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Chastity Stories: Platonic Chastity 04

This collection of passages delves into the intimate relationship between Jacci and Taylor, exploring their journey of power dynamics, submission, and sexual exploration. As their roles as goddess and slave intertwine, they navigate the complexities of their desires and the boundaries they willingly cross. Through their experiences of enforced chastity, servitude, and bondage, they find both pleasure and challenges, ultimately embracing a connection that transcends societal norms. With each interaction, their shared passion and the delicate balance of control and submission is brought to life.

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Taking Platonic Chastity to the Next Level

Jacci couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at the mixture of surprise and uncertainty that crossed Taylor’s face when he tasted his own cum for the first time. While she anticipated he might use his safe word, she found herself impressed by his unwavering obedience as she guided him by his hair. As Taylor reluctantly licked each spot, Jacci couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. She realized she needed to have an earnest conversation with him about their relationship boundaries, fearful of inadvertently pushing him too far without resistance.

For Taylor, the task of consuming his own cum was far from pleasurable. However, the humiliation of the act intrigued him, and he reveled in the realization that he would now be subjected to this new form of degradation. As he obediently moved from spot to spot on the tights, he found himself slipping deeper into subspace. This act had always remained a fantasy in his mind, hindered by his aversion to it. Yet, the intense connection he felt with Jacci, especially during their passionate kisses, fueled his desire to explore greater intimacy. He understood in that moment that he wanted to consume his own cum because it was what she desired. His personal preference became secondary; after all, as a submissive, he believed he should comply with tasks he didn’t necessarily enjoy.

The Power of Restraint

Jacci then uncuffed Taylor’s right hand and pulled him onto the bed next to her. He got ridiculously excited at being allowed to share goddesses’ bed for the first time. He laughed at this thought as it was something a fifteen year old playing seven minutes in heaven might think. He expected the other cuff to be unlocked but instead she forced both his hands above his head and cuffed them through her wooden headboard. He always enjoyed being bound during sex but rarely had found casual partners that were willing to partake.

Jacci spoke up, “There, now we don’t have to worry about you getting too handsy. Excellent work with lapping up your cum slave, I must say the taste of cum was something I never enjoyed and judging from the look on your face you may agree with me.” As she spoke she rubbed her leg against Taylor’s naked body, the tights felt incredible against his sensitive skin.

Taylor opened his mouth to speak but Jacci simply pressed a finger to his mouth. “No no sweetie, I don’t want you talking right now. Tonight that’s something you aren’t going to be allowed to do. Unfortunately you’re too damn good with your mouth, I don’t envision myself getting tired of oral sex for quite some time so it might be a long, long time before I decide to let my cock play with me. It’s a sacrifice for me as well since I love having sex with a cock but the talents of your tongue almost make up for that. Plus I think the lack of sex makes you a very obedient, disciplined boy.”

Desired Chastity Slave

Taylor’s eyes widened in astonishment as Jacci’s words sank in. Despite his longing to be intimate with a woman again after months of abstinence, the prospect of enduring further deprivation for the sake of serving Jacci ignited a profound mix of horror, intrigue, and arousal within him. It was a bewildering catch-22—he cherished sex, yet the idea of relinquishing it and enduring suffering for his goddess sent waves of desire through his body. The overwhelming sensory overload left Taylor feeling light-headed, his thoughts swirling.

“Remember that conversation we had a few weeks ago?” Jacci’s voice cut through the whirlwind of Taylor’s mind, drawing his attention. “Tonight, we’ll explore queening—the idea of it excites me, and I can tell it arouses you too. You’ve awakened a powerful force within me, Tay, the desire to control. I imagine this is far more than you bargained for when we became roommates, isn’t it?”

Without waiting for a response, Jacci positioned herself above Taylor’s face, keeping her tights on but removing her dress. Confusion flickered across Taylor’s features, but Jacci commanded him to begin licking through the crotch of her tights. Within minutes, she became soaked through her underwear, accompanied by loud moans of pleasure. After around ten minutes of this sensual act, Jacci finally peeled off her tights, fashioning them into a blindfold—her customary tool to prevent Taylor from seeing her naked. It wasn’t due to self-consciousness; rather, she aimed to reinforce her goddess-like status, denying Taylor the privilege of witnessing her body until he demonstrated even more devoted service.

