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Product Introduction: Unveil a new realm of intimacy with our revolutionary Spiral Design Chastity Cage. Crafted from high-strength resin material, this cage guarantees durability and comfort during wear, ensuring a secure yet pleasurable experience for all parties involved. The unique spiral shape of the cage adds an artistic flair to your intimate moments, making it a statement piece that reflects modern aesthetics. With three distinct length options available, you can tailor the experience to your desires. Choose the shorter size for discreet daily wear, the medium size for a balance of comfort and sensation, or the longer size for an intensified experience. Experience pleasure with style and confidence, knowing that our Spiral Design Chastity Cage is built to last and designed to elevate your intimate connections.
  • Material: Aerospace resin
  • Size: Please refer to the size chart
  • Product list: 1 cage, 1 set of 5 ring sizes (43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 51mm, 55mm), 1 lock, 2 keys Coded lock*3 , Catheter*1

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Customer Review


  1. Sam

    If you are considering experimenting with this sort of thing this is great, do yourself or your partner a favor and get this instead of the cheaper plastic cages. Unlike the plastic which had sharp edges, no ventilation, and made a mess when going to the bathroom this is comfortable, smooth, and breathable. Highly recommend. One you have yourself or your partner secured grab a vibe a teach them to finish while locked, it is incredibly hot and you will be addicted.

  2. Christ

    Absolutely love. I bought the smallest ring. I am 7.5″ hard and I have an apadravya piercing. Yes it is not easy getting on. Lots of lube and patience. Lube up, put 1 testicle it and then pull your skin in and slowing slide your 2nd in. After that, hold your balls so they dont slide out, put 2 fingers in the right side, bend your penis to the right and slowly squirm it in. The feeling is incredible. Yes be careful not to pinch and yes the lock is tricky but have patience. Worth the pleasure. I can wear for hours no discomfort.

  3. Paul A.

    Other materials, such as plastic, tend to pinch me sometimes. I’m so glad my mistress got me this silicone cage. It’s much more comfortable to wear and it also feels more secure.

  4. es

    Absolutely adorable, I love wearing it all the time. Longest I’ve gone with it on was about a week and a half. Only taking it off for showers and cleaning the cage.

    Really the only complaint I have is that the way the largest ring size extends downwards and is less rounded can cause pinching. Takes a few trys to figure how to adjust it correctly to avoid this and even then I definitely recommend using lotion and maybe baby powder to help with comfort

  5. josy jks

    My only complaints, few sharp parts on the ring that poke you when putting it on or taking it off, while wearing it’s perfectly comfortable, plan to file down the sharp part’s.
    The locking mechanism has a little play, allowing a clicking noise when walking, not a problem when wearing clothes.

    That out of the way, I love every thing else.

    Comes with multiple rings great if you dont know your size or shape, personally like the smallest curved ring, for long term wear.
    The cage part is perfect, the bit that sticks backwards makes it almost impossible to slip out of, trying takes time, pain, and lube, the cage being as small as it is, its impossible with the slightest erection.
    I’m just a touch to big for the cage 🙁 wish I wear smaller. I can still fit with difficulty, tho starting a erection keeps me from putting it on.
    My favorite thing is how restrictive it is, I have stiff erections, to the point I’ve broken two cage’s, with my nub, theres no room to start growing, and its painful enough to kill it before it gets out of hand. Mostly thanks to how it keeps my clit bent in a almost zig zag curve. The shape of the curved ring also helps, in steed of pushing the cage out, it pushes down, keeping the zig zag hold on my clit.
    Worth mentioning how concealable it is. This is the smallest cage I’ve worn, lets just say I’m writing this review in public, wearing skinny jeans. There’s some bulge so not as good as tucking, but less then if I was uncaged. I absolutely love it.

  6. Tammy

    I love locking my man big dick in such a small pink cage. It’s great to keep him under my complete control and he can only cum when I want him to. I usually let him cum about 2x a month and his organisms are so much deeper now. He gets teased every other day. Sometimes I tease him in the cage . Other times I chain his wrist and feet to the bed so I can let his dick out for a teasing session. When I am in the mood or when he pleases me I let him explode for a round or two depending upon my mood. I even bring my girlfriends along sometimes just to tease him. For complete control cage on, cuffs and shackles off and cage off, cuffs and shackles on.

  7. lexi

    I’ve never felt so consumed by chastity as when wearing this cage, it just makes me submit to it!

  8. Bob S

    It’s the most comfortable cage I’ve worn. It doesn’t slip either. It’s now my go-to chastity device ??

  9. Wallace

    I fit the cage, having to calm down before sliding it on. Unlike my steel cage, it’s more flexible and does allow me to get mostly erect but completely shields me from playing and in a way could be more frustrating. It completely encloses the head except for quite a wide slit for urinating and if able, ejaculating. It feels comfortable, initially wearing it for nearly 24 hours following my Domina’s orders before she put me in it for a week leading up to our next meeting. I had no issues with comfort or visibility wearing it day and night even during work. Sleeping was far easier in it than in steel cages. She was very pleased with the included numbered locks making me send her a photo so she knew I hadn’t cheated. When I did get down to see my Domina she helped put it through its paces, and it mostly handled frustratingly well. Through all her teasing and playing, it stayed in place well and kept me from getting overly excited until she strapped me into a strap on harness. The resulting movement and wear caused the cage to slip off one of the pegs, allowing me to escape it although I was happy to see it did not break, the silicone is thick and very durable. Finally hygiene, it’s far easier and cleaner to use the toilet than with a steel cage, it’s very easy to clean, even whilst wearing it and as my body reacts to even stainless steel I think it will be more resistant to tarnishing in the long run. My one word of caution would the size of the cage portion. I’m about average I believe, somewhere around the 6 inches mark and my girth is pretty proportionate, it fits me well and is pretty snug when I’m all but at my smallest, more well-endowed folk may struggle.

  10. lisa

    Cute and enchanting, it infuses romance and happiness into your relationships, adding a warm and cozy touch.

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