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Chastity Stories: Platonic Chastity 01

As I embark on this storytelling journey, I find myself drawn to a narrative that unfolds at a deliberate pace, offering a nuanced exploration of a femdom relationship and its profound impact on the lives of a man and woman. In this introductory chapter, the focus lies in setting the stage for the transformative events to come, immersing the reader in the complexities of power dynamics and emotional dynamics that intertwine.


Exploring the Journey of Chastity

Taylor let out a weary sigh as he glanced at his phone, realizing he had overslept once again. Rushing to get ready for his job at the local newspaper, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of disappointment. It had been two years since he graduated, and his dreams of an exhilarating career in journalism seemed distant and unattainable. Instead, he found himself confined to reporting on the mundane occurrences of a small town in rural Kansas, far from the exciting stories he had envisioned.

Financial strain added to his frustrations, as his meager salary barely covered his basic expenses. Living in a modest two-bedroom apartment and burdened by student loans and a car payment, Taylor’s budget was stretched thin. Yet, he had managed to indulge in one peculiar splurge with his limited funds—a CB-6000S Chastity cage. It was his personal exploration into the realm of femdom, a thrilling frontier he had yearned to delve into. However, the accessibility of the key, tucked away within reach, diluted some of the anticipation and allure that initially enticed him.

As he prepared for another day in the monotonous routine of small-town reporting, Taylor couldn’t help but yearn for something more. The upcoming weekend offered a glimmer of hope, a chance to escape the humdrum and embrace the possibilities that lay beyond the confines of his daily life.

The woman sitting on the bed.

Lost Dreams and Hidden Desires

Last night, he had a conversation with his friend Jacci about her recent breakup with her high school sweetheart. She had been living with Brad and now needed a place to live, with her first request being her financially struggling friend with an extra bedroom. Taylor jumped at the opportunity to earn an extra $400 a month from the space that was just being used as a makeshift home office. Jacci and Taylor had been friends throughout their four years of college, meeting at their freshman orientation and instantly bonding over their shared love for cheesy horror movies.

While Taylor had considered the possibility of them being a compatible match, Jacci’s long-standing relationship with her high school boyfriend had put them firmly in the friend zone. Over the years, they had both focused on their respective relationships, and the thought of them hooking up hadn’t crossed their minds for a long time, especially since they had become such good friends.

Taylor was an unassuming 5 foot 10, weighing 190 lbs, and often dressed in a standard t-shirt and jeans. He had never had much trouble attracting women, but his pessimistic demeanor and tendency to nitpick about small things when meeting new people often drove potential partners away.

Desires Unveiled

He harbored a deep desire for exploringChastity and submission to women, but his attempts had been limited to occasional foot kissing and requesting women to deny him orgasm during sex. This inclination towards submission made him highly skilled at oral pleasure, as he enjoyed playing a psychological game where he followed orders to provide pleasure while rejecting any reciprocation. However, his inability to openly communicate his desires and his awkwardness in covertly introducing them often created a divide in his relationships.

Jacci, on the other hand, was a vibrant 23-year-old standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing 110 lbs. She had small yet perky breasts and embraced a youthful and energetic style, often wearing short skirts paired with semi-sheer tights and flats. Her fashion sense leaned towards a girly look with a casual touch.

With a stylish short black bob, Jacci excelled in her career as a local officer at a prominent bank. Unlike Taylor, she embraced the opportunities and atmosphere of their Kansas college town, finding joy in the community it offered. Initially planning to build a future with Brad, years of incompatibility and complacency had strained their relationship beyond repair.

A Woman's Waiting

Unexpected Connections

Jacci’s recent breakup had left her in a vulnerable position, and despite her reservations about entering into a new relationship, she found herself drawn to Taylor. There had always been a subtle sexual tension between them, though they had never acted on it before. As they discussed the details of her moving in, Jacci couldn’t help but notice Taylor’s attractiveness, something she had previously only fleetingly acknowledged. They agreed that she would retrieve her belongings the following day after work.