The Sensual Dance of Control

Jacci tantalized Taylor by deliberately positioning her clit just out of reach of his eager tongue. She reveled in the power of complete control, pushing his head down into the mattress when he was fully stretched out. The sensation was distinct from traditional oral sex, and the ability to orchestrate every movement made it an immensely satisfying experience for Jacci. She alternated between teasing herself and granting the ultimate release, relishing in the pleasure she derived from their intimate encounter. The sight of Taylor helplessly beneath her heightened her sense of being a true goddess in that moment.

There were moments when Taylor pushed the boundaries of his endurance, yearning for a breath of air. Just as he reached his limits, Jacci would relent, lifting her body slightly to allow him a few precious gulps of air before demanding his attention once more. Taylor fervently lapped and licked, driving Jacci to two mind-shattering orgasms. Afterward, she gracefully dismounted his face and nestled beside him, her fingers idly playing with his chest hair. Glancing at the clock, Jacci was surprised to see that over an hour had passed since she had first positioned herself over him. As they lay together, Taylor remained cuffed to her headboard, a symbol of their intimate connection.

The Enjoyable Sensation of Chastity Teasing

As Taylor lay there, his mind swirling with a daring idea, he grappled with whether to voice it or keep it locked away in his thoughts. The notion both aroused and unsettled him, considering its potential long-term impact. Despite his earlier instruction to refrain from speaking, he felt compelled to share his idea with goddess, fearing he might lose the courage to suggest it otherwise.

Jacci noticed the seriousness in Taylor’s demeanor, prompting her to grant him permission to speak. Taylor’s voice was hushed as he whispered, “I have something I really want to tell you. May I have permission to speak?”

Curiosity piqued, Jacci allowed him to continue. Taylor’s words hung in the air, his suggestion taking shape. “I’ve been thinking about the deprivation of penetrative sex for you. While it wouldn’t be the same, I thought… perhaps we could explore the idea of purchasing a strap-on dildo. I would willingly wear it and pleasure you as if we were engaging in traditional sex. We could keep me in chastity, and whenever you desired, you could make me wear it to fulfill that need. There’s no reason for you to suffer due to my caged cock. I would consider it a privilege to have that opportunity.”

Jacci’s mind was blown by Taylor’s unexpected proposal, initially inclined to decline due to its origin. However, she saw an opportunity to reclaim the upper hand by transforming it into a tantalizing reward, one that intertwined an element Taylor might not necessarily enjoy.

A mischievous smile played on Jacci’s lips as she responded, “That would indeed be immensely satisfying, and I am inclined to grant you such a privilege and reward. However, since you would receive such a significant benefit, you would need to sacrifice something in return. You would relinquish your financial freedom.”

Empowering Control

As Taylor began to respond, Jacci swiftly silenced him by stuffing her panties into his mouth. “Your financial management has always been lacking,” she stated firmly. “On Monday, I want you to visit the bank and open a new account with access only granted to me. We’ll redirect your direct deposits to this account, and you’ll receive a modest weekly allowance, let’s say $20. We’ll set up bill payments, and any purchases beyond your allowance will need to be submitted and approved by me. Additionally, a predetermined amount will be transferred automatically to a gas card for your work commute. This may initially feel like a punishment, but as someone who cares for you deeply, I would love to help you gain control over your struggling finances. It’s your decision, of course, but refusing means forfeiting your reward.”

Jacci possessed a keen financial mind and had often cringed at Taylor’s impulsive spending habits and overwhelming debt. She believed that with the right guidance, his decent salary could quickly bring his financial situation under control. While she had been hesitant to intervene in the past, she now felt confident in making this extreme demand.

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Intertwined Desires

Jacci’s admission of care ignited a warm glow in Taylor’s heart, surpassing their mere sexual fantasies. Their connection had deepened, reaching a level of profound affection. Despite the humbling thought of living on a meager allowance and seeking approval for his own hard-earned money, Taylor considered it a reasonable expectation within the dynamics of their relationship. Muffled by the panties, he managed to mumble his agreement.

“Excellent,” Jacci responded, her satisfaction evident. “As a reward, you shall share my bed tonight. And if you prove sufficiently obedient, this arrangement can extend into the long term. I had a hunch about your kinkiness even during our friendship, but when I discovered the chastity cage, I knew for certain. Initially, I felt a flicker of disgust, but witnessing your embarrassment and discreet attempts to conceal it assured me it wasn’t an awkward advance. I decided to indulge, and to my surprise, I’ve derived immense pleasure from it.”

