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Sissy Stories: Chastity’s Unforeseen Path

In a society governed by tests and predetermined roles, Adam’s 25th birthday leads to an unexpected exploration of his desires. Unbeknownst to him, his playful experimentation takes a surprising turn, threatening to reveal his secret escapades.

Amid the consequences, Adam faces an intriguing proposition – to serve powerful, dominant women and secure his future. Uncertain of his path, he must fully embrace his submissive desires. Torn between uncertainty and opportunity, he agrees to undergo intensive training, opening the door to a world he never imagined.

With mixed emotions, Adam embarks on a journey of self-discovery, enticed by promises of financial security and fulfillment. Little does he know that this path will lead him to unveil hidden facets of himself and forever alter his life’s trajectory.

Waiting for the test

An Impatient Wait

Adam couldn’t contain his restlessness as he sat in the testing center, fiddling with the keys in his pocket. Today marked a momentous occasion – his 25th birthday. However, there was no time for leisurely celebrations yet, as he awaited completion of the mandatory tests.

In 2028, the government had introduced a new societal system that aimed to create a more prosperous and equitable society. Upon turning 25, all individuals were obligated by law to undergo comprehensive personality and intelligence tests, along with a thorough physical examination. The results would then determine their place in society and open doors to better opportunities.

Adam yearned for a swift completion of the tests so that he could join his friends for birthday celebrations later. Impatience gnawed at him as the minutes dragged on.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, a striking woman around 40 years old appeared in the corridor to Adam’s left. She walked confidently towards the reception area, drawing his attention. Admiring her appearance, he estimated her height at 5″5, enhanced by the black 4″ heels she wore. She donned a form-fitting black dress that accentuated her hourglass figure.

Adam jiggled his right leg impatiently as he sat waiting, whilst playing with the keys that were nestled in the right pocket of his black skinny jeans. He had already been kept waiting for 15 minutes and he just wanted the tests to be completed quickly. Today was a big day for Adam; it was his 25th birthday and enjoying a nice lie in, he was waiting in the testing centre.

In 2028, the government had implemented a new societal system, whereby people were tested and then chosen for their place in society. Upon turning 25, all men and women were required by law, to undergo personality and intelligence testing as well as a full physical examination. The idea was to provide better social prosperity and give better opportunities for the less advantaged. The system had been a great success so far, with people reporting far greater satisfaction in their lives.

Adam wanted to get the test over quickly so that he could go out and celebrate his birthday with his friends later on. His impatience was growing.

Finally, after another 5 minutes, a woman who looked around 40, walked around a corner in the long corridor to Adam’s left, and made a beeline towards the reception area. The lady went to the receptionists desk and spoke briefly to the receptionist. Adam checked her out while she was speaking to the receptionist. He guessed that she was around 115 pounds and stood at around 5″5, but that was definitely helped by the black 4″ heels that she was wearing. She wore a black dress that hugged her body tightly and Adam could easily make out the hourglass figure that she had.

high-heeled shoes

A Fateful Encounter

In the bustling waiting area of the testing center, Adam felt a sudden gaze upon him. He discreetly looked up to find the woman from the corridor scanning the room’s occupants. Her piercing eyes met his, and he quickly averted his gaze to the floor.

“Adam Buller?” she called out, holding a notepad.

Startled, Adam looked up and their eyes locked for a brief moment before she gestured for him to follow. Obediently, he rose from his seat and trailed behind her down the corridor. With each step, he couldn’t help but steal glances at her curves, intrigued by her presence.


They arrived at a small room, and she ushered him inside, shutting the door behind them. The room was equipped with a desk, a high-tech computer, stacks of papers, and an enigmatic machine that towered over them.

“Please sit down,” she said as they settled on opposite sides of the desk.

Adam’s heart raced, unsure of what was to come. The atmosphere felt tense, yet strangely charged with possibilities. Little did he know that this encounter would set the course for a life-altering journey that would shape his destiny.

female teacher

Unveiling the Depths

Lindsey, a member of the testing facility for the 2028 charter, introduced herself to Adam. She explained the purpose of the tests that all individuals turning 25 were required to undergo – assessments for personality, intelligence, and physical shape. However, she revealed that these tests had a deeper purpose, aiming to uncover an individual’s needs, desires, and emotional states.

Curiosity piqued, Adam inquired about the duration of the testing process.

“It usually doesn’t take too long,” Lindsey replied warmly, eager to begin. She handed him the first set of papers for the intelligence and personality tests, emphasizing the importance of answering honestly and instinctively. Lindsey explained that even the physical test would be influenced by the personality detector, making honesty paramount.

With a pen in hand, Adam readied himself to delve into the tests. As he pondered the questions before him, he couldn’t help but wonder about the profound insights that awaited him and how this experience would shape his place in the modern society of 2028.

female teacher

The Final Phase

Lindsey, now at the back of the room, monitored the screens on the large scanner as Adam diligently completed the intelligence and personality tests. The questions varied from straightforward to increasingly challenging, probing into his mathematical prowess, literacy, and situational judgment.

