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Product Description The Extreme Inverted Chastity Cage is like a metal plug that drives deep into your body, locking your penis in place and leaving it unable to move. Your master will feel excited when they see this extreme cage, binding you up and forcing you to wear it, enjoying your helpless expression and humiliation. You will have to obey your master’s commands and beg them to release your penis. The product is made up of an inward protruding metal cylinder and a locking ring, which trap your penis deep inside your body. We recommend that only experienced players use this product, and that safety is always a top priority during play, with both parties consenting to the game beforehand.
Material: Stainless Steel Size: The cage has a diameter of 42mm (1.65 inches) and a length of 42mm (1.65 inches). Lock Ring Size:40mm/45mm/50mm Packing list:Cage*1, fixing ring*1, concealed lock*1, key*2, belt*1

Customer Review


  1. ytmf

    I recently brought a steel cock cage and presented it to my wife, and to her interest she told me to go take a shower and to be fully clean with hair removal cream down there and to meet her in the bedroom after.
    When I got out of the shower and went to the bedroom my wife said that this is the way my dick has to be for her from now on, and I’m to work on pleasuring needs, and to stay locked up until she is ready to take it off.
    It’s been two weeks now and it’s very comfortable to wear!

  2. Reece

    So I bought this cage around a month ago I wanted a cage that could be worn every day and could be cleaned easy I got the small and it fits well with some slight movement I am 4 inches erect and around 2 when not at this fits fine for me my husband and me have decided on a 5 month lock up this time and this is the perfect cage for the job I love house of denial it gives super quality at a really amazing price thank you again.

  3. makes

    I have had this for just over a week and I’m in love it was hard to put on at first but I was allowed an orgasm as I was to dam excited thank you for that once it was on though I have no room to grow it is an amazing feeling thanks. defo worth it being my first metal cage thank you I love it will be back for the smaller one in a few months.

  4. oxoj

    After I learnt how to use the damn lock, it was easy to put on and take off. It is not very noticeable under jeans or khakis, but might show a small bulge if wearing skinny fit trousers – but that´s fine, a little bulge showing never hurt anyone – except those little sjw feminists perhaps. The cage sits tightly, doesn’t weight too much and effectively prevents erections – but it keeps you in a constant aroused state, especially when driving a bumpy road..
    If I have to come up with something negative, it´s the “piss hole” as when I take a leak, the stream will spray in two directions 😀 But that´s fine because I have to sit down with this thing on anyway.
    Metal feels nice, because it gets warm or cold depending on the weather and body heat.
    My member is 4.3 inches when flaccid (and it´s not too cold), but I can cram it in this one nicely. Love the tightness it provides.

  5. Chadwick Weston

    I’m obsessed with this cage. It’s minimalistic, comfortable, and gives me a naughty thrill every time I wear it.

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