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Chastity Stories: Truly Permanent Chastity

Sometimes things happen – things you’d never expect. So let me tell you a story about one such a thing.

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Chastity Mate First Look

I (my name is Christopher, but everybody calls me Chris) moved to Texas from Europe about 10 years ago, just a few years after I finished my University. A month after I migrated I met Jane – she was wonderful, a thin but very feminine and “rounded” woman. We were both 30yo, she had a bit curly dark brown hair that fell just a bit below her neck and had eyes that were between brown and green color. She was a tall woman, but fortunately a bit shorter than me… She was and still is, just beautiful. I mean, she is incredibly hot, but, most of all she is beautiful, much more beautiful than I can even start to comprehend.. To this day every time I see her I can’t help it but smile and my heart races or simply stops. Funny thing, I once wore a medical device that registered my heart performance through the day and at every moment I saw her, it literally skipped a bit…

Beautiful Girl

Same Chastity Hobby

We were working together so I waited until I handed my resignation to my manager to invite Jane for a date, and she accepted. We went to casually play snooker and it worked wonders – we were hanging out like friends, which we were, and we had a chance to flirt over a “competitive game” – we both knew we liked each other so it all went… well… easy – we knew each other and were attracted. Long story short, we became a couple and I couldn’t be happier, especially due to the fact we both shared common interests, and that includes sexual interests. Well, not too common, we both liked BDSM (mostly bondage) but from different sides, we are both switches, but I like dominating more and she likes to be submissive more. We also both like chastity play. Male chastity play to be exact, and that lead to interesting sessions where I, the dominant, was locked in a chastity cage.

Fantasies of Perpetual Chastity

We both knew that our ultimate fantasy regarding chastity was a permanent chastity for me. But… We knew it would always remain a fantasy – I mean, this devices are just toys, they’re easy to destroy or lockpick.

Jane was always an all-in kind of person, when she wanted to do something, she always did it perfectly. That meant at one point we bought me a top of the line chastity cage, really expensive one, made from a high-end metal alloy. Now, the interesting thing happened on our second vacation together – she forgot to take the key (really forgot, not in a “tease” way, and she really wanted to have sex) and that meant a trip to a hospital – we both weren’t going to wait until we got back home. At the hospital it turned out that the metal alloy used to make my chastity cage was so though that it would sooner cook my cock than it would be possible to cut the cage and let me free (not even a scratch and I was hurting from the heat) and we ended going to a locksmith. I got free and we had an incredible night and… rest of the vacation…

Desperate Love

Restarting the Journey

Back home, because the lock was destroyed I had a month during which we had a lot of sex until a second cage, just like the one we had to destroy the lock to, arrived – ordered by Jane. I didn’t know about it and it was one of the times when I was the submissive. I was tied to a bed in an “X” position when she presented the new cage. It looked just like the last one, but I saw a difference – the locking mechanism…

“So….” she started. “Chris, this is a big step and I know you will be terrified, but we are going to fulfill the most intensive chastity fantasy. On our vacation we had to test almost the same device and it turned out destroying it would mean penectomy or castration and we never want that to happen… But as you can see, this one doesn’t have a lock – or rather it has one, but, a one time use one – see, once it gets pushed together with the ring, it snaps shut in a way it can never be undone without destroying the device, and… as you know it would destroy your cock and balls. So… let me make you chaste forever…”


True and Permanent Chastity

I did my best to stop her or break the chains of my handcuffs but to no avail, after I couldn’t fight it anymore she put the ring on and then the cage, I had tears in my eyes, tried to scream into my gag pleading to her to have mercy… but all she did was smile and pushed the cage and the ring together… That was really forever, I would never cum, never be inside of her again, no more blowjobs, not even erection. but I would always want it, want it all, and more and more every second… After I heard the click she took my gag off and kissed me deeply and whispered:

“I’m sorry to do this to you, but we both know this is where it was all heading… You will go crazy with lust and horniness… I can’t wait for what you will do to me to punish me for making you permanently wearing that tight chastity cage… It’s just a shame I will never feel you inside me…”

Chastity Humiliation

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