As Taylor began to drift into slumber, Jacci reached over and seized his caged cock, whispering, “You’re in for a profound experience. I shall keep you tightly confined, leaving you to drift off each night, longing to recall the sensations of an erection. Forced celibacy and denial shall be your unique ordeal, surpassing any endured by a man before.” A soft moan escaped Taylor’s lips, but just as he was about to speak, Jacci placed a finger on them, signaling for silence, and then rolled over to sleep.

The Tumultuous Dance of Torment and Desire

Those provocative comments echoed in Taylor’s mind, keeping him awake for hours as he wrestled with his restrained erection. The warmth of Jacci’s skin against his own and the yearning to see her naked through the blindfold consumed him. It had been six months since he last freely indulged in a woman’s body, and the craving for that intimate connection grew intense. Deep down, however, he found himself relishing the control that Jacci imposed upon him.

After the strap-on became a regular part of their encounters, Taylor was compelled to perform with it almost daily. Jacci swiftly became an expert in verbally humiliating him as he thrust in and out of her. Taunting words filled the air, such as, “This is far more useful than what was between your legs. Remember when we were equals? It feels like a distant memory, doesn’t it, when you had the ability to please a woman with that?”

To further torment Taylor, Jacci deliberately kept her bra on during their intimate moments. Even when he wasn’t blindfolded, he remained unable to see her naked form. Meanwhile, an unexpected insatiable lust awakened within Jacci. She found herself relishing the power dynamics and the humiliation that accompanied forcing Taylor to strip and don the phallus.

Masochistic Submission and Exquisite Torment

Jacci established a ritual of bringing Taylor to the brink of insanity by kneeling before him, her warm breath teasing his caged cock. Occasionally, she would deliver a fleeting peck to the portion of his member that bulged from the confining cage. It was enough to drive him to the edge of desperation, longing to break down in tears. Hand jobs had become a distant memory, replaced by the knowledge that they were a best-case scenario for many months to come.

Jacci took great pleasure in making Taylor lie completely still while she rode the strap-on, relishing in his exquisite agony. She would tease herself to the edge of climax and then back off, prolonging her enjoyment of the ride. The experience proved excruciating for Taylor, who found himself yearning for more even as each moment tested his endurance. His submissive nature began to intertwine with his masochistic tendencies, fueling a vicious feedback loop of lust for Jacci. Taylor increasingly made suggestions to elevate the intensity of his ordeal, willingly upping the ante as their journey progressed.

Bound by Service

Taylor willingly took on the responsibility of massaging Jacci’s back every night and morning, dedicating himself to this intimate act of servitude. The slight bob of his caged cock confirmed his enthusiasm, even as he struggled to adjust to the earlier schedule. Sacrificing his free time, he made a conscious effort to go to bed earlier, fully committing to his role. Weekdays became a whirlwind of work and fulfilling Jacci’s needs, leaving little room for personal pursuits.

Jacci’s demand for daily oral pleasure remained unwavering, while Taylor’s release from the chastity cage occurred only every 30-45 days, depending on his diligence and Jacci’s mood. Additionally, he dutifully assisted her morning routine, attending to tasks such as preparing her coffee and lunch.

As Jacci reveled in her princess-like role, she relished in pushing Taylor to his limits, skillfully navigating the fine line between pleasure and torment. She delighted in his constant state of sexual arousal, while Taylor, despite longing for release, grew to appreciate the strict control Jacci exerted over his desires. Weekdays proved challenging as Taylor balanced his demanding newspaper job with unwavering dedication to serving Jacci. However, the weekends offered a much-needed respite, allowing him ample time for relaxation and self-care. The new financial arrangement curtailed his leisure activities, but he marveled at the growth of his bank account, surpassing his expectations. Jacci shared in his excitement when he proposed allocating more funds to pay down his student loans and credit cards, even going the extra mile by making additional payments on his behalf from her year-end bank bonus.

Unveiling the Depths of an Ordinary Relationship

To the outside world, Jacci and Taylor appeared like any other couple, their relationship veiled in the semblance of normalcy. When they finally revealed their deep bond to their circle of friends, few seemed surprised, recognizing the strong connection they had fostered. What remained concealed, however, was the intimate dynamic of Taylor’s enforced chastity and devoted servitude, an aspect that fueled their unique bond.