Forty minutes later, Adam finally finished both sections of the test. Eager to be done with the process and celebrate his birthday, he called out to Lindsey.

“Excuse me?” he said.

With a hint of boredom, Lindsey turned to him. “Have you finished the tests, Adam?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, relieved to be done.

“Great!” Lindsey exclaimed, before instructing him to bring the completed papers to her. Then, she surprised him by requesting him to take off his jacket and t-shirt and place them on the desk.

Perplexed, Adam questioned her, “Why do I need to take off my top?”

“To attach a heart rate monitor for accurate readings,” Lindsey explained.

Feeling slightly self-conscious, Adam complied, realizing that this final phase was essential for a comprehensive evaluation. As he stood there, hooked up to the heart rate monitor, he couldn’t help but wonder how this seemingly unremarkable day of tests might significantly impact his future in the new societal system of 2028.

female teacher

The Intricate Examination

Adam handed over the completed papers and followed Lindsey’s instructions, taking off his jacket and t-shirt. As he stood there, feeling a bit self-conscious, Lindsey passed the papers into a tray for analysis.

Next, she directed him to step into the physical testing machine. Lindsey explained that this state-of-the-art device would assess his physical health, expected deterioration, heart function, and brain chemical foundations. Adam couldn’t help but feel intrigued, though slightly nervous about the unfamiliar process.

Once inside the machine, Lindsey secured a chest strap on him and connected it to the internal port. She assured him that there would be no injections and that the test was simply to ensure his normal and healthy development.

As the machine started, Adam could feel a slight tensing of his muscles and an increase in his heart rate. The glass door turned black, and images began flashing on the screen, evoking different emotions. He tried to distinguish each image, but they came too fast to grasp individually. The test went on for about five minutes before the images disappeared, and a “Test complete” message appeared.

Lindsey opened the door and motioned for him to step out. She took off the chest strap and asked him to sit down at the table. However, when Adam reached for his t-shirt, Lindsey sternly reminded him that the test was not fully complete yet.

Feeling a bit caught off guard, he sat down as instructed. Lindsey sat opposite him, typing rapidly into the computer, her demeanor focused and professional.

naked man

Unveiling the Assessment Results

Lindsey thanked Adam for his cooperation and proceeded to share the computer’s analysis of his intelligence and personality traits. She noted that he tended to be more of a follower, but that there were still promising options available for him to explore. Though disappointed with the below-average intelligence assessment, Adam wasn’t entirely surprised, given his academic history.

Moving on to the physical tests, Lindsey conveyed that he was in good shape and had excellent heart function, which predicted a long life expectancy. Her enthusiasm seemed to seek a reaction from him, and Adam obliged with a brief smile.

However, it was the results of the image test that surprised them both. The quick flashes of images had revealed intriguing insights into his brain’s perceptions and prioritization of certain images, which helped determine various personality traits.

Adam replied simply, “Ok,” eager to understand more about these unexpected findings.

Confronting the Results

Adam’s anxiety heightened as Lindsey prepared to deliver some blunt news. He braced himself for what he was about to hear.

“The test has classified you as an inferior male,” Lindsey began, her words hitting him hard. She explained that his intelligence level fell below the average for a male, and his personality traits leaned heavily towards submissiveness, rather than the dominant traits typically expected. In simple terms, the test viewed him as a beta male, a label that struck at his ego.

His emotions getting the best of him, Adam questioned the accuracy of the test, hoping it could be wrong. Lindsey empathized with his concerns but clarified that the test boasted a 97% success rate in accurately determining personality traits.

Defiantly, Adam insisted on completing the last section of the physical test, hoping it would prove he was average, not a beta male. Lindsey gently urged him to take off his remaining clothes for a more comprehensive analysis.

Initially taken aback by the request, Adam’s anger and determination took over. He reluctantly agreed, hoping that by doing so, he could challenge the test’s assessment and prove his worth.

naked man

The Intimate Examination

Adam hesitantly removed his clothes as requested, leaving him standing in his navy boxer briefs. Lindsey then informed him that the test required him to be fully naked. After a moment of contemplation, Adam reluctantly peeled off his last garment, feeling vulnerable and exposed.

Lindsey’s laughter caught him off guard, and his anger flared. He demanded to get on with the test, eager to put this uncomfortable experience behind him. Unfazed, Lindsey retrieved a ruler from a drawer and gestured for Adam to come to her side of the table.

With professionalism, Lindsey measured his flaccid penis, typing the figure into the computer. She then gently stimulated him, causing his manhood to grow erect. Surprisingly, Adam’s erect size measured 3.7″, which was smaller than he had thought. However, he couldn’t ignore the fact that this revelation strangely aroused him.

