Chastity Stories: The Cuckold Desire of the Slave

In this story, Richard is a devoted slave, fulfilling his loyalty and devotion to his Mistress. He is confined in a chastity cage but willingly serves her whenever her desires beckon. He cleanses his Mistress in the bathroom, attentively catering to her needs, all the while striving to control his own passions in accordance with her directives. The Mistress presents him with two options: one allows him to indulge himself in front of her and quickly end his arousal, but at the cost of being locked up for an extended period again; the other requires him to confront the cold water, subduing his desires and returning to the chastity cage, in the hopes of earning more freedom in the future. Richard makes a sacrifice, choosing his Mistress’s satisfaction, showcasing his devotion and dedication to her.


The Mistress's Cuckold Seduction

Amidst the soft ambiance of anticipation, the gentle resonance of a feminine murmur merged with a quickened vibration, signaling his Mistress’ beckoning once more. Richard’s pulse surged as he responded to the summons, his body reacting even within the constraints of his device. He hadn’t even read her text yet, but the mere thought of her, the knowledge of being needed, stirred his unwavering devotion. Ready and eager to serve, Richard retrieved his phone from his pocket, his fingers trembling slightly as he unlocked the message. Her words, though straightforward, set his heart racing.

“Beloved, be at my residence in 30 minutes, prepared to fulfill your purpose.”

It was no task at all. Richard’s loyalty was unshakable; he would always set aside anything else to heed her command. The privilege of being at her service was a source of exhilaration, and every moment spent in her presence was a treasured gift. Halting his current activity, Richard hurriedly prepared himself, brushing his teeth, tidying his appearance, grateful for the clean shave he had given himself earlier.

Parking outside Mistress’ unassuming cottage, Richard knocked respectfully before entering, retrieving the key and his blindfold from the designated metal post box. The new arrangement, he thought, was much safer than leaving the key exposed. He held the key close, a symbol of his commitment to her safety and happiness. Even though he understood he had no claim to her loyalty, a sense of protectiveness and possessiveness occasionally stirred within him.

Following the familiar protocol, Richard placed the key in the awaiting bowl and secured the blindfold, shedding his attire in a disciplined manner. Each piece of clothing joined the neat pile by the door, all actions executed with practiced precision. As he knelt, his hands resting on his thighs, he centered himself through steady breaths, fully immersed in his submissive state.

chastity man

A Dance of Submission and Intrigue

Moments later, the soft cadence of footsteps signaled the approach of his Mistress. Yet, there was a twist — instead of the customary click of Her heels on the polished wood, the sound of bare feet caressed the floorboards. A deep inhalation filled his senses with Her musky scent as She drew close, an intoxicating presence.

The whisper of fabric against his skin accompanied the unveiling of his blindfold, revealing his Mistress’ captivating visage. A manicured finger lifted his chin, and there She stood — slightly flushed, eyes gleaming, lips curved mischievously. A silent inquiry about her appearance betrayed his thoughts. His eyes darted around, searching for signs of another’s presence, but he found none. Relief washed over him, unnoticed by her, as his Mistress laughed at his subtle jealousy.

Her soft hand stroked his face, a gesture of affection that ruffled his hair. Casting a gaze over her attire, Richard’s eyes widened. A silk kimono adorned her figure, and an unspoken realization dawned — she was naked beneath it.

Obedient Chastity Slave

Following the alluring sound of Her laughter, Richard’s questioning gaze was met by a tender smile. Her fingers entwined with his, guiding him gently towards the bathroom. Obediently, he followed, relishing the sensation of her delicate hand in his, as if they were a couple strolling through their own world within the silent house. Once inside the bathroom, his Mistress had him kneel once more, while she leaned back against the vanity unit, an embodiment of elegance and power.

The sash of her robe slid open unhurriedly, a deliberate unveiling that allowed the garment to pool at her feet, revealing a vision of irresistible allure. Richard’s gaze caressed her form, starting from the deep crevice between her breasts, where the slender chain of his captivity adorned her skin. His eyes traced the path downward, across her toned abdomen, down to the modest strip of hair that crowned her mound. Admiration lingered before he continued the journey, tracing the curve of her thighs, then back up to the sacred ground he longed to worship. A light chuckle from her lips brought his attention back to her face.

“Up here, pet,” she playfully chided. “Such an eager boy. Has your chastity been testing you? How long has it been since I locked away what belongs to me?”

“Fourteen days, my Goddess,” he responded, his voice filled with reverence. “But, you graciously unlocked your slave on Valentine’s Day, five days ago… when you took ownership of him.” A flush colored his cheeks as he spoke those last words.