During weekends, Jacci would frequently tease Taylor, stoking his sexual desire, and their worship sessions extended for hours on end. Taylor began to associate the act of worshipping Jacci as his new form of sexual fulfillment, acknowledging that he engaged in more intimate encounters than many of his peers, despite infrequent personal release. The frustration never diminished, but over time, he developed coping mechanisms to better navigate his desires. Regular gym visits became his outlet, ensuring he maintained physical fitness, while he meticulously kept their apartment in immaculate condition, finding solace and purpose in the meticulousness of his tasks.

Dialogue between the Queen and her subordinates

An Unexpected Morning Ritual

Just past the one-year anniversary of their arrangement, Taylor stood sheepishly in the bathroom, desire burning in his eyes. It had been 29 days since his last release, and Jacci could sense his longing. Dressed in a smart black ribbed sweater dress that hugged her figure, paired with a turquoise blazer and semi-opaque black tights, Jacci exuded a powerful sexual confidence that both intimidated and excited Taylor. He waited patiently, eyes cast downward, hands folded in front of him, desperately yearning for physical release.

After a few moments, Jacci turned towards Taylor, her head cocked to the side. “Yes, slave?” she inquired.

With a bashful tone, Taylor requested, “May I please kiss your feet? It’s been so long, and I crave some form of physical connection.”

His unexpected plea caused both of them to blush. Jacci was aware of Taylor’s tights fetish, but this request caught her off guard. The idea of a man groveling at her feet as she prepared for the day aroused her. The power dynamics at play ignited her desires.

“That would please me,” she responded, a sly smile playing on her lips. “In fact, starting today, when I’m in the bathroom in the mornings, you will be kneeling and kissing my feet. Do you understand?”

Without hesitation, Taylor scrambled over to Jacci’s feet, his lips pressing against her soles. “Yes, goddess,” he murmured, his voice filled with gratitude. “Thank you, goddess.”

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The Struggles of Submission

Taylor was taken aback by how easily the words had escaped his lips. With Jacci standing before him, dressed in alluring attire, his overwhelming desire pushed him to submit. Despite the hours spent on chores and the scarcity of sexual gratification, Taylor felt a constant sexual buzz, his body yearning for release. When he did finally climax, it was an intense and overwhelming experience, leaving him needing a deep sleep to recover. The days that followed were disappointing as the absence of that constant sexual buzz weighed heavily on him, fearing that further denial could fracture his  mind.

His trance was abruptly shattered by Jacci’s stern command, “No humping! Any pleasure your cock receives is under my control.” Taylor realized in his desperation that he had resorted to humping the ground while kissing her feet, a desperate act that left him red-faced and embarrassed.

Apologetically, he responded, “Sorry, Mistress. I didn’t even realize what I was doing.” He felt a profound sense of shame for having reduced himself to such a state.

Jacci crouched down, cupping Taylor’s face in her hands. “I understand that life as a slave is challenging for you, and I’m granting you what you asked for. However, I believe occasional mercy is acceptable.”

Tears welled in Taylor’s eyes as he murmured, “Yes, Goddess. Thank you, Goddess. It’s hard being a slave. I know I asked for this, but sometimes it feels unbearable…” His voice trailed off as Jacci lifted her foot to his face level, and he showered it with kisses.

Unleashing the Yearning

Following Jacci’s instructions, Taylor called in sick, his anticipation building as he prepared to fulfill his role as a slave. As he entered Jacci’s bedroom, he noticed her securing cuffs to the corners of her bed. Before he could fully comprehend what was happening, he found himself spread-eagled and bound with leather cuffs, a black muzzle snugly placed over his mouth.

Jacci began gently caressing Taylor’s balls, her words mingling with the touch. “Now, you are in the position a slave should be in the presence of a goddess. This past year has been a test of your endurance, trapped in that little plastic cage. I have admired your commitment, and truth be told, I have denied myself real sexual pleasure for far too long. I have restrained and muzzled you because you expressed a fondness for bondage, and with all the anticipation we’ve built, I want this experience to be as incredible as possible. While I still expect you to seek permission to climax, for now, just sit back and enjoy.”

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