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Product Description Looking for an intense castration experience? Our inverted chastity cage will make your penis disappear, leaving you with a profound sense of humiliation and helplessness. With this device, your owner will be able to control your sexual behavior completely, and you will have no choice but to submit to their will. This inverted chastity cage is composed of a stepped inner protruding cage and a ring with a hidden lock, which not only locks the penis in the middle of the testicles, but also presses it into the body, creating an ultimate castration experience. This product is particularly suitable for experienced players who have a deep understanding of their penis and sexual desires, and who are eager to challenge themselves. If you are ready to try the feeling of castration, immediately choose our inverted chastity cage and submit to the control of your owner.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size:The cage has a diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches) and a length of 38mm (1.5inches).
  • Packing list:Cage*1, fixing ring*1, urinary tube*1, concealed lock*1, key*2.

Customer Review


  1. Lockedboy

    I had trouble understanding how to get the pins to go into place, but once I understood what I was doing wrong it waz easy to put on. I love the feeling of being forced to stay limp. If I even try to get an erection it is quickly taken away. I love the catheter. My significant other is very excited to start soley focusing on her pleasure, and taking complete control of me. I cannot wait to lap another mans cum up from her while in this cage. I don’t deserve pussy that good, and this is a great reminder.

  2. Mike

    Been locked up with this device for almost 12 hours now. Glad I got the large ring. It’s very comfortable, but I haven’t had that first moment when I forgot it was there. It’s a constant reminder. Learned very quickly to sit and pee. Also tried to force an erection. It’s NOT going to happen. I’m not sure if it’s the tight fit of my cock in the cage, but my mind just won’t allow me to go there. I’m going to wear it for a day or two before handing the keys over to my designated keyholder. So far, so great. Everything I imagined and then some. I highly recommend this product and this lifestyle.

  3. Jensen Short

    After finding Lock the Cock, my sex life with my boyfriend completely changed. There’s so many to choose from. Everything’s lovely. We got this and it was just great. I had a great time. It’s completely amazing

  4. Kurt Oestreich

    This is from the perspective of the person wearing it. But there are ways of experiencing pain, and of relieving it, without opening the cage. The pain is exquisite, and refined. 30 more days? ( Locktober ). I am going to be strangely reclusive and enjoying the possibilities made possible with this.

    The feeling of the catheter in there, well, more people are kinkier than I imagined, and I just decided, yeah, steel urethral tube. This is a step beyond where I have been. The further restriction that that a cat implies, it has a mental impact, and definitely a physical impact in one of the most sensitive areas of the body . You feel locked down. And you really are, if you are in this thing without keys. I hope you are in good relations with whoever holds your keys. I am loco, but I love this.

    Very fast shipping. Thanks so much!!!

  5. John Meeley

    With covid I waited awhile for delivery.
    My first experience with chasity.
    I’m hooked!
    I self lock, not controlled. Since delivery, I have tried to insert a sterilized catheter only once.
    That will take some nerve.
    Now i’m on the site looking for an additional purchase.

  6. javra

    I was nervous about comfort levels at first, but it fits perfectly well without causing any discomfort. The smooth finishing is a big plus.

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