Mistress K toyed with her necklace, the silver key pendant a symbol of her control. “Ah, yes, I was feeling quite benevolent, wasn’t I?” Her fingers traced the key’s contours against her skin. “And I must admit, I’ve taken pleasure in the photos you’ve shared since then. The one on the bus was particularly delightful,” she giggled. “This week, you’ve performed commendably. You adhered to the three-minute limit diligently, earning yourself another reward. A reward that supplements the privilege of serving me, am I correct?” Her eyebrow arched inquisitively.

“Yes, Mistress. I’m deeply grateful for your generosity,” Richard responded with deference.

A Cuckold's Obedience Unbound

“Such a well-behaved boy,” she purred, her fingers caressing the exposed expanse of her skin, lingering in the tender curves of her breasts. With each touch, she teased the fabric apart, revealing glimpses of the beauty beneath. “When I summoned you, I was indulging in a delightful session of self-pleasure,” she confessed, her voice a sultry whisper. “I lay on my bed, fully unclothed, and traced my hands over my body, envisioning your eyes on me.” Mimicking her words with her own hands, she slipped them under the silk, sensually cupping her breasts, coaxing her nipples to peak through the fabric. Her hand trailed downward, slipping beneath the soft tangle of hair to find the tender apex of her arousal. Gentle circles sent shivers through her as a single finger ventured between her slick folds.

Richard was entranced, his gaze fixated on her movements, his own hands gripping his thighs tightly in a battle of restraint. He fought the urge to reach out and free her body from the confines of that robe, exposing her entirely.

“I pleasured myself with my vibrator,” she revealed, her voice tinged with satisfaction. “An intense climax left me damp with sweat, my body glistening and my thighs coated in my essence. Now, my pet, it is your task to cleanse me.”

His lips instinctively moistened as he watched her. Her chuckle filled the air, warm and knowing. “Not with your tongue this time, dear,” she said, beckoning him closer. She moved away from the counter, her body a beacon of desire. “Prepare me for my shower.”

With careful hands, Richard stepped forward, gently easing the silk robe off her shoulders. His eyes followed its descent, tracing its cling to her pert nipples before it whispered to the ground.

“Now, pet,” she continued, her voice a blend of command and temptation, “if I were to release you from your confinement, could I trust you to wash my body respectfully? Think before you answer. A single misstep would result in severe punishment, locking you up again. A long time would pass before I might grant you another chance to prove your worthiness.”

A Slave's Surrender and Cuckold's Redemption

A whirlwind of thoughts spun through Richard’s mind. The allure of being freed from the CB-3000, the sensation of water cascading over his uncovered arousal, the tantalizing closeness of his Mistress in the shower, their wet skin brushing against each other in intimate servitude. The temptation was electrifying, but the risk of an involuntary release loomed large. Could he navigate this delicate task without succumbing to desire’s grip? Yet, this was his Mistress’ wish, his summons for service. He couldn’t falter now. He wouldn’t disappoint her; he wouldn’t betray his own desires.

“Yes, Mistress,” he responded with solemnity, determination underlying his words. “Your devoted boy is prepared to serve in any way you command. I shall not falter.”

Her smile held an edge of mischief as she led the way into the shower. Pausing before the water’s embrace, she removed the chain from around her neck, her fingers trailing down his chest, igniting sparks along his skin. Lower, her touch ventured, cupping his swollen balls confined within the cage.

“Such fullness,” she cooed, her voice laced with indulgence. “Do they ache when you think of me, pet? And you think of me often, don’t you?” Her nails danced over him in gentle strokes, kindling fires of sensation.

His arousal pulsed within the confines of his release, making speech a challenge. “Yes, Mistress,” he managed, breathlessly confessing. “Day and night.”

A sharp inhale marked his surprise as her other hand wielded the key, unlocking his padlock with a soft sound. The sensation of freedom surged through him, his manhood responding promptly, swelling to its full glory. It was as if a long-hidden secret had been unveiled, vulnerable and magnificent.

“There you are, pet,” she remarked, tapping his crown playfully, a reminder of their roles. “Ensure my generosity isn’t misplaced.” The firm touch elicited a stifled groan, his arousal throbbed, longing for her command.

“Now, pet, cleanse me,” she directed, her words ringing like a commandment in his ears.

house pet

Cleansing Rites of a Cuckold Slave

With careful consideration, Richard reached past her, ensuring their bodies didn’t touch. He turned on the shower, bearing the initial chill against his back before it warmed into a soothing cascade. Stepping aside, he allowed his Mistress to experience the warmth and comfort of the water. As it flowed over her, her head thrown back, the sight was nothing short of erotic, etching itself into Richard’s memory. His fingers itched to brush away her wet hair from her face, to offer his touch in devotion.

