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Introducing our Chastity Cage, a blend of plastic and resin that redefines comfort and allure. Crafted to perfection, this exquisite piece boasts a lightweight construction that doesn’t compromise on its three-dimensional appeal. The cage’s gentle downward curve molds seamlessly to the body, while the robust front end adds a touch of boldness. Elevate your experience with the Chastity Cage that marries elegance and practicality. Its featherlight build ensures hours of uninterrupted comfort, making it feel like a natural extension of your body. The intricate contours and curves exude an artistic essence, embracing your form with grace. The substantial front end not only adds a sense of security but also a hint of daring adventure. Unveil a new world of sensations and empowerment with this Chastity Cage, a masterpiece that stands as a testament to your confidence and style.
  • Material: Aerospace resin
  • Size: Please refer to the size chart
  • Packing List: Cage *1 Ring *4 Concealed Lock *1 Key *2

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Customer Review


  1. Q Charlotte

    Just the right size for me and the workmanship is to be complimented, no sharp burrs and comes with a matching set of 4 rings, the 48mm rings fit me perfectly.

  2. Oliver

    Ideal for newbies, perfectly adapted to my penis, I’ve just started my chastity journey and my first chastity cage was a perfect choice.

  3. Isabelle

    Totally affordable alternative to the Cobra line. Perfect for someone on a budget and wanting to try chastity!

  4. Alexandre

    The ergonomics of the cage are perfect, the cage has a downward angle that makes me feel restrained without being uncomfortable, and it’s the most comfortable cage I’ve ever worn!

  5. Camille

    The silicone cage is perfect for me, I’ve bought stainless steel cages before and the weight doesn’t suit me at all, the silicone is lightweight and I can wear it every day.

  6. Louis Worthing

    I couldn’t wait to wear the cage when I got it, I only did the alcohol cleaning, the first day I couldn’t get it to blend in perfectly with the cage, after a week it’s fully adapted, I just have to clean the cage properly in the shower every day!

  7. El1988

    It was a gift for my Valentine, we only see each other on weekends, it was packed tightly and shipped to my flat in New York in 5 days very quickly. I want the cage to be there for my lover instead of me!

  8. Hugo

    This is the third cage in my collection, each time I am shortening the size of the cage, I think I can challenge myself to shorter cages in the next days

  9. Amélie

    The black colour will make me look very tasty and white, I cleaned off my pubic hair to wear this cage, I wear it every day even when I have anal sex I wear it, I pray to my master to release me when I orgasm.

  10. Gabriel

    This is the smallest cage I can accept at the moment, my cock size is too big for many cages and I can’t imagine anyone using a flat cage!

  11. LilyGem

    The price is reasonable, the workmanship is very exquisite the only problem is that the logistics of this merit slow, I only received the cage after two weeks, I need to give him 4 stars!

  12. EmeraldRose

    The workmanship is very good, no sharp edges, I bought it in a 3 piece package, I had no expectations for this cage, but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it!

  13. JasperKnight

    It’s great Strongly hope this range comes out in pink, I’m a sissy and I can’t live every day without a cage!

  14. SapphireSmith

    Fantastic cage, this is the most body hugging cage I’ve ever purchased, I’ve never been able to experience a 3d cage, this is the first one and it makes me feel like other cages have no ergonomics at all!

  15. AmberWood

    Perfect perfect perfect, I wish I had uploaded a photo of me wearing the cage to the merchant’s social media group.

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