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Product Introduction: Flat Chastity Cage – Unique Shape Design The new Flat Panel Chastity Cage is a unique chastity device with a shape designed thanks to the use of high-quality resin fibers produced through 3D printing. This chastity cage adopts advanced design technology, providing users with high comfort and safety. Its special shape ensures a stable fit, allowing you to remain elegant and confident at all times.
  • Material: Aerospace resin
  • Size: Please refer to the size chart
  • Packing List: Cage *1 Ring *5 Concealed Lock *1 Key *2

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  1. Matthe

    I’m now wearing it every day, and I don’t feel any discomfort at all.


    No issues so far, shipping was prompt, arrived with a full ring set which was great, didn’t have to mess around with the sizing at all.


    If there is any worry in your mind about being able to wear this without being pinched, you’re better off getting the “SISSY CHASTITY CAGE FLAT” The front pinches a tad bit, but feels fine short term. I feel the other option would be more comfortable long term if that’s what you desire.

  4. Rob McKenzie

    This cage is good It does the job, but the lock mechanism can be a bit finicky at times.

  5. eusd

    On my journey to becoming the perfect sissy for Mistress, my cock has been a constant issue. As soon as I see it Im reminded of my manhood and it completely takes me out of my sissy fantasy. Would recommend to any sissy slave!

  6. Isaac Nazario

    I used to have silicone cages but this one’s better and solid.

  7. cxkjn

    This chastity cage is a symbol of self-expression, manifesting diversity and inclusivity, enabling you to be yourself with pride.

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