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If you need to customize your belt size, please select the customize option and specify the belt size in the order notes or contact us via email. Introducing our Women’s Chastity Panties, the epitome of elegance and control, now with the added convenience of a vent. These panties feature a wire waistband design with a silicone outer layer and a metal wire inner layer for comfort and flexibility. At the front, a delicate round metal closure adorns the top, while the snug metal shroud below provides the perfect space for optional vaginal plugs. The rear is cleverly connected to the crotch panel, following the natural contours of a woman’s body to ensure a snug fit and prevent any possible detachment. Designed with a circular locking closure, this panty not only exudes sophistication but also offers excellent anti-shedding features. The vent adds practicality without compromising the essence of chastity. Comfort is prioritized, and the secure locking mechanism ensures a reliable and adjustable chastity experience. Elevate your intimate experience with these Women’s Chastity Panties, where elegance and control unite.
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size: waist default size range of 60-90CM, other sizes can be customized, crotch wire adjustable size, can fit a variety of body types
  • Weight: 0.7kg
  • Product list: chastity belt * 1 lock * 1 key * 2

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Customer Review


  1. Emily Johnson

    I was brought onto this path of restraint by my husband. We used to buy chastity cages for my lover on icockcage, and now we exchange keys, bringing us closer in heart. The weekends are our days of release, making us cherish our love even more.

  2. Olivia Martinez

    The craftsmanship of the belt is excellent. I adjusted the size myself. Before receiving the goods, I had no concept of the weight of the belt. After wearing it, it has not caused any discomfort. I wear this belt almost every week, hoping to have some accessories that can enter the body.

  3. Sophia Williams

    It’s a fantastic choice, the best gift my lover has ever given me. The edge processing is very careful, without any sharp spikes that could harm me. I cannot masturbate at all and have to wait for my lover to give me sexual release. Showering is not a problem at all, but I need to clean it while wearing it every day. Going to the bathroom is also not a problem, as there is a special hollow for excretion.

  4. Sophia W

    It’s a fantastic choice, the best gift my lover has ever given me. The edge processing is very careful, without any sharp spikes that could harm me. I cannot masturbate at all and have to wait for my lover to give me sexual release. Showering is not a problem at all, but I need to clean it while wearing it every day. Going to the bathroom is also not a problem, as there is a special hollow for excretion.

  5. Ava1126

    This can cure my sex addiction; it is truly a good companion. I always crave sexual activity, but now I can hold off for two days without needing it. My relationship with my lover is more harmonious now. It’s fantastic;

  6. Mia Davis

    I bought it for my lover to train her obedience. Only after a week of restraint can she receive the favor of sex. The craftsmanship is excellent. The only chance for release when wearing it is to wait for me to arrive. The length of the belt needs to be adjusted slightly to ensure that it cannot be removed privately. I suggest cleaning it with disinfectant wipes as soon as you receive it.

  7. Amelia Rodriguez

    Great product design, all angles can be adjusted. It’s best to groom your private hair before wearing it to make the belt fit closer to your vagina.

  8. Harper Wilson

    Such a thoughtful brand, my waist size is a bit large, but they can customize it. My 37-inch waist is my most insecure area, and I wear the belt every day to control my desires.

  9. Evelyn Anderson

    Pros: The size adjustment is very wide, the workmanship is very meticulous, and the silicone wrapped around the metal belt helps me accept the belt more quickly.

    Needs improvement: The position of the anal opening needs to be further narrowed down, and more accessories for entry styles should be added to enhance the wearing experience.

    Overall, I give it five stars!!!

  10. Abigail Thompson

    The high-quality product made of stainless steel works as expected. The quality is very high, very sturdy. I love it, very adjustable, and looks very sexy.

  11. Scarlett Garcia

    The belt arrived quickly, it arrived 10 days ago. Thank you very much. I put it on as soon as I received it. It fits very well. Everything is as I wished. Thank you again.

  12. Victoria Hernandez

    While it can be worn for long periods, even short-term wear requires a lot of training and adjustment. It took me two months of training and adjustment (including mine and the belt) to be able to wear the belt for the whole weekend.

  13. Lily Nelson

    This is our favorite intimacy between husband and wife. I don’t need my lover to unlock me when I try anal sex. We both love wearing this prop for sexual activity on weekends. I also like to use a leather whip to smack my lover’s buttocks. The pink belt and whip marks are very sexy and satisfying for both of us.

  14. Chloe Miller

    This is our special uniform for me and my lover, very discreet and retro. The express delivery was very fast. This is the gift and surprise I gave him. I will personally hand over the key to him. Only he can control my body. He will be my most desired master.