Mistress extended the bottle of foaming shower gel, a silent request for service. Its title, “Ritual of Happy Buddha,” spoke of the luxurious experience that awaited. He poured a bit into his hands, marveling as it transformed into fragrant foam, imbued with notes of orange blossom and cedarwood. With her nod of permission, he moved behind her, his tentative touch landing on the balls of her shoulders. The creamy suds against her skin were a sensory delight, his hands tracing lower, down her arms, until their fingers entwined in a gesture of intimacy.

His proximity led to a near mishap, his swollen head grazing her soapy buttock. He quickly adjusted, hands ascending to massage her neck, eliciting appreciative moans. Down her graceful back his hands glided, sweeping with tender care, relishing the arch of her spine. Her response was undeniable; hands pressed against the wall, she pushed back into his touch, granting him access to her generous curves. With professional restraint, he massaged and caressed, her movements against him igniting a symphony of restraint and desire.

On edge, Richard remained poised, avoiding any accidental contact beyond his hands. He replenished the lather before kneeling, descending down her thighs. Mistress willingly parted her legs, the proximity of her pouting folds a maddening temptation. Amidst the suds and water, her slickness was undeniable, her enjoyment of his ministrations apparent. Fueled by her pleasure, he doubled his efforts. Lifting one foot behind her, he devoted himself to her care, washing between her toes, massaging the arch. He understood the toll her high heels exacted. Gently, he placed her foot down before turning his attention to its twin, a sensation of walking on air his gift to her.

Submissive Bath

Standing once more, Richard retrieved a matching bottle of shampoo, letting a generous amount flow into his palm before lathering it into her long, wet hair. His hands, now familiar with their path, smoothed down her back as he coated every strand with care. A firm yet gentle touch massaged the shampoo into her scalp, releasing tension and tending to her needs. Her soft moans, like music in the intimate space, filled him with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Rinsing her hair and following with the conditioning cream, her locks emerged soft and gleaming, signifying the task’s completion. He could no longer delay; he had to move his hands down the front of her body. Suppressing his own arousal, he took a deep breath before gently turning her to face him. This was a privilege, a liberty granted by her command.

Starting with her neck and shoulders, his gaze focused studiously on his work rather than venturing lower. Her arms lifted, granting him access to the tender skin of her underarms. His hands, cream in hand, moved with precision, her stifled giggle breaking through. “So sorry, Mistress,” he quickly apologized, adjusting his touch to avoid discomfort. Seeing her vulnerability, the gentle innocence she exuded so close, ignited a fierce protective instinct within him.

His hands traced across her collarbones, pausing before venturing downward. Seeking unspoken permission, he hesitated before cupping her breasts, a moment of silent communication. Her merciful guidance placed his hands on her milky orbs, her chest rising in encouragement.

Richard’s hands cradled those precious mounds, massaging them tenderly. His focus lingered on her responsive nipples, relishing her pleasure. As his ministrations proceeded, he sensed her breath quickening, pupils dilating, signs of her arousal. With a reluctant resolve, his hands journeyed lower, across her ribs and her gently curved belly, until he reached her hips. Their bodies faced each other, mere inches apart. The temptation to draw her closer, to press his throbbing desire between her slick lips, was overwhelming. The battle between his urges and his duty raged within him. He fought to regain control, yearning for icy water to douse his ardor. But there was no escape. He had a choice to make: yield to his desires or stand strong and serve his Mistress.

Pleasure and Slave's Sacrifice

Kneeling once more, Richard’s proximity to her throbbing desire was palpable. Swiftly shifting his focus, he directed his attention to her legs, meticulously lathering them from ankle to thigh in smooth, soothing motions. What remained? As he glanced up, he saw the hunger in his Mistress’s eyes. The desire painted across her face revealed her knowledge of his near-failure, and the tantalizing power she held over his pleasure and penance.

A contemplative pause ensued, where she weighed the choice between pushing him over the edge or succumbing to her own mounting need. The latter prevailed as she lifted a clean foot, placing it on his shoulder. This simple act exposed her to his ravenous gaze. With a grip on his wet hair, she guided his lips to her swollen clit, the cascade of water and the rush of her essence overwhelming his senses. Despite the suffocating sensation, he labored on, eager to serve, lapping up her sweet nectar with unwavering devotion.

