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Chastity Stories: Platonic Chastity 02

Taylor found it difficult to sleep past 7 in the morning due to the discomfort caused by the chastity cage and Jacci’s insistence on an early bedtime. Although he wasn’t naturally inclined to be an early riser, the combination of physical discomfort and spending 11 hours in bed left him fairly well-rested. He got out of bed and decided to prepare a delightful breakfast for Jacci, hoping that pleasing her would increase his chances of being unlocked. Moreover, he derived an immense thrill from subordinating his own needs and serving hers.

The woman with the red lips.

Day Two of the Chastity Tour

Jacci woke up to the enticing aroma of bacon and eggs permeating the apartment. Despite a slight headache from the previous night’s wine, she felt great—really great. As she made her way to the kitchen, she noticed that Taylor had tidied up all the dishes from the night before and even swept the kitchen, a task that had been sorely neglected. Being familiar with Taylor’s usual lack of cleanliness, she realized that she would have to be vigilant to maintain her standards in the apartment.

“Good morning, did you sleep well?” Jacci asked, winking and playfully patting Taylor’s behind.

Taylor blushed and managed to reply, “Not really.”

Chuckling, Jacci responded, “I can’t imagine why. Personally, I had a lot of fun last night. I was thinking of holding onto your key for a while and seeing what happens.”

Taylor pondered for a moment and replied with a broad smile, “I think that sounds good to me.”

They enjoyed their breakfast together and discussed their shared vision for their chastity play. Initially, Taylor remained locked up for about 3-4 days, gradually extending the duration to a week. After a couple of weeks, when Jacci finally released Taylor, she stopped him before he headed off to his room and returned with her tablet.

The Masked Woman.

A Thrilling Dynamic Unfolds

Jacci handed Taylor her iPad and said, “I’ve picked out a few pictures of myself that you can have fun with. Just make sure you only use these, anything else would be considered cheating.”

The iPad displayed some candid shots of Jacci wearing jeans, along with a couple of her professional headshots from work. While the images weren’t explicitly revealing, Taylor’s heightened libido and arousal in the situation made him incredibly turned on by them.

Taylor found this added element particularly intriguing, as it intensified his sense of being under Jacci’s control. Apart from being locked in chastity and willingly taking on extra household chores, their interactions remained mostly unchanged. Throughout the week, Jacci would occasionally playfully tease Taylor about their arrangement. On Friday nights, she would send him to bed early and make him listen to her pleasure herself. Taylor relished the uncertainty of not knowing when he would be released for his own gratification, finding immense pleasure in this aspect of their dynamic.

The Beginning of the Seduction of Chastity

After about three months had passed, Taylor was in the kitchen heating up a pizza, preparing for their usual Friday night routine. Suddenly, Jacci emerged from her bedroom, dressed in a way that made Taylor drop the pizza in surprise.

“Oh, looks like we won’t be needing that tonight, considering what I have planned,” Jacci remarked with a mischievous smile.

She was wearing a short, red lace dress with a gold zipper running halfway up the back. Her outfit was completed with sheer black pantyhose and three-inch patent heels. The dress accentuated her figure, ending mid-thigh, while the semi-sheer hosiery covering her legs made Taylor’s mouth water. Jacci’s seductive makeup consisted of smoky black eyeshadow and dark red lipstick. Taylor’s gaze fixated on the key hanging between Jacci’s breasts, subtly revealed by her low-cut dress.

“Wow, you’re all dressed up, and here I am feeling underdressed,” Taylor exclaimed, unable to tear his eyes away from her.

“I don’t get many opportunities to go out, so tonight, you’re taking me on a date,” Jacci declared. “Be ready in the living room in 20 minutes, wearing a collared shirt and nice pants.”

Taylor’s heart raced with excitement as he envisioned the thrilling evening that lay ahead.

entice both men and women

Objects Placed in Chastity Cages

Jacci felt an exhilarating surge of confidence, something she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Today, she had conceived an exciting idea at work that aroused her so intensely that she had to excuse herself to the bathroom to indulge in a moment of self-pleasure and regain composure. After about 19 and a half minutes, Taylor emerged.

“You’re cutting it close,” Jacci remarked, admiring Taylor’s outfit. “But I have one addition to make it even more interesting.”

With a mischievous smile, she approached him and unfastened his pants, attaching a small silicone rubber bullet-shaped object to his chastity cage.

