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Product Introduction: Introducing the flat Chastity Cage, a meticulously crafted device that combines security and comfort. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this device offers a unique and thrilling option for individuals seeking a heightened level of control and intimacy. Equipped with a silicone catheter, this chastity cage provides convenient and hygienic urination while adding practicality and realism to its design. The smooth and polished stainless steel construction not only enhances durability but also adds a touch of elegance to the device. The innovative interior protrusion design takes restraint to a whole new level. The carefully engineered internal structure securely holds the penis in place, ensuring a snug fit and preventing any unwanted movement or escape. This design promotes a heightened sense of submission and control, allowing users to explore their desires and fantasies in a safe and consensual manner. One standout feature of this chastity cage is its keyless design. No more worries about misplaced or lost keys. Instead, a reliable locking mechanism ensures that the cage remains securely in place until you choose to unlock it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, the Tablet Chastity Cage caters to your needs. The adjustable design ensures a comfortable fit and accommodates different body types. Made from hypoallergenic materials, this product is safe, reliable, and easy to clean. Experience the thrill of relinquishing control and exploring new heights of pleasure with the Tablet Chastity Cage. Embrace the freedom of self-discovery while indulging in a secure and stimulating journey of intimacy and exploration.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: Please check the product picture labeling
  • Lock Ring Size:40mm/45mm/50mm
  • Packing list:Cage*1, fixing ring*1,Silicone urinary catheter*1

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Customer Review



    So this is the first device of this sort I have ever purchased. Along with using a liberal amount of lube it goes in well and the flexible tube makes it easy for your transition from hard to soft and vice versa. My only complaint about this is the length that it sticks out the end of your penis. If you plan on staying home and lounging with out underwear on the your good but if you wear briefs or boxer briefs you will definitely experience some discomfort. Taking the plug part off makes it about 3/4 of an inch shorter which may help I have not tried that as of yet. I have even slept with it in with no problems. Overall I’d like to say it is made out of very nice material it’s smooth and sexy a must buy if your interested in one of these.


    And a constant reminder of being caged! The catheter hurts good. No escape! No way to forget you have it on. Delighted with the way it looks and awed By the way it feels!


    overall i am really happy with this cage and it’s motivated me to buy metal sounds to work on my stretch so i can wear this more frequently, I can totally see making this my long term cage after some time.

  4. mrk

    If you have a small cage and pee goes everywhere when you use the toilet this does a good job. Only downside is the metal tip is a bit uncomfortable putting in compared to the tube.

    Definitely recommend buying a silicone sounding training kit if you have never sounded before (it’s the same diameter as the start of medium sound, so I started inserting all of the small sound, which gradually goes up to the medium sound’s diameter) as it will teach the sphincters to relax

  5. John McDonald

    And a constant reminder of being caged! The catheter hurts good. No escape! No way to forget you have it on. Delighted with the way it looks and awed By the way it feels!

  6. msinf

    the opening slat could be a fair bit smaller. part of the tip of my dick slips out through the front, i wish it stayed 100% behind the metal. other than that i love it, my dick completely disappears and makes me feel like the bitch that i am <3

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