  15. Zoey

    I am now trying to be restrained for a long time (except during my period). I was worried about hygiene issues when buying it. When I received the product, I tried it on immediately. Ventilation is not a problem at all. It can completely replace underwear. However, I still cannot resist chastity for more than two days. I believe I can. I look forward to being restrained by my lover for a long time.

  16. Grace Cooper

    The best gift for a long-distance relationship, don’t be afraid to suggest such ideas. My lover and I selected this product together. I was very satisfied when I received the goods. It completely met my expectations. Lightweight without sharp edges, no rust marks. I also use disinfectant wipes to wipe it. The ventilation is also very good. I look forward to the weekend when my lover will come to Portland to date me.

  17. Sparkle Soul

    Got an amazing deal on this product I’ve been eyeing for a while, so I finally decided to pull the trigger!

  18. Radiant Rose

    This isn’t my first time trying out chastity belts—I previously bought a leather one, but it got a bit hot and caused some redness. Now, I’m all about this metal chain version; it’s lightweight and breathable, no overheating issues.

  19. Luna Love good

    The quality is top-notch, definitely deserving of five stars.

  20. Mystic Melody

    It’s even better than I expected; the pink silicone coating is soft, and the stainless steel construction feels sturdy. They’ve even thoughtfully included a spot for bathroom breaks at the anal area, perfect for extended wear.

  21. Ocean Dreamer

    After a 15-day wait, I finally received mine in black, which looks striking against my fair skin. I’ve been wearing it consistently during my chastity periods, and it’s added a new dimension to my relationship with my partner.

  22. Serene Spirit

    I have to give props for their responsiveness; I specified a 39-inch size right at the time of purchase, and the delivery only took 20 days. I reckon it could fit even waist sizes above 40 inches.

  23. Enchanted Eve

    Surprisingly, it’s a bit lighter than I imagined, but I was prepared for it to be heavier. The belt sits comfortably without any awkward angles, and once it’s locked, it’s tough to wriggle out of.”

  24. Blissful Belle

    I’m someone who occasionally engages in chastity play. Personally, I don’t wear a chastity belt, but if my partner requested it for role-playing, I might consider it. I chose pink to fulfill my partner’s request, and it hasn’t caused any discomfort or skin irritation.

  25. Autumn Aura👄

    I received the product in about 7 days, and I still can’t adapt to it. I tried for about a week, and slowly adapted to being bound. If you are in a long-distance relationship, it must be the best witness to your love!

  26. Whispering Willow

    It’s a great product and worth buying~ The product is received,

  27. Poppy Harrington

    it’s really great! I bought it as a gift for my wife, it’s easy to adjust to the right size. I am a truck driver, and when I go out, my wife also takes me with her cage. We both have to be loyal to each other.

  28. LunaLullaby333

    It’s not the color I chose. I chose black. I have contacted the seller and haven’t received a reply yet.

  29. Imogen Sutton

    This product has changed the way my husband and I live our lives. We didn’t understand the appeal of chastity belts before, but now we exchange keys with each other and enjoy new levels of excitement and pleasure. Weekends have become a time for us to reconnect and to appreciate our love for each other even more.

  30. WhisperingWindmill

    The chastity belt is excellently made and can be adjusted to your own size. I have not felt any discomfort after wearing it and choose to wear it almost every week. I look forward to more accessories that can add to the fun in the future.

  31. Penelope Harrison221

    This is one of the best gifts my loved ones have ever given me. The edges are very carefully finished and there are no sharp parts that could hurt me. I can’t masturbate, but this restraint makes me look forward to and cherish sexual moments with my lover even more. It’s also easy to clean, no problems going to the bathroom, and the overall design is very well thought out.”

  32. Seraphina Montgomery

    This product has helped me cure my sex addiction and become a good companion in my life. I crave sex all the time and when I first started wearing it, I looked forward to the evening moments every day. Now I can control myself better and have a more harmonious relationship with my lover.

  33. Matilda Bennett

    This chastity belt has become part of our love life. I purchased it to condition my lover to be sexually favoured only after a week of bondage. The sensations while wearing it made me look forward to the moment of release, and the length of the belt needed to be adjusted gradually to ensure safety and restraint.

  34. RadiantRhapsody

    This was a great value choice, I was hesitant but eventually decided to get it. I was very pleased and pleasantly surprised that I was given such a great discount on the product straight away.

  35. Beatrice Sinclair

    This is not the first time I have purchased a chastity belt, I have tried leather belts before but they can feel a little hot and can develop a rash. Now I prefer the thin metal chain, which is light and breathable and doesn’t feel stuffy or uncomfortable.

  36. OceanOracle😊

    The materials and workmanship are fantastic and totally exceeded my expectations.

  37. Cecily Drummond

    The pink silicone wrap is very soft and the stainless steel metal is very restraining, designed with comfort and safety in mind for long periods of time, perfect for long periods of chastity.

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