“There you go. That should make dinner quite intriguing for you,” she whispered, licking her lips. Taylor groaned audibly, causing a surge of wetness between Jacci’s legs. She wasn’t sure if she could even make it through dinner, but she remained steadfast in her plan.

Jacci's Sensual Powerplay Begins

As they moved forward, Taylor was just about to inquire about the mysterious object when he caught sight of Jacci retrieving a remote from her purse. With a click of a button, the device sprang to life, sending intense vibrations coursing through his chastity cage.

Taylor’s eyes widened, and he found himself caught in a whirlwind of both ecstasy and agony. Throughout the week, Jacci had purposefully been dressing in a more alluring manner. She had also noticed Taylor’s heightened interest, particularly when she wore hosiery and received foot massages from him. Teasingly, she had worn tights every day, denying him the pleasure of caressing her feet. This deliberate frustration had pushed Taylor to the brink, yearning to be released and indulge himself.

“I happened to notice a few smudges on my heels. We can’t have that, can we?” Jacci attempted to sound authoritative but couldn’t suppress a snicker and a smile.

“Right away!” Taylor exclaimed eagerly, immediately dropping to his knees. This particular kink thrilled him, and he began fervently licking Jacci’s heels with great enthusiasm.

Jacci's Intense Control Takes Hold

As minutes passed, Jacci’s excitement became palpable, resulting in a mixture of a loud laugh and moan escaping her lips. She playfully crooked her finger, beckoning Taylor, and declared, “Come, slave boy. I’m famished and aroused. I’m certain you’re eagerly anticipating listening to me indulge myself tonight.” Her plan had more intricate layers, but Taylor didn’t need to know that. The intoxicating feeling of being in such complete control overwhelmed Jacci, giving her a newfound confidence she had never experienced in any past relationship. The way Taylor looked at her, like a goddess, and treated her accordingly only reinforced her sense of power. For once, she felt no pressure to conform to anyone else’s pace but her own.

Meanwhile, the drive to the restaurant proved to be one of the most agonizing experiences of Taylor’s life. Desperately longing for Jacci to pull over the car, retrieve the key, and finally grant him access to her body, he knew that even voicing his desires would be a grave violation of their agreement. Instead, he clenched his teeth, enduring wave after wave of excruciating sexual frustration as the vibrator relentlessly rattled his caged desire. Jacci held the remote firmly in her right hand, continuously cycling through different settings. Whenever Taylor’s vocal responses became particularly intense, Jacci took note, strategically planning for his future torment.

Intense Arousal Unleashed

Jacci’s arousal surged, her desire intensifying as she watched the captivating scene unfold. Forcefully crossing her legs, she bobbed her foot up and down in a desperate attempt to subdue the growing waves of pleasure. She couldn’t help but wonder if anyone in the restaurant could detect her scent, as the vigorous motion of her foot provided a tantalizing stimulation to her clit. Teetering on the edge of bursting, she imagined how close Taylor must have been. In that moment, Jacci made a firm decision—Taylor would be pleasuring her orally tonight.

As Taylor settled the bill and they returned to the SUV, he turned to Jacci, pleading with desperation in his eyes. “No more, I can’t endure any further. Please, I’ll do anything you want, just don’t activate that device again.”

“Quiet,” Jacci reminded him sternly. “Remember our agreement. You don’t have the privilege to suggest any terms. I will determine what you can or cannot handle, unless you decide to use your safe word. But something tells me you don’t want to use it, do you?” She gently rubbed his cheek, conveying her final thought with a sly smile.

The Pleasure of an Explosion of Desire.

Taylor’s voice trembled as he whispered, “No, of course not!” The moment the words escaped his lips, the vibrator surged back to life, catching him off guard. To his astonishment, Jacci guided his hand directly to her crotch, the dampness evident through her tights.

“I’ve decided that we’re going to indulge in oral sex tonight,” Jacci revealed, her tone filled with a mix of allure and playfulness. “But don’t get too excited. The key isn’t leaving my neck, so the pleasure will be more for me than for you.” Her gorgeous smile illuminated the room, perfectly accentuated by her pearl earrings and dark red lipstick.

Taylor’s mind spun with a whirlwind of sensations. Between the anticipation of what the night held, his hand resting upon Jacci’s moist warmth, and the relentless vibrations of his chastity cage, he struggled to maintain coherent thoughts. He had always fantasized about exploring femdom dynamics, and now, teetering on the edge, he realized that the blend of pleasure and restraint could be far more excruciating—and pleasurable—than he had ever imagined.

