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Product Description: The Mini Chastity Cage is a black chastity cage meticulously crafted using advanced 3D printing technology. Inspired by the powerful and enigmatic cobra, its unique and distinctive design makes it a captivating accessory. Key Features: Exquisite Design: The Mini Eyecobra Chastity Cage incorporates precise 3D printing technology, infusing traditional chastity cages with a new fashionable element. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials, this cage ensures durability and comfort. The sleek black coating enhances its sophistication and mystique. Adjustable Functionality: The chastity cage comes with multiple size rings to accommodate various individual needs. You can choose the appropriate ring size for a comfortable wearing experience. Safety and Protection: The purpose of the chastity cage is to provide security and control, empowering you to have full command over your desires and sexual rhythm. It can be securely locked to prevent unauthorized removal. By purchasing the Mini Chastity Cage, you will own a unique and attention-grabbing accessory that not only ensures your safety and privacy but also adds a touch of allure and intrigue to your intimate encounters.
  • Size: Cage Bevel Maximum Length 46mm (3.22 inches) Length 29mm (1.14 inches) Inside Diameter 32mm (1.25 inches)
  • Material: Resin
  • Weight:105g
  • Packing list:A cage, a locking device, 4 fixed locking ring

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Customer Review


  1. Daniel H

    They provided four rings, which is great, and their consideration was very thoughtful.

  2. woshicz

    it’s metal but still lightweight. It also doesn’t show through my pants.

  3. iedc

    this cage is so beautiful and imeasureably comfortably i was actually surprised once i got it on and calmed down enough to adjust it just right. so very perfect

  4. juea

    Easily one of my favorites. Extremely comfortable. Can wear it for days. Feels great.

  5. Danielle O

    Being someone who is very much into his kink and has tried many different sex toys, this is certainly one which will make you gagging for more. I bought this for myself over a year ago. However, it wasn’t until recently I started wearing it regularly. Initially when I bought this I was slightly apprehensive around how this would bring me pleasure. It wasn’t until I first put it on I realised how good this product was… Why didn’t I already have one!? It took a while for me to actually get it fitted properly, as I get hard easily. Once fitted, I secured the padlock and the key was given to my partner. At this point I had absolutely no idea as to when I’d be set free. A feeling that turned me on instantly. Much to my cock’s dismay, as there was absolutely no room for an erection. ;-). The first time I wore it, I had it on for around 6 hours. How I managed I’ll never know. Tied up, I was being teased. Nipples played with, cage licked, lip bitten… My cock couldn’t handle much more! Luckily, I was unlocked and allowed to relieve myself. Recently, I have been locked up for two, three, even four days at a time! It’s one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn, and definitely reminds me during the day that I’m under the ownership of my boyfriend. With the cage brushing against my briefs and the padlock hitting against the plastic, my cock was getting harder and harder at the thought. This brought us both satisfaction. The thought that I was so close to masturbating/ejaculation, although I didn’t have means to touch my own cock. Once taken off after a long period, my cock sprung into action, and I was the hardest I’ve been in a long time. Big thumbs up for this product. It’s great for the price – definitely something every man needs for some day-to-day satisfaction. Not only did I wear it in the bedroom, but I wore it doing my daily routines. Work, shopping, socialising with friends – and nobody would have known. Very discreet and gave me that little extra padding to my already tight jeans.

  6. Wade V

    Its the most comfortable cage Ive used. I havent taken it off since I got this.

  7. winif

    This chastity cage symbolizes unwavering principles, making you exude determination and self-assured confidence.

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