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Indulge in the embrace of desire and discipline with our Resin Material 3D Printed Chastity Cage, showcasing a Lattice Framework and Subtle Mesh Inlay. Meticulously crafted using cutting-edge 3D printing technology and premium resin material, this cage is a testament to refinement and command. The lattice framework envelops your cravings, while the delicate mesh inlay invites tantalizing glimpses of the forbidden allure within. Navigate the realms of pleasure and obedience as you surrender to the captivating blend of structure and sensuality. Elevate your intimate connections with this intricately designed cage that promises to awaken hidden passions.
Material: Aerospace resin Size: Please refer to the size chart Product list: 1 cage, 1 set of 5 ring sizes (43mm, 46mm, 49mm, 51mm, 55mm), 1 lock, 2 keys Coded lock*3 , Catheter*1

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  1. ernie

    I recently discovered the “permalock”, a plastic pin that you use in place of the included lock. You can download and 3D print them as well. The first time I inserted the permalock and twisted it and felt it “click” into place I was in heaven! There is no way to get this device off now without a power drill to remove it. Such an emasculating feeling knowing that this cage is not coming off without the use of power tools. Plus no risk of corrosion now if I get in the hot tub or shower with this on. Such a thrill and it makes this cage even more fun and exciting to wear.

  2. Clarence S.

    The measurements written here are beneficial. Thanks for the fast transaction.

  3. Ernie

    This is my first chastity cage but so far I am loving it. I had difficulty getting into even the biggest ring but now that it’s on it feels fantastic. I have a small penis anyway so this nub model fits me perfectly. I had to use a public restroom and without thinking walked up to the urinal and realized that wasn’t going to work. It’s awesome knowing from now I have to sit down and pee like a girl.

  4. Jackson

    Ok I’m a fan. After a little trepidation and back and forth about whether to go for the V4, I’m glad I did. Extremely comfortable when on having been able to choose from 4 different sized rings that came included and sturdy as they come.

  5. bee

    Seclusion and destruction of my manhood. Mistress is very happy.

  6. Raleigh

    If you’re looking for something very tight and secure then this is going do the job. The cage is made from a harder material so feels very robust, I think I saw resin somewhere? Then the opening is a really good size so you can continue to use the toilet while wearing it. Use the second largest ring (4 in the box) the largest is also comfortable for me but just wanted it a little tighter.

    ps, would mention that it grips very tightly so would advise you get the positioning and comfort of your penis right before you lock it on cuz after it locks it’s not going anywhere.

  7. Stella P

    This is the second chastity device I have used. I really like this and this was a perfect choice for me. It’s just so kinky in many ways. You’re locked up. Your balls are tight, and the more aroused you get the more intense the pulses through your cock.

  8. Rick Benedict

    My Mistress bought me this for Christmas, it is very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. It is made from high quality material and is very secure, no playing around with this device. Mistress has the keys and is in total control. I also have a metal cage which is nice but this model is much lighter. Comes with a metal lock as well as platic locks in case you need to go through metal detector. Would recommend this cage to others.

  9. Owen M

    Just right for my tiny little dick! I am glad you cater to customers with average-sized dicks. In real life, not all men has this porn-long cocks. Just saying the truth!

  10. MIminko

    A true embodiment of self-expression, it showcases your confidence and self-esteem, leading the way in fashion trends.

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