His efforts intensified, his tongue dancing around her needy pearl, nibbling on her delicate folds. Her movements grew more urgent as she pressed herself against him. Driven by her mounting ecstasy, he supported her hips against the tile. As she straddled his face, her pleasure peaked in a shuddering climax, her cries reverberating in the steamy ambiance. Gently, he lowered her down his chest, her heart pounding against him, her slick breasts sliding over his skin, his aching cock caught in the sensuous trap between them.

With her gaze locked on him, her smirk spoke of her satisfaction in pushing him to the brink. He had endured, held back his release against the torrent of temptation she unleashed upon him. Her voice, a breathy whisper, acknowledged his achievement. “My sweet boy, how you have pleased me.” Her suggestion hung in the air, a potent mixture of reward and teasing torment. Richard’s heart raced, his desire barely contained.

Offering an alternative, she revealed her devious intentions. “I wonder what would please me more: having you iced and locked back in your cage or allowing you to stroke for me?” Her words played upon his vulnerability, his desire to please her, but also the uncertainty that lay ahead. She enjoyed her control over him, and the prospect of the former possibility loomed.

A cunning glint sparkled in her eyes as she continued, a wicked proposition on her lips. “I’ll tell you what I’ll do. You stroke for me now—don’t you dare cum!—and I’ll see if you have earned your release.”

Chastity Slave's Ultimate Sacrifice

Richard’s pleading gaze met his Mistress’s, a silent plea for understanding amidst the torment he endured. Stroking himself while her drenched, naked form straddled him was a trial of patience and restraint, pushing him to the edge of his resolve.

“Get to it, boy. Don’t make me wait,” she commanded, her voice a seductive whisper of authority that fueled his compliance.

Tentatively, Richard obeyed, his hand wrapping around his aching erection. He adopted a slow, deliberate pace, attempting to divert his mind from the intoxicating reality around him. Electrical engineering algorithms and intricate wiring diagrams became his mental refuge, shielding him from the tantalizing sensations that threatened to overwhelm him. He sought to please his Mistress, to prove his devotion, and perhaps earn a measure of her mercy.

As moments stretched into minutes, the torment and the pleasure became almost unbearable. His Mistress’s presence, her wetness pressed against him, the intimate dance they shared—it was a test of his willpower like no other.

“Enough. I have come to a decision.” Her words cut through the tension, capturing his full attention. She presented him with a choice, his fate hanging in the balance of his answer.

“You can stroke yourself now until you can take it no longer and then you will ruin your orgasm for me,” she offered, the weight of her expectation apparent in her gaze. “If you choose to do that for me, I will lock you back up and you will remain in chastity for a minimum of 30 days.”

The gravity of his decision bore down on him, each path carrying its own form of pleasure and sacrifice. She continued, outlining the alternative, her voice a mixture of authority and seduction.

“Alternatively, you can turn the shower to cold, ice your cock and stuff it back in your cage,” she explained, her words a delicate dance between temptation and discipline. “In which case, next week, if you please me like you did today, I will allow you to stroke yourself to an explosive climax over my pretty toes.”

Richard’s heart raced as the choice lay before him. Pleasure entwined with restraint, and he knew that his decision would shape the days to come. With understanding in her eyes, his Mistress assured him that his choice would be respected, each path a testament to his dedication as a willing slave and devoted cuckold.

Cuckold's Choice

Richard’s mind churned as he grappled with his dilemma. The prospect of a ruined orgasm offered immediate release, albeit accompanied by frustration and humiliation. The thought of enduring another month in chastity was a daunting proposition, and his aching balls yearned for reprieve. However, it was not just about his own gratification; he longed to satisfy his Mistress’s desires, to earn her favor and approval.

On the other hand, the cold shower option seemed like an arduous trial of self-discipline. The discomfort of icy water against his sensitive flesh, the struggle to suppress his throbbing desire, and the uncertainty of future tasks weighed heavily on his mind. Yet, it held the promise of a shorter period of denial and the opportunity to please his Mistress.

His decision was clear, despite its challenges. “Please Mistress, this one would like to lock Your cock away for another week and try to earn the privilege to stroke for you,” he uttered, his voice heavy with surrender.

A smile of approval adorned his Mistress’s lips, her eyes dancing with delight. She drew close, their bodies pressed together, and bestowed a gentle kiss upon his lips. “If that is what you really want, then I’d be happy to oblige. Such a good, sweet boy; my favorite little shower slut. How you please me,” she whispered, her words a caress of affirmation.

With a final gesture, his Mistress turned the shower on, the water cascading over them as if cleansing the air of his decision. Richard’s heart swelled with a mixture of anticipation and determination, knowing that he had chosen to serve, to devote himself to his Mistress’s pleasure and whims.

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