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Product Description Introducing the classic work of inverted chastity cage – a product made of high-quality stainless steel and a silicone catheter. When worn, it completely buries the penis inside the body, making you a person without a penis. This extreme gear, coupled with a dress, black stockings, and high heels, truly feminizes you. When your penis is not in use, it makes your anus more sensitive, allowing you to focus more on the feeling of anal stimulation. The product comes with a removable silicone catheter, which allows you to urinate more comfortably. This is the perfect accessory for those who want to experience the ultimate feminization.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size:Product size please refer to the size chart
  • Weight:132g
  • Packing list:Fixing piece*1,Fixing ring*1,Silicone conduit*1,Fixing screw*1,Wrench*1.

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  1. Bob

    First experience with chastity! Love the feel of cold steel on my cock, keeps me reminded that I am caged. Seems to be a perfect weight to keep my C&B pulled down and hanging nicely while going commando. Very discrete under my jeans. Have not tried it while wearing panties, but may be more noticeable under jeans that way. Love the catheter feeling, again let’s you know you are being restrained and can still urinate easily. Only complaint is the bar with prongs was not included, Bummer as that may have provided a little extra pain/pleasure to this cag

  2. Tammy F

    I bought this cage as a beginner as it’s something that’s always interested me so decided to give it a go. When you first wear the cage it may feel a little heavy because you aren’t used to it, but it soon becomes normal. I would advise only wearing for short periods of time, say around the house and then increase your time. Wearing overnight can be painful when you wake up as you will get hard at night but I think myself that’s all part of the act of being caged. Make sure your penis is soft, firstly take the loop and pull your scrotum through the loop to make space for your balls. Work one testicle through the loop and then the other followed by your penis. Once all is through, tug to get the loop up as far as you can and then slide the cage over your penis and click the lock shut. As soon as it is on, you will get hard as it is very arousing to be wearing. It is a lot of fun and one of the best purchases I have made.

  3. Kelly D

    I ordered this to surprise my wife. She was none to keen to start with, but has now come round to the idea that she has to be satisfied first before there is any hope of me being uncaged, of which there can be no guarantee. As others have reported, it can be tricky to fit and to remove. If not done right it can be painful. You need to try and flatten your flaccid penis through the cage ring by teasing and pulling through your foreskin until the cage ring is behind both balls and your penis. Lock the cage and hand over the key. The cock cage will successfully suppress your erections as you soon feel discomfort. I would not recommend wearing this overnight as it can become painful over prolonged use (say eight hours) and you end up being sore the day after. Urinating is best done sat down and then washing your caged cock in the sink.

  4. Zayden Mcbride

    This cage is great! It took a little time before I could get really comfy but it fits & won’t come off. If your bigger than 6 inch get the bigger ring. I was scared it wasn’t going to fit but I had to be flaccid & use a lot of coconut oil

  5. Christian S

    I have had one of these for two years now l have other sorts as well but this is the most comfortable. All the time you’re wearing it you get that feeling that it’s on, it feels great. If you’re starting out, get this! You won’t regret it!

  6. Jacqueline M

    Chastity is something I had been curious about for some time, and my eyes were always drawn to this particular device, perhaps because of its shinyness, but probably because it looks quite industrial. Getting the cock cage on, in theory you lube it up a little, slide your cock in, pop the locking pins through the holes, add a lock and BAM you’re locked up! However, in reality it’s not quite that simple. The first problem is that to successfully fit this you need to be flaccid, and well, I’d been thinking about wearing this for so long that I was a little excited! Anyway, I can happily report that the more often you use it, the less excited you are about putting it on, and so easier it becomes. Safe to say, this is not a real problems, it just add a bit of fun to proceedings. Oh, also pulled hairs – there is a distinct possibility you may pull one or two pubes if you’re not neatly trimmed! It is actually surprisingly bearable! Yes, you cannot escape the feeling that something is tugging at your cock the whole time, and the degree to which that is noticeable ranges from being similar to a minor itch, where you just feel like you need to nudge it to regain comfort, to being like an insect bite where you need to take it off – right now get it away from me! Only you can’t – the keyholder is in control at all times! The device is completely bearable in all ways – whether walking, sitting, exercising, working, sleeping, it never goes away, but it doesn’t cause enough discomfort for you to actually need to take it off. For those who are even more hygiene-centric, then you could always take off to clean daily, under the supervision of your key holder of course! So, in short, if you’re curious about chastity, you really can’t go wrong with

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