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Introducing our latest product, the Fashionable and Breathable Chastity Cage. Made of high-quality resin, this unique cage features a secure locking ring design that firmly holds the penis and secures the testicles. With options for both a discreet lock and a combination lock, you can choose the level of security that suits you best. Not only is this cage stylish and comfortable to wear, but it also provides the ultimate in chastity and control. Whether you’re looking to enhance your BDSM play or simply explore the pleasures of long-term male chastity, our Fashionable and Breathable Chastity Cage is the perfect choice.
  • Material: plastic
  • Cage size :Large 3.98 inches in overall length and 1.22 inches in internal diameter
  • Small:3.23insches in overall length and 1.22 inches in internal diameter
  • Weight:140g
  • Product list: One cage + 4 rings (37mm/40mm/45mm/50mm) + 1 concealed lock + 5 coded locks.

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Customer Review


  1. Sebastian

    As always, with a good review, icockcage has never let me down, waiting time and old toys, and new models can also be teased through hollows, which is worth the wait

  2. Vincent Anastasia

    The item was even better than I had hoped it to be. The resin design makes it reasonably comfortable to wear for long periods and is very easy to set up. I highly recommend this product!

  3. ader117

    Restrictive but comfortable. Ordered one previously but needed a new one. Easy to put on but more difficult to remove – which I appreciate – since I am permanently caged.
    Comfortable to wear for permanent use. Choice of rings allows personalization. Ventilation holes make the device comfortable. A nice touch – if I dare get excited, the holes leave lovely round marks. This product is my Mistress’ favorite so I am still satisfied that she ordered it again.

  4. jj

    For a first timer or should say two time purchaser first time wearer
    This fits so much better that the Sinner did on me.
    Out of the bag and on. 3 hrs now with no problems of pulling and pinching
    Pee hole is nicely sized to line up
    I am a grower so the shorter shafted tube keeps it from slipping out

    Affordable if trying to see if its for you with out shell out big money to just leave it in the drawer.
    Fast shipping

  5. Jeremy

    My initial review so far is the cage fits snug on me. More snug than previous cages. It is super comfortable once it’s on and it does not pinch or pull or any uncomfortable things typical caged do. The only bad thing I have to say and the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that the points on the base ring are sharp so it digs a little when first putting the cage on. Once you get the cage on it’s amazing!

  6. liopc

    I’m glad I got the large size even being average size it took a lot of lube and much shoving and pushing to get into the cage. I suggest having a smooth sack and shaft to minimize pinching and pulling hair. Once fitted it fits well and is discreet. I do have to walk with a wide stance since the balls are pushed forward. It makes a nice display though. Mistress wants to clip a leash to the lock and parade me for her friends!

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