Meanwhile, Taylor was feeling overwhelmed. Not only was he pressed for time to get ready for his job as a reporter, but he also realized that he couldn’t locate the key to his

Chastity device. Panicking, he frantically searched for it and eventually found it next to his bedside table. He hastily removed the device and placed it in the sink to clean. Before leaving the apartment, he remembered their agreement and left a spare key under the doormat in case Jacci needed to start moving her things in before his return.

The sudden discovery of aChastity cage.

Jacci was taken aback when she entered the bathroom and noticed something unexpected in the sink. It took her a moment to recognize what it was, but once she did, she couldn’t deny the presence of a chastity cage. She had stumbled upon the concept online before, but never expected to come across one in person, let alone in her own apartment. Deciding to respect Taylor’s privacy and not embarrass him, she chose to overlook the item in the sink and focused on unpacking her bathroom items in her own room.

The Hidden Secrets of Chastity

Jacci busily chopped onions and garlic for the homemade spaghetti sauce, her mind racing with mischievous thoughts. She couldn’t help but entertain the idea of indulging in a little sexual playfulness without actually engaging in physical intimacy. As long as both parties were willing and consenting, what harm could it do? With a mischievous smile, she retrieved an old necklace and attached the key to it, letting it rest between her breasts. Imagining Taylor’s reaction when she revealed her discovery of his secret, she couldn’t help but giggle to herself.

As Taylor pulled up to the apartment and spotted Jacci’s SUV parked out front, a wave of panic surged through him. Did he accidentally leave his cage in the bathroom sink? And if so, had Jacci found it? Trying to remain calm, he entered the apartment, feigning nonchalance.

Jacci greeted him with an enthusiastic “hi” and updated him on her progress. Still dressed in her professional attire, she had swapped her heels for comfortable black flats. Taylor wasn’t surprised, as Jacci often donned flattering skirts and tights, showcasing her style. Impressed by her efficiency, he watched as she effortlessly unpacked and organized their belongings. Jacci’s multitasking skills proved invaluable as she flawlessly prepared a delicious meal of spaghetti with garlic bread. Taylor had always admired her culinary prowess.

The girl with the cake.

An Unexpected Discovery

Arriving home, Taylor set down his computer bag and greeted Jacci, his nerves getting the best of him. He glanced around the living room and noticed a few new additions—a bottle of moisturizer, fake flowers on an end table, and a faint scent of potpourri in the air. Jacci’s touch was evident, and Taylor couldn’t help but feel a mixture of curiosity and anticipation.

Curious about Jacci’s progress, he mustered the courage to inquire, “How’s everything going?”

Jacci beamed, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “I’ve mostly settled into my room and unloaded everything from my car. I also spruced up the living room a bit. Hope you don’t mind.”

Taylor chuckled, knowing that Jacci had always teased him about needing a woman’s touch in his place. “Not at all,” he replied warmly. “I’m sure your touch has made it even better.”

Jacci’s smile widened, a knowing glint in her eyes. “Actually, I was just about to head into the bathroom and get everything organized in there,” she said playfully.

Taylor’s heart skipped a beat, and he quickly interjected, “Oh, uh, excuse me. I really need to use the bathroom… urgently.” His hasty excuse elicited a broader smile from Jacci, confirming her suspicion about theChastity device in the bathroom.

Making a beeline for the bathroom, Taylor pretended to use the toilet, seizing the opportunity to discreetly pocket the cage. Relieved, he believed he had successfully avoided an awkward situation. However, as he searched for the key, he realized he couldn’t remember where he had placed it. Fumbling around the bathroom, his anxiety grew, but he held onto hope that the key would eventually reveal itself.

The Key to Submission

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They enjoyed a nice spaghetti dinner that Jacci had prepared for them. As they sipped wine on the couch watching a movie, Jacci decided to make a move.

” My feet are so sore from being on them all day and then moving all this stuff in. Any chance I could get you to give me a foot massage? I have tights on, so it won’t be too intimate.”

Taylor’s heart skipped a beat as he replied, “Sure, I’d be happy to help. Moving can really take a toll on the body, especially your feet.”

