We ordered one solid one with the urethral tube and one bird cage one without. And both work amazing. I use a little Vaseline around the bottom of the ring and the head of my member where I normally get hotspots And then some silicone lube on the urethral tube if I use it. Yes you have to be careful about pinching at the pegs. Using a Q-tip to push the skin away helps. The lock is a bit finicky but it does work, I promise. You must have the pegs fully seated. Also squeezing the bottom of the ring and the cage together lines up the lock better. Take your time. You should be able to wear this for days. I am using the smallest (40mm) ring and this small cage. My grapes are small from being on T and my boy is 1 1/2” in a cold swimming pool. He’s a grower though. I dont think you’ll be disappointed. And this price is great.

  3. KASSY

    I did a lot of reading of others reviews, and comparing of different brands for a few days before settling on this beauty! I love that the cages are interchangeable and that there some accessories! It’s super smooth and sturdy all-the-around!

  4. Lindsey

    Super small, the size I wanted, I kept pushing my own limits and my host was satisfied

  5. Joseph

    I need to apply lubricant to allow the glans to enter, but the function of inhibiting erections is really something I enjoy.

  6. icokal

    My wife purchased this chastity cage for me. I absolutely love it! Very comfortable with the curved base and the size is perfect for me!!! I highly recommend it for anyone who is going to live the chastity lifestyle. I am closing in on 60days in this cage.

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