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Product Description: The Extreme Inversion Chastity Cage is like a metal plug that secures your penis in place, making it impossible for it to move. When your dominant sees this extreme cage, they will become excited and want to bind you and force you to wear it, watching as you express helplessness and humiliation. You must obey your dominant’s commands and plead with them to release your penis. This product consists of an inward-facing metal cylinder and a locking ring that traps your penis deep within your body. We recommend that only experienced players use this product and that safety precautions are taken when wearing it. It is important to ensure that both parties have given their consent before engaging in this kind of play.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size:The cage has a diameter of 40mm (1.57 inches) and a length of 38mm (0.98 inches).
  • Lock Ring Size: 40mm/45mm/50mm
  • Packing list:Cage*1, fixing rin401, urinary tube*1, concealed lock*1, key*2, belt*1

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  1. Benjamin

    I know the most powerful chastity device is a flat board, but now I have discovered this negative lock. If this continues to develop, and the negative size becomes extreme, will it be possible to achieve a deep hole in the lower body? Like a female’s genitalia, I am a little excited about the idea.

  2. iodf

    I’ve tried a number of different devices. It’s taken me a lot of time and effort, and not a little pain, but I think this is the best I’ve found. There seem to be broadly two sorts of designs for the bases, either a solid ring you need to push everything through, or a hinge. I didn’t realise this one has a hinge (the pictures could be better) and that has been a problem in the past as the hinges can pinch, but fortunately not this one. But do note there is a very similar version with a solid ring – on balance perhaps I would have preferred that.

    The second thing I have right with this one is the size. I have the small, which is fine for when my penis is flaccid, though no way can it accommodate an erection. I have tried larger version, which in theory would allow that, but in practice it doesn’t – think about getting a pencil in a curved tube. So the advantage of a smaller cage is that it is less obtrusive and less heavy.

    Finally, the mechanism for putting the two halves together. At least there are only two pieces, which makes this a simple design. The problem is that the lock does need the pieces to be in exact alignment. I struggled a lot on the first day to work out how to do that, but now it works fine.

    So in summary, simple, snug, unobtrusive. I love the feel of it.

  3. lve

    Ive never really thought much about how the cages look. I kinda just wear them. While I was browsing I saw a few with fancy designs though and decided to give them a go. Lets just say I got a nice reward from Mistress for thinking about her when I chose a cage 😉

  4. rosu

    A lot of the cages Ive tried end up being a bit smelly, especially in the summer. This one is great though thanks to the nice open front design.

  5. tidmw

    Fantastic looking cage. Comfy and restrictive. Definitely worth buying if you enjoy chastity.

  6. uri

    This cage could easily cost twice as much and still be worth it. There are plenty of stores that would charge at least $100 for a cage this nice, so youd be a fool not to pick one up!

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