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Discover a world of exquisite design and sensual exploration with our Stainless Steel Hollow Fan Lock Chastity Cage. Crafted to resemble a delicate hollow fan with a padlock, this cage offers a harmonious balance between aesthetics and intimate pleasure. Constructed from high-quality stainless steel, this small-sized cage guarantees durability and comfort during wear. The intricate hollow fan design adds an air of sophistication and allure, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both elegance and the thrill of chastity play. Unlock the secrets of sensual submission as you embrace the unique sensation of being securely held within the captivating embrace of a hollow fan. Indulge in the power dynamics of chastity and surrender, and let this cage become a symbol of trust and intimacy between you and your partner.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: Ring inner diameter optional size (40MM, 45MM, 50MM, plus or minus 1-2MM is normal), cage inner diameter of about 36MM (1.42 inches), length of about 2CM (0.79 inches).
  • Weight: Weighs about 120g-130g (4.23-4.59 ounces)
  • Accessories: 1Cage, 1Anti-release cock ring, 2Key, 1Lock.

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  1. bakt

    My mistress loves seeing me in this little tiny cage. It looks great and I feel so submissive with it on all the time. I choose this one over the other flat cages because it has the vented holes on top. Only critique is that the tip of my head pokes out and so I’m not truly flat all the time. I was hoping the holes at the top were a bit thinner so that wouldn’t happen.

  2. faekd

    Sometimes metal cages can be a bit rough, and sometimes the designs that use rods end up snapping off. None of those problems with this one though! If youre looking for a nice looking metal cage that wont break easily then this is worth considering.

  3. make

    Only started chastity recently and Ive been enjoying trying out all the different kinds of cage on offer. My favorite so far is the holy trainer, but I wanted to give these flat ones a go. This one looks less painful than the ones shaped like a coin so I tried it first. Flat cage chastity is better than I thought! The device is comfortable and easy to put on, and it definitely gives my penis a different look. Still prefer my holy trainer, but this is a solid 4/5

  4. tiaol

    I like to expand my collection of cages wherever I can so my slave doesnt know what to expect. This flat packed restraint is a great addition to my arsenal. I love the look of dread on his face when I pull it out!

  5. nubs

    We only really use cock cages during some of our fetish sessions as we like to call them, and this cage has been our latest addition. While it looks quite unremarkable, weve found the open design to be perfect for all kinds of teasing and sensation play, so its quickly become one of our favorites. I cant wait to see the next way my partner thinks of using this thing.

  6. tome

    Makes sure he isnt sleeping around. Exactly what I needed.

  7. oplsi

    Unparalleled comfort, it’s like a second skin that you’ll hardly notice, providing you with enduring ease during extended wear.

  8. ddgca

    Unparalleled comfort, it’s like a second skin that you’ll hardly notice, providing you with enduring ease during extended wear.

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