“Yeah, it’s been a long day. Wearing heels didn’t help either. They make people notice you more, but boy, do they hurt.” Jacci chuckled.

Taylor nodded in agreement as he gently started massaging her feet. The touch of her nylon-covered feet sent shivers down his spine, but he focused on providing a soothing massage.

“I also wanted to show you my new necklace,” Jacci mentioned, revealing a silver chain with a key pendant. It was the key to Taylor’s cock cage!

Surprised and blushing, Taylor stammered, “Um, so you found the key in the bathroom?”

Jacci burst into laughter. “Yes, I did! I just wanted to see your reaction. So, you actually wear it?”

“Well, occasionally. I wore it last night after I got back,” Taylor admitted, feeling a mix of embarrassment and excitement.

Embracing Chastity

Jacci smiled warmly, feeling a sense of validation and connection. The idea of being desired again, even in a non-sexual context, was a refreshing change from her past relationship with Brad. She reached out and gently touched Taylor’s arm, her voice filled with reassurance.

“Taylor, you don’t need to worry. I don’t have any plans to find other living arrangements. In fact, I can see the appeal of your desires, the surrender of control and the clear boundaries it sets. It simplifies things and creates a unique dynamic. If you’re comfortable with it, I’d be willing to keep this key on the chain for you and lock you up. It wouldn’t involve anything sexual between us, but I believe it could be fun for both of us. Of course, I understand if you’re too embarrassed or unsure.”

Taylor’s face turned even redder, a mix of embarrassment and relief washing over him. He took a moment to gather his thoughts before responding.

“I have to admit, I am embarrassed, but deep down, I think it could be fun too. I appreciate your understanding and acceptance of my desires. Let’s give it a try.”

Forced to Kneel and Kiss

They spent the next hour or so discussing the rough parameters of what their arrangement would entail. Taylor opened up about his tights fetish, which surprised Jacci as she had never noticed his behavior around her tights before. They both agreed that their arrangement would be purely platonic and just for fun. As their conversation reached a natural stopping point, Jacci spoke up.

“Well, it’s time for you to put on the cage and go to bed.”

Taylor chuckled, but Jacci’s expression made it clear that she was serious. “But it’s only 8 o’clock on a Friday night.”

“If you want to give up control, then put on the cage, give me your phone, and go to bed,” Jacci said with a smile.

Taylor reluctantly went to the bathroom to put on the cage and then returned to his room. Jacci followed him and asked to see the proof and add the lock.

Afterwards, she pointed to her feet and said, “How about a goodnight kiss?” A bit embarrassed, Taylor lowered himself to the ground and kissed each of Jacci’s feet before whispering goodnight. He had mentioned that being forced to kneel, kiss, and massage feet excited him greatly.

Jacci then returned to the living room, enjoying more wine and putting on another movie. A sense of excitement filled her, replacing the sorrow she had been feeling since her engagement with Brad ended.

Expectations of Future Chastity

Taylor lay in his bed, contemplating how this situation had unfolded and whether it was a positive or negative development. He couldn’t deny his arousal or his attraction to Jacci, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to be a rebound fling, especially one locked in a Chastity cage. As he lay in the darkness, he heard soft moans coming from the living room, and after a moment, he realized that Jacci was masturbating.

Jacci felt a twinge of guilt for being so overt in her actions, but she was a bit intoxicated and tired of feeling like she still belonged to Brad. She wanted to assert her independence. As she finished, she began to question her decision to send Taylor to bed and engage in self-pleasure on his couch. However, the quiet moans emanating from Taylor’s room indicated that he was not entirely unwilling in this arrangement.

In his room, Taylor pulled the pillow over his face, wondering when the swelling in his cage would subside. He felt relieved when he heard Jacci stop after about 45 minutes, but he couldn’t deny his continued arousal. He had to admit that this was a bit of a dream come true.

Both Taylor and Jacci lay in bed that night, feeling a sense of unease about what the next step would be and how it would affect their relationship. However, they couldn’t deny that there was another emotion overshadowing the unease – pure, unadulterated excitement!

The man who was pinned down and kissed

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