Intense Subjugation Unleashed

Upon returning to their apartment, they both hurried to Jacci’s room, with Jacci kicking her shoes off in the hallway. However, Jacci paused, realizing the shoes shouldn’t be left there, posing a potential tripping hazard. With a commanding tone, she instructed Taylor, “On all fours, pick them up with your mouth and crawl back into my room.”

Taylor dropped to his knees and crawled towards the shoes, feeling the flames of desire intensify within him. The anticipation for what lay ahead consumed his entire being. It took him two trips to retrieve the shoes, his mouth now tasting of patent leather for the second time that night. Meanwhile, Jacci reclined on her bed, crooking her finger and commanding, “Stay on all fours. For now, I’m intrigued by how well you can please me. Start by licking my feet.”

Taylor couldn’t believe his luck. In his heightened state of arousal, it felt as if he was experiencing an out-of-body sensation. With eagerness, he began lavishing Jacci’s pantyhose-clad feet with kisses and licks, savoring the slight hint of sweat that only fueled his desire further. He devoted about 10 minutes to fervently worshipping her feet before Jacci signaled for him to rise, planting kisses along her shins and the inside of her thighs as he ascended.

The intoxicating scent of Jacci’s arousal filled the air, and Taylor longed to taste her sweet reward. However, as he reached up to remove her pantyhose, Jacci firmly slapped his hand away, asserting, “Bad boy, you’re not allowed to touch me.” She commanded him to crawl over to her robe on the floor and retrieve the belt from it. Taylor was about to apologize, but Jacci silenced him with a finger to his lips and a disapproving shake of her head.

Returning with the belt, Taylor’s hands were promptly bound behind his back, securely restraining him. “There, now we can continue,” Jacci stated, her voice dripping with authority. “Lick me through my tights for a while. Let’s not rush things.”

red heels

Blissful Submission Unleashed

Obediently, Taylor continued to lap at Jacci’s intimate core, his actions eliciting moans that resonated through the apartment. After a few minutes of intense pleasure, Jacci pushed him away with her foot and gracefully peeled off her tights. Taylor’s senses were overwhelmed when he caught sight of her enticing red lace panties.

“Now, you have the immense privilege of worshiping me down there,” Jacci declared, her voice brimming with authority. “But I don’t think you should see the Promised Land just yet. Besides, it would only be a tease for your confined friend.” With trembling hands, fueled by her extreme arousal, Jacci looped the legs of her tights a few times over Taylor’s eyes. Ensuring the crotch rested comfortably over his nose, she tied off the two legs behind his head. A loud moan escaped Taylor as he indulged in her intoxicating scent. “There we go. Part of your reward is the pleasure of smelling me. A little gratitude wouldn’t be out of order.”

“Thank you, Jacci,” Taylor immediately responded, completely immersed in a state of sub space.

“Hmm, I think ‘Jacci’ is a bit too familiar given the circumstances. From now on, you will address me as Goddess

“Yes, Goddess. I understand,” Taylor acknowledged, feeling on the verge of passing out from the overwhelming arousal coursing through his veins. Every drop of blood seemed to rush to his confined cock, straining against the confines of his device.

With a single word, “Lick,” Jacci unleashed a wave of pleasure as Taylor eagerly buried his face between her thighs. Both of them let out guttural moans, lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Jacci couldn’t hold back for long—the first or second time—but by the third orgasm, she was able to recline and fully immerse herself in the blissful experience. Taylor’s skillful tongue surpassed that of her former fiancé, eliciting wave after wave

Sexy Buttocks

Waiting for the Journey After

“As a benevolent goddess, part of your reward, if you so desire, is the privilege of sharing my room tonight. However, given your position beneath me in every aspect, that is how you will sleep as well. There is a blanket and pillow on the floor for you to use. Keep your blindfold on,” Jacci commanded.

Taylor carefully located the pillow and blanket, curling up on the plush carpet. He attempted to calm his racing thoughts and drift off to sleep. It took some time, as the taste of Jacci lingered on his tongue and the scent of her arousal remained tightly tied to his face. Despite his expectations of immense frustration, he felt an unusual sense of satisfaction. He felt proud that he had been able to provide Jacci with three orgasms, and even though he had not received physical stimulation himself during their encounter, he experienced a profound sense of fulfillment. As he drifted off to sleep, his mind filled with thoughts of how he could further please his goddess over the weekend. Both Taylor and Jacci shared the notion that this night had marked a remarkably fulfilling first “date.”

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