An Unexpected Turn

Lindsey’s questions became more intimate, causing Adam to feel uneasy yet aroused. He admitted to masturbating about five times a week and being a virgin. Nervously, he revealed that he typically lasted around 10 minutes when pleasuring himself.

As Lindsey stroked his penis gently, Adam couldn’t help but feel a rush of desire. His eyes wandered towards her revealing cleavage, captivated by the sight. Lindsey’s actions and the questions she asked fueled his arousal further.

His breathing intensified, and Lindsey noticed his heightened state. Playfully, she inquired if he was about to climax. Unable to control himself, Adam ejaculated, surprised at how quickly he reached climax.

Lindsey chuckled at his reaction, teasingly pointing out that it was closer to two minutes than the expected twenty. Embarrassed, Adam complied with her request to put his underwear back on and sit down. As Lindsey cleaned the semen off her forearm with a tissue, the atmosphere in the room shifted.

A Surprising Proposal

Once Adam was back in his seat, Lindsey explained the reason behind measuring his penis length. She revealed that in rare cases, a man deemed to be a beta male might have the opportunity to alter the result if he possessed an above-average penis. However, in Adam’s case, his measurements only confirmed his beta status, and there was no way to change the assessment now.

Disheartened and upset, Adam listened as Lindsey discussed the limited career options that were typically recommended for beta males. However, she then presented a unique opportunity that intrigued him.

Lindsey mentioned wealthy clients with particular needs, powerful women who excelled in society and desired a submissive servant in their household. These women sought dominance in both their workplace and their bedroom, and the arrangement could involve sexual elements, including humiliation and punishment.

Adam couldn’t help but feel confused and dejected, equating the proposition to that of a sex slave.

Intrigued yet unsure, he contemplated this new path that had unexpectedly opened before him. The prospect of serving powerful women and fulfilling their desires offered a chance for him to find a place in this society where his unique attributes were valued.


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Lindsey continued to present the unconventional opportunity to Adam, urging him to consider it as a chance to embrace his submissive desires while working for a wealthy client. She emphasized the benefits, including financial security and the promise of retirement at 45.

Adam couldn’t deny the appeal of such a proposition, especially when faced with the alternative prospects of a janitor job or potential homelessness. Intrigued, he asked about the pay and whether he would have to relocate.

Lindsey explained that there would be no conventional pay; instead, his new mistress would provide everything he needed, including accommodation and any necessary purchases. He would become a live-in servant, residing with his mistress in a luxurious mansion in New York.

Adam’s curiosity grew as he learned about the potential perks of serving his mistress for 20 years, after which she would pay off a mortgage for a 2-bedroom apartment and provide him with a car upon retirement.

“So, I work as a servant for 20 years, and then I’ll have a fully paid apartment and car once I retire?” Adam sought confirmation.


A Life-Altering Decision

Lindsey explained the next steps in Adam’s journey, outlining the requirement for a one-week training program at a partner facility, fully funded by his future mistress. Adam would need to participate willingly and obey all instructions from the staff during this period. Surprisingly, Adam agreed to the training, even though the vague description of what it entailed made him slightly uneasy.

Concerned about his belongings, Adam asked about his personal property, and Lindsey assured him that everything would be placed in storage, covered by his mistress’s funds. She elaborated on the varied nature of the training, tailored to suit his future mistress’s specific needs.

Adam hesitated briefly before resolutely agreeing to embark on this unique opportunity, catching Lindsey off guard with his decision.

After hastily dressing up, Lindsey quickly made arrangements, emailing the training facility and handing Adam an address in central New York.

Adam inquired if he could have some time to enjoy his birthday, but Lindsey stressed the urgency of the situation, reminding him that this opportunity was one-of-a-kind. She assured him that, if successful in his training, his future mistress might consider allowing him to celebrate later.

With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, Adam prepared himself for this unexpected turn in his life, ready to embrace the unforeseen path that lay ahead.

sissy stories

A Departure From the Past

Lindsey confirmed the time and address for Adam to report for his one-week training program, emphasizing the importance of punctuality. She assured him that all necessary details were written on the paper she provided. However, she warned that failing to report on time would result in forfeiting any financial or social aid.

Adam thanked Lindsey for her assistance throughout the testing process. With a mix of nerves and excitement, he left the room, Lindsey walking with him back through the familiar corridor.

As they reached the reception area, Adam noticed only one new person waiting there. He turned to Lindsey and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.

Lindsey smiled and encouraged him to embrace his new role in society fully, wishing him the best for the journey ahead. “Submit fully to the role,” she emphasized before bidding him farewell and returning to her testing room.

Adam felt a surge of determination and hope as he prepared to embark on this unanticipated path. The future held uncertainties, but he was ready to embrace the new journey with an open mind and heart.

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