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The sixth generation flat chastity lock utilizes 3D printing technology and resin material to achieve a precise and sturdy construction with improved durability. This version features an added bracket between the chastity cage and the fixed ring to provide greater stability during wear, reducing the risk of dislodgement, and allowing for better control of the gap between the cage and the ring. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with tighter scrotal skin, enhancing overall comfort during extended periods of use.
  • Material: Resin material
  • Product size: Inner diameter of the cage is 36mm (approximately 1.42 inches).
  • Sizes of the clamps: 38mm (approximately 1.50 inches), 43mm (approximately 1.69 inches), 48mm (approximately 1.89 inches), and 52mm (approximately 2.05 inches).
  • Product list: 1 cage + 4 card ring + 1 concealed lock (additional matching lock pin + 5 code lock)

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Customer Review


  1. heyi

    As soon as I received it, I can’t wait to try my new toy, there is no smaller chastity cage than this, it is worth the wait

  2. Austin

    I understand that you find the wearing experience of this chastity lock comfortable. Compared to other chastity devices, its flat design allows for a close fit against the skin, enabling you to wear tight-fitting clothes more freely.

  3. Kumar J.

    Finally, I found the device I’ve been looking for. I’ve been searching for something that can escalate the punishment I’m giving my partner and this cage is perfect.

  4. Kumar J.

    This is ten times better than all my other cages, comfort and design wise.

  5. Finn H

    This is my first cage, so it’s either a bit small for me or I still need to get used to it. Nonetheless, quality is impeccable and it’s sturdy too. We also appreciate that it came in a discreet packaging. Should I need to buy a bigger cage, I’ll surely buy from this site again.

  6. Claude F

    I have now been locked in this cage for 20 days. Totally under my OH’s control. Other than supervised cleaning and 1 full release, I haven’t been out of my manhood prison. I am absolutely loving it, and my OH is enjoying the control. This is a completely new direction for us and something we plan on continuing for the long haul. Really is a quality piece of kit. When my OH teases me my balls do become very tight in this. Not to painful but just tight and strained. I still feel a strong erection inside but it has nowhere to go. In all honesty it is now comfiest tighter and without the spacers. There is no pinching anymore. I actually forget I am wearing it sometimes. Sometimes, though, if I’m being teased by my OH and she has kept me excited for say 30 minutes, I certainly can’t wait for a rest and quickly manage to think my erection limp. All part of the training I think. It has taken 3 weeks to get used to this cage and I love being locked and my OH loves keeping me locked. All in all, I love the whole caged experience. We have both embraced this whole lifestyle and ready plenty about chastity relationships and the Mystim part has also brought another dimension to this play. I’m actually surprised the cage has remained in one piece because I have been like the hulk in there.

  7. JK

    This is the first plastic or resin cage that actually fits me. My Daddy is extremely pleased and happy with the solid black color. I am unable to escape and can’t see his property between my legs.

  8. Charlie M

    This is the highlight of my overall-look as a pet.

  9. lxkac

    As a masochist I love to try new things. I own several cages but this thing surpasses them all. It fits perfectly and prevents hardons awake or asleep. Don’t even think about getting hard because you won’t have a good time, unless you enjoy your dick feeling like it’s gonna